August 15, 2009

Mock grave among the "attractions" at BNP "family festival"

A mock graveyard of people whom the BNP says were killed in anti-white racist attacks is among the "attractions" at the Red, White and Blue festival in Derbyshire this weekend. The event, held in Codnor-Denby Lane, Denby for the third consecutive year, started yesterday.

Anti-BNP protesters claim it is a fascist show; the BNP insists it is for families. The party said other events at the festival would include teaching teenagers how to deal with "anti-white racism" in schools, colleges and the workplace.

Last year the Derby Telegraph was barred from the site, but yesterday our reporter was able to enter. The graveyard featured about 30 wooden crosses with the names and faces of murder victims. A sign at the graveyard read: "The forgotten victims: a memorial to those who paid the ultimate price. Please take a moment to remember them. Victims of anti-white racist violence. Light a candle and pray that our efforts are rewarded in this political struggle before more lives are wasted."

Elsewhere on site, T-shirts were on sale with slogans like "It's a white thing" and leaflets available headed "Islam: A threat to us all".

Head of the BNP's youth and student wing, Mike Howson, said he expected about 50 young BNP members to take part in youth events over the weekend. He said this would include explaining to older teenagers how to deal with "anti-white racism". This will involve the youths being told what their rights are if they belive they are victims of what the BNP called discrimination against whites.

The BNP has refused to say which speakers from abroad will be at the festival and refers to only one unnamed foreign guest speaker in its programme. Anti-BNP groups claim the speakers will include a number of spokespeople from fascist European parties. Yesterday, a US white supremacist, Preston Wiginton, was banned from entering Britain to speak at the festival. Wiginton was barred by officials at Heathrow airport. The UK Border Agency said it had intelligence that Wiginton was to give a speech and said it was feared he would promote "extremism, hatred and violent messages".

Today, more than 2,000 protesters were expected to take part in a peaceful march from Codnor Market Place to a point on Codnor-Denby Lane. It was being organised by Unite Against Fascism, Stop the BNP, Derby Racial Equality Council, Amber Valley Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and the TUC.

Derby Telegraph


Anonymous said...

This is their idea of an attraction for a family festival? No wonder they're all so fucked up.

Leftie scum said...

Nice. :/

Radio3listener said...

...and how many of those 'names' have either the BNP made up, or the relatives have not yet found out that their loved ones are white supremacist propaganda?

milton said...

The crosses represent those who have fallen in service to the bnp Treasury department...

Barbara said...

What kind of nightmare-invoking paranoia are these weird people giving their children?
We've discussed this before, but the BNP are not bringing up confident, capable, open-minded kids.
They are handicapping their own children.

Jezza said...

This is their first 'family fun' attraction.

Whats the next kkk tribute or BNP Combat 18 defence summer school.

The Griffin Youth Movement.

If these kids are brought up on this heaven know what kind of psychos they'll be when they grow up.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the various activiies which they are promoting at this festival of hate, specifically to children and young people, you will see no better example of the agenda which they are following - they do everything possible to capture the minds of the young with sensationalism and outright lies.

Children who have been subjected to this sort of influence during their fomative years are forever scarred - even those that manage to see the propoganda for what it is at some point in their lives have no doubt been left with implications which will forever leave their mark.

ReclaimTheUnionJack said...

Not a Union flag or a Christian cross but a white power Aryan cross. Work that one out for yourself.

Exactly how 'British' or 'Christian' is that?

Jamie The Antifascist said...

Griffin & co get high off paranoia, no?