August 11, 2009

Restrictions on protests near BNP festival

Derbyshire Constabulary, in conjunction with Amber Valley Borough Council, is placing Restrictions have been placed on any protests planned in the vicinity of the British National Party's Red, White and Blue event this weekend.

The BNP is staging the event at a site on Codnor-Denby Lane on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and a number of groups have indicated their plans to stage a protest in response to the event on Saturday.

After talks between Derbyshire Police and Amber Valley Borough Council this has been agreed to but with certain safeguards. But, as part of this process the police and council have invoked a number of sections of the Public Order Act 1986 to help prevent serious disorder, serious damage to property and serious disruption to the local community.

Section 14 of the act has been utilised to identify Codnor Market Place as a designated area for public assembly prior to and following the procession between 9am and 5pm for all those attending the demonstration. Section 12 of the act has been used to impose conditions on the public procession, which will take place between Codnor Market Place and Codnor Denby Lane.

The protestors will set off from the Market Place no earlier than 11.30am. They will follow a route along the A6007 Heanor Road, Codnor to its junction with Codnor Denby Lane where it will turn right into Codnor Denby Lane adjacent to Crosshill Church. It will then continue along Codnor Denby Lane, to the area identified as the designated protest point, where it will halt. At this point, a further public assembly may take place until 2pm, at which time the procession will turn around and return to the Market Place in Codnor via the same route.

Those who have participated in the public procession may then rejoin the designated protest point at Codnor Market Place for the remainder of the period specified in the notice. The procession will be marshalled by the event organisers and accompanied by police officers.

Finally section 14a of the act has been invoked to prevent trespassory assemblies around the area known as The Bungalow in Codnor Denby Lane and the adjacent lands to an area that does not exceed a radius of five miles. This part of the act prevents anyone trespassing on private land because of police fears that there may be disruption to the event and disruption caused to the community.

All the orders run from 9am on Friday, August 14, to 4pm on Sunday, August 16. Anyone not abiding by the legislation may be liable to arrest.

Acting Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill said: "We are trying to find a balance between allowing legitimate assembly and maintaining public safety and minimising inconvenience to people who live or work in the affected area. We hope that people will abide by the law in order to voice their opinions in safety."

Derbyshire Times


Anonymous said...

Looks like the state is looking after Old Nick? Add to this good media coverage he receives and one wonders what the hell is going on? I still looking forward to Barnbrook's displinary tribunal tomorrow afternoon though.

ralph said...

It's no surprise that Baby P killer Jason Owen was a National Front member as fascist groups attract violent misfits like rats to a morsel of rotting meat!

Anonymous said...

Any event that promotes racial supremacy should be illegal in a democratic society.

Anonymous said...

Is Cadbury (as in chocolates) aware that the BNP is promoting their product at the RWB day including mentioning them by name and also having competitions with the Cadbury theme? Either Cadbury needs to be told and needs to do something about it; alternatively the Cadbury products need to be boycotted! I find this very hard to believe seeing that Cadbury (the person) was one of the main drafters of world wide corporate governance standards which include social responsibility and definitely the lack of discrimination and racism.

Please bring this to the attention of Cadbury and let them deal with the BNP!

Antifascist said...

"I still looking forward to Barnbrook's displinary tribunal tomorrow afternoon though."

I believe it's been cancelled until some time in September. Can anyone confirm that?

Part One said...

I'm glad the topic of the BNP as being part and parcel of the state, is returning once again.

It cannot be dismissed time and time again as conspiracy theory, as there is most definately something fishy going on.

The violence at the miner's strike, it seems, via recently declassified documents, was orchestrated via "black ops". The agent provocateurs who used violence against the police were themselves working for the state to help turn public opinion against the striking miners and Arthur Scargill.

The BNP were, in my belief, taken over in 1999 by the government, and were "activated" in 2001, after 9/11, to help sway public opinion against not joining in the American government's War On Terror.

It must be remembered that initially, the CIA believed that they would need a majority in the UN to invade Iraq, and topple Saddam Hussein to pay off old debts against George Bush senior, and to do this, Britain would have to firmly support America, not just the British government, but the British people themselves.

Part Two said...

Before 9/11, Islamophobia didn't really exist with much extent. Asian people were hated for having brown skins, and racists didn't diferentiate between Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. They hated them all for not being Aryan and Anglo-Saxan.

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism were sometimes linked, and on the whole, Islam was not considered at all to be a threat to either the far right or the hard right.

Even the Salman Rushdie affair was on the whole not the big issue that newspapers painted it within Bradford itself, let alone the rest of the country.

It seems that Liberals, anarchists and social reformers were often more likely to be critical of religious hardliners than the far right.

This was all to change of course, after George W Bush was elected to power, with a team of people who were, and still are, refered to as neo-cons.

If you read neo-nazi forums like Stormfront, you would believe neo-cons were mostly Jewish, and it was part of a "global Jewish conspiracy", but this is absolutely untruthful, based upon the foundation of this shawody group of rightwing expansionist industrial opportunists who were just as likely to be protestant "wasps" or athiests as followers of the Jewish faith.

But logic always fails Stormfronters on issues of international politics. They are pavlovs dogs primed to the pitch of the dog-whistle as much as anyone else.

Part Three said...

It was, sadly, no coincidence that the Bradford Riots happened in the same year as 9/11, when you consider that the CIA were supposedly on Red Alert before the aeroplanes hit the twin towers.

For a reality check as to the warmongering intentions of George W Bush and his cabinet of neocons, remember Bush's pledge after he was elected controversially, to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein "for supporting terrorism".

And this was before the CIA had singled out the supposed "Axis Of Terror".

Whether or not 9/11 or a similar patriotic-get-reaction happened on American soil, America would need the support of its allies worldwide including in the United Kingdom.

France has been traditionally been anti-American, and pro-USA Germany couldn't send troops to the Gulf therefore Britain's "special relationship" was being sought for many months before the deadly attack on the Twin Towers.

Part Four said...

America, the CIA in particular, has a long and disglorious history of aiding and abetting far right regimes around the globe that promise to aid unliteral trade agreements with the USA in return for the world's largest country turning a blind eye to dictatorship, race hatred, persecution, and human rights abuses including rape, murder, torture, and even Nazi regime structure and symbolism.

For all Stormfronters, who still believe the CIA is 100% pro-Jewish, actually it was founded with unrepentant German national socialist scientists, military personnel and war criminals who escaped Neuremberg in return for helping their one-time enemy, America.

These nazi war criminals, helped neo-nazi regimes in Chile, Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay, and Brazil, amongst others, and most definately had not shed their anti-Semitiss.

So much for the far-rights interpretation of the concept of "New World Order" as "evidence of a global Jewish conspiracy".

America's policies are about money, power, world domination, and nothig else. Religion doesn't come into it, although many members of the Christian Right were in-favour of the Iraq War in return for governmental favours especially regarding proposed personal morality laws on topics such as abortion, homosexuality and internet gambling, which somehow were traded off for the fifth commandment.

Part Five said...

Returning to the UK, after considering the background to why it was arguably in America's "neo-con" interests to foster Islamophobia in Europe, the BNP were actively involved in the build-up to the Northern race riots, in collaboration with their one-time enemies in the National Front.

On the eve of the Bradford Riots, the BNP's Fuhrer Nick Griffin was spotted talking to Sihk and Hindu leaders in Bradford, trying to "divide and conquer", ijn preparation for the riots which he most definately knew about.

In the Andy Sykes documentary, which led to the Nick Griffin trial, several BNP members admitted to being involved in planning the northern riots, if further proof was needed.

From Islamophobia being minimal if non-existant, following these riots, the Asian youths who rose up in anger against the violent invasion of their communities in Oldham, Burnley, and then Bradford, were singled out by the press, and local and national government, as well as the BNP themselves as being "Islamic troublemakers".

The fact that the far right had created these race riots mattered not to the media, as they helped the BNP gain its first seats in local authorities since Derek Beackon's solitary and transient win on the Isle Of Dogs.

Thanks to an Islamophobic press suddenly swaying great swathes of racist public opinion (lawfully) against a religion rather than a race, the BNP suddenly put its blatant anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial on the back-burner, to concentrate on the populist vote winner that the media and governmental establishment had handed them on a plate.

Thanks to anti-Muslim voxpops, including not just heavily trolled and uncensored letters pages and online comments pages, often in newspapers owned by (arguably neo-con) American media giants such as Gannet (who controlled the Bradford Telegraph and Argus newspaper, and more importantly, Rupert Murdoch, Islamic Fundamentalism had become "Public Enemy Number One" just in-time for 9/11, and America's patriotic urgency to declare "retaliatory war" upon the Islamic world.

admiral said...

Here is a little music to entertain you on your way to the demo

I cant make it but i have had an idea for a low tech solution to the drone situation. I suggest everyone wear sombreros (possibly with the scream masks)rendering the remote filming from above next to useless at the same time as keeping everyone cool. One love.

Part Five said...

Since then, there was no looking back for the BNP, and its fuhrer Nick Griffin. By tailoring its electoral appeal to the British tabloid media's shared obsession with all things "fundamental" and Islamic, it had only to stand candidates, stir up the odd racist rumour and downright lie about another media scapegoated population "immigrants and asylum seekers" (such as receiving better housing or benefits), and hey presto, Bob (or Tony Blair) was Nick Griffin's uncle........

Richard Desmond took over the Daily Express and the Daily Star, ensuring tabloid racism reached boiling point, meaning BNP vistories at local elections were almost inevitable, judging that a significant proportion of British people believe whatever they are fed by reactionary, white upper class tax-avoiding media barons.

The BNP at first were said to oppose the war in Iraq, however, it tried mightily hard to recruit tabloid reading soldiers, to give it its supposed "patriotic edge" amongst voters who had begun to question their true motives.

Part Six said...

Just before the invasion of Iraq, New Labour had faced its greatest backbench rebellion ever, with the final vote coming down to a small handful of MPS who were supposedly coerced by party whips late into the night.

Party unity was in disarray, and there were concerns raised in America, with the Bush administration as well as in Westminster, that the issue of the war could force the pro-American Blair regime to lose at the elections, spelling an end to the cross-atlantic pact necessary for the unilateral invasion of Iraq.

When belief in the ake "Weapons of Mass Destruction" had given the government the moral judgement to proceed against a great deal of public opposition to the war from many angles (both human rights concerned and the safety of sons and daughters who would be conscripted to Iraq only to inevitably return dead), there were serious concerns amongst the leaders of society especially "Old Rupe" about public opinion this side of the pond causing public disorder and anti-Vietman style protests.

A rift created between the various sections of society opposed to the war (the disillusioned working classes and multicultural communities), would be a conveniant way of crushing the solidarity that gave rise to the 2 million-strong Stop The War march.

The whistle was sounded, and the dog of organised British fascism duly responded.

Part Seven said...

The only newspaper who dared to publish articles opposed to the war was the Mirror, but Kelvin McKenzie 2accidentally" did a booboo.... by accident, leading to its public discrediting, paving the way for a virtually totally engrossing rightwing media supporting not just the War In Iraq but the War On Terror.

And yet, much of the public still had concerns about the legality and the morality of the war. Labour duly got re-elected on a patriotic ticket supported by British the tabloid press, seemingly on condition that Tony Blair handed over the remaining vestiges of power to the editors of rabble-rousing publications to the extent that he retreated into the background while Gordon Brown prepared to take over.

Meanwhile, with our own terrorist outrage in London, with the bombers from the Northern multicultural city of Leeds (next door to Bradford), the territory was getting easier for the BNP as both newspapers, and now the ranks of the BBC, devoted most of its column inches to "hate preachers".

As Islamophobia became fashionable almost (unbelievable almost a decade ago), the tabloid media got more and more daring, talking tough about "opposing political correctness" as an excuse to return the nation's sensibilities to the intollerances of the Thatcherite era, maybe to sell more newspapers, possibly to allow the Tories to take over swifty from New Labour from a mass consciousness-shift rightwards, but almost definately (in the minds of many people, consiracy theorists and otherwise), to keep the BNP treading water while Iraq reached an end.

Nick Griffin found himself free to walk the streets and preach hatred when his water-tight trial mysteriously collapsed.

The Iraq War was ending, but the War On Terror was getting into full swing as Gordon Brown took control of the nation. All terror risks were said to come from Muslims by both the (weakened) government) and the press, and stop and searches against young Asian men were heightened, coinciding with another alleged censoring of the BNP's criminality, the watering down of the terrorist charges against Robert Cottage, and the almost total media blankout of the case.

Even now, few if any members of the public are aware of who Robert Cottage is, or what he tried to do, let alone that he was a member of the British National Party.

Part Eight said...

Following the dodgy media coverage, and even dodgier judiciary surrounding both the Griffin and the Robert Cottage trials, the BNP continued to win seats while the public lost favour with the Labour party.

Mirroring New Labour, with all its eggs in the Islamophobic basket, the BNP itself began to lose its way somewhat, with internal rifts such as the Decembrist Rebels threatening to make a "dog's dinner" of the party's popularity amonst its own supporters.

"RefuseNick" Sadie Graham claims police were acting upon Nick Griffin's orders, regarding the controversial seizure of a laptop computer.

While the BNP was reeling in crisis, the tabloid newspaper headlines consistantly switched from merely Islamophobic stories to general anti-immigrant rants (including stories about Roma Gypsies) which helped the BNP still win new seats, helping them out of a hole, but even though when Obama won the American election, evicting the neo-cons, the War in Afganistan continues, military strategists in the UK and America point to a get-out clause for allied forces at the earliest possible date.

In the minds of many, the BNP were indeed (for many years), a state-sponsored tool of Islamophobia, to shore up the Iraq War and then the War On Terror, and with the Conservative Party under the reigns of David Cameron believed to be a shoo-in, the BNP as a state-sponsored vehicle of rightwing public opinion had most definately run its course.

Under a Conservative government, the pro-conservative tabloid press historically cannot exert the popular pressure (under the disguise of scrutiny and discontentent) against the Conservative Party that it can against a left of centre party, ultimately meaning its tirades against immigrants have a short shelf life.

Part Nine said...

At a time when there appeared to be no-way out for the BNP, and a question of what would become of Nick Griffin, and according to Stormfront, many members were beginning indeed to question whether they had been misled into supporting a state-sponsored BNP party, many people believed mouths were about to open, spilling the beans into the entire "eschillada" about MI5 and Special branch involvement, which would prove a major embarrasment on a par (if not greater than) watergate.

Then came the timely expenses scandal, which (safely) hit Gordon Brown far more than his conservative counterparts, even though the moats were not Labour minister's designs.

Ultimately significant protest votes went to the BNP, and turnouts of the anti-fascist majority was low enough to ensure Nick Griffin would win his escape to silence and eventual (happy) retirement to Croatia, where he would be too busy smoking fat cigars to open his mouth about establishment collusion.

Until that happens, of course, the government, the police and the BBC (if not the Daily Mail any longer) continue to treat the BNP and its supporters with kid gloves, knowing that the truth will only be concealed after the BNP safely winds itself down, and Griffo permanently exits the limelight.

Thus MP for Dewsbury, and long-time BNP critic (as Communities Minister), acknowledges that while white supremacism must be monitored as a potential danger to society, the BNP are now part of the political establishment, and are beyond criminal investigation.


And now, as a knowk-on effect, voices are telling people that monitoring neo-nazi groups is pointless, as in their words "nazis don't use bombs to endanger life".

If only the government hadn't covered over the truth about Cottage, such a weak pro-facsist argument would have been shot down in flames.

"Tell one lie and the mountain of mistruths will obstruct your view!"

Anonymous said...

"It's no surprise that Baby P killer Jason Owen was a National Front member as fascist groups attract violent misfits like rats to a morsel of rotting meat!"

The NF has just put out a press release stating that Barker (the other killer) was not a member of their crank party. However, they don't mention Owen....Hmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

My letter to Cadbury to which they have promised a reply!

I am disgusted to see the British National party promoting your products in a manner which creates the impression that your company supports the BNP and the racist attitudes that they stand for. Their website states that your products (mentioned by name) will be promoted at their RWB festival and goes on to say there will be a "Cadbury themed" competition.

I support Cadbury for their commitment to corporate governance and would hope this is not an authorised use of your brand and that soemthing will be done to stop it immediately.

Please see the BNP website and the story today posted about the RWB festival.

"South Birmingham BNP who along with Bromsgrove BNP, will as usual, highlight the main industry and major non-government employer in the area, Cadburys... a Raffle with another ‘”Cadbury Themed” prize, a “Play Your Cards Right quiz” and a “War Films Quiz.”

Anonymous said...

It is also rumored that BNP fundraising magician and admin guru James Dowson is very pro Israel and a high-ranking free mason like griffins father.

Beginning to see a pattern developing here?

mr chips said...

Dowson is hard core evangelical and pro Zionist, more importantly he is seriously opposed to Islam. Despite/or because of his Ulster connections and his anti- abortion, anti-gay organizations he has extensive connections to international hard line Catholic and Jewish groups who are fanatically anti Islam. He was recently a guest speaker for an international ‘family and faith’ conference in Warsaw, chaired by the president of Poland. Christian demographics versus Islam was the main topic

Anonymous said...

theres something not quite right about this years rwb, not totally sure what but it seems the bnp arent pushing it like they have in years gone by even though its the 10th anniversary. beginning to think it could be the last one they stage citing a decline in numbers attending as one reason.

may be way off but theres something going on perhaps griffin doesnt need it now he is in euro legistlater

Anonymous said...

I have written to Cadburys as well and await their reply. My guess is that they don't know what is going on

Anonymous said...

To Mr Anonymous.... if the 'state' were going to try and manipulate public opinion over the so-called 'War on Terror' they certainly wouldn't choose the BNP as their vehicle? Too many opponents, too many nuts and cranks and too branded as racists. They may have benefitted somewhat from an anti-Islamic mood (hardly surprising given bombings, real or 'foiled', troops dying overseas and a media focussing on Muslim extremists at home). That doesn't make them under anyones control even Herr Grifffin struggles to do that! I'm afraid the article smacked of 'consiracy theory' gone mad...mmmmm where have we read that before!