August 25, 2009

Flackwell Heath's Richard Hamilton attended BNP golliwog burning

A BNP election candidate who attended the burning of a golliwog last night branded it “out of order”.

Richard Hamilton said he did not instigate the burning of the effigy at a British National Party festival, featured in Sunday’s News of the World. Ex-army Mr Hamilton, from Flackwell Heath, was among those at the Derbyshire “ceremony” that was branded “unacceptable” by national BNP chiefs. He stood for the Marlow seat for the BNP at June’s Buckinghamshire County Council election and got 163 votes, 1.5 per cent of ballots cast.

An anti-BNP campaigner today said the burning, over the weekend of August 15/16, showed the “true face” of the party.

But in a statement Mr Hamilton he said: “I didn't instigate this, I just passed one of the many campfires. I did think it was out of order but it had started in a light hearted way. I understand that it will have caused offence. I also wasn't very happy with some of the comments made.”

A video placed on the News of the World’s website features those around the campfire making racist comments.

Buckinghamshire BNP spokesman Matthew Tait said Mr Hamilton was not a member of the county branch and his membership has been suspended.

Calling him a “wonderful family man” he said: “It is unfortunate and not something we want to be associated with. It makes us look ridiculous and really bad.” He added: “He is a really nice guy, he wouldn’t mean anything malicious to anyone, he wouldn’t say boo to a goose. He has been roped into it.”

National party spokesman John Walker said the party “distances itself completely from the unacceptable behaviour” of Hamilton and another man featured in the story. He said: “The whole matter has now been referred to the party’s hierarchy for further action and potential disciplinary steps.”

But Gerry Gable, spokesman for Stop the BNP, said: “It is appalling and the true face of the BNP. Anyone who frowns on this is in a small minority. There is nothing light-hearted about it. Why didn’t he say ‘this makes the party look bad, why don’t we stop it?’”

Bucks Free Press


Anonymous said...

"burning of a golliwog"

KKK "cross burning"

real BNP

Anonymous said...

His version of events doesn't quite fit in with the NoTW's version as stated in the report you put up on the golliwog burning.

Hamilton's ghettoblaster blared out songs supporting Hitler and attacking "niggers"...Skinhead Hamilton chipped in: "If he jumps off he's innocent."

Oh dear, he's been caught out.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

silly arses were posting on the youtube copy of the vid that is was a UAF setup..... Lol....

If ya want disinformation, go no further than the Nutzie Keyboard warriors

Karen said...

The truth of the matter is that this is a true display of what they really are and what their RWB festival is really about. They are now all trying to squirm out of any responsibility however behind closed doors you can be sure this is exactly what they all support and agree with. The only reasons they are now trying to distance themselves is:
a) Because they got caught
b) It does not support their claim that they are not racists and
c) It makes a mockery of their attempt to put forward a respectable face.

This is the true BNP in the raw - this is exactly what they stand for and this is what they believe to be good wholesome family fun.

I was once part of this, I can guarantee it and I saw my children carry on in exactly this manner and be praised for it - by the very people who are now leaders of the BNP.

All their denial is just a face saving exercise to try and save their own reputation while secretly I can assure you they think it is a huge joke and are reveling in the horror that it causes in the rest of us.

Shergar said...

What disciplinary action was taken against John Walker for the equine pornography?

BlueGold said...

Yes, the BNP spindoctors are bullshitting once again. Know we know why Collett and co. at Excalabur sell gollywogs - to burn them as effigies of the black men they claim the racist dolls represent!

Football Sucks! said...

Just to change subject a minute: - the fights at the Wesh Ham versus Millwall match are a grave warning as to what happens when police authorities are ill-prepared to deal with soccer hooligans.

If the EDL Casuals do march in Birmingham, there could be bricks and stabbings galore.

All anti-racist protestors should now make reference to the hardcore football violence at the West Ham versus Millwall match, as the EDL are composed of equally as dangerous soccer thugs.

I blame films such as Football Factory which glamourised 1980s football violence, making such thuggery trendy again.

Wes said...

One thing the party may actually regret selling these things now lol

Anonymous said...

I'd be really pissed off if I was one of those loyal BNP members around that campfire - Suddenly their BNP "comrades" are accusing them of being UAF plants, knowingly involved in a NOTW set-up.

So much for sticking together, eh?

blackpoolantifascist said...

The RWB was a members only event. This was confirmed by the BNP Press Officer several times during an interview on the Friday morning on TalkSport radio.

The BNP cannot get away with saying any of the people featured in the NoTW video and photos weren't members.

If Hamilton wasn't a member then what was he doing there?

Anonymous said...

dead wog walking ------ketlan the wog