August 12, 2009

BNP activist and the false murder claims on YouTube

Richard Barnbrook admitted he broadcast inaccurate information
A prominent BNP councillor has escaped suspension after a disciplinary hearing was postponed at the 11th hour

Today's hearing had been set up by City Hall and Barking and Dagenham council after Richard Barnbrook falsely claimed on YouTube that three people were murdered in three weeks in the borough. But last night officials were forced to delay the hearing after the BNP member of the London Assembly presented a dossier of new evidence denying that he had brought the Greater London Authority and council into disrepute.

Mr Barnbrook, who was elected to Barking and Dagenham council in 2006 and is one of 12 BNP councillors in the borough, was due to face a hearing three weeks ago but claimed he was too stressed to attend.

In the YouTube clip he posted last September, he claimed the borough had seen three murders in as many weeks. There had been one killing in the neighbouring borough of Newham, and no evidence of two other attacks, despite Mr Barnbrook insisting two victims died after being placed on life support machines. He told investigators he knew he was making inaccurate statements, and has since apologised, but said he was right to raise concerns about knife crime.

His comments led to a complaint to the council and Greater London Authority that he had brought both authorities into disrepute. The GLA's standards committee was to decide today whether to uphold an independent investigation's finding that Mr Barnbrook, who earns £52,910 as an Assembly member and £10,006 as a councillor, showed “wilful disregard for the truth”. If found guilty, he could be suspended from both authorities for up to six months.

Val Rush, Labour councillor in Barking and Dagenham, who brought the complaint, said Mr Barnbrook had undermined confidence in local authorities. Murders have fallen in Barking and Dagenham, from six in 2006/07 to three in 2007/08 and one in 2008/09.

Mr Barnbrook claims he was a victim of a political campaign and his comments about the first murder “came out wrong”. Investigators noted he made no attempt to remedy this by re-recording the video.

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Anonymous said...

Too bloody busy to attend the hearing, WHY, cos he is pouring it down his throat in a pub in Blackheath.


JJ said...

I love Dick y Barnbrrok. He's so fucking useless but great entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I can suggest a better headline


There you go. :)

Anonymous said...

His comments "came out wrong"? It was a video posted on YouTube ffs!

Doesn't the BNP's recording equipment have a rewind button?

They should add an extra six months to his suspension for being such a bloody bad liar.

marky said...

Just to change the topic for a second, Owen who murdered Baby P, was found to be a member of the National Front who according to the Daily Mail arranged meetings, and has plenty of nazi memorabilia at his home including nazi daggers emblazoned with swastikas.

The case reminds us all that nazi groups routinely attract criminals, child abusers, murderers and perverts, and this includes the BNP.

DIcky's Arse Dildo said...

Bumbrook's a cowardly wanker who does the BNP no favours...

Mista Angree said...

The bloody-minded hypocrisy of the BNP is sickening, for while they are okay with mentioning Owen was a member of their neo-nazi rivals the National Front, Advax (AKA South African racial terrorist and murderer Kemp) writes in a piece about the case that:

The policy of the British National Party to “Restore capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute (such as with DNA or other compelling evidence).“

The evidence was compelling in Kemp's case.

Then there was Joe Owens, and Robert Cottage.

As for the DNA thing: - I guess BNP paedophile Mark Collett didn't leave no spunk on the Blackpool hotel room bed as he was caught just in-time.

No-one can take the BNP's lies seriously when its own leading members are treated differently by the party than anybody else.

Anonymous said...

I think a successful complaint can be made against lying BNP Cllr Paul Golding under section 5 of the Standards Board of England's code of conduct "bringing their office or authority into disrepute." The only thing is a complaint must be made by somebody who lives in the Sevenoaks council boundary. The council's monitoring officer is called Christine Nuttall, a form must be filled out and returned to her to get the ball moving. Maybe somebody in the local Labour party can help?

The Monitoring Officer
c/o The Standards Committee Assessment Panel
Sevenoaks District Council
Argyle Road
TN13 1HG

Anonymous said...

brooky said...

That drone used to film the RWB NaziFest will no-doubt be spotted as a UFO by lunatic Lee Barnes, lol

Anonymous said...

Some moron's response to this story on Stormfront is
"Another one for the book of anti-white oppression."
What oppression is involved here> Barnbrook told lies and was caught out. How is that oppressing him?

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

I see that Dicky is not to stressed to miss out on the free champagne (cheap cava more like) at the RWB: