August 07, 2009

Dispersal orders issued ahead of anti-Muslim demo

Anti Muslim protestors and their anti fascist counterparts planning to gather in Birmingam on Saturday will be greeted by draconian dispersal orders, warning them that the police can move on any gathering of two people or more if they believe they have good cause.

There has been no advance publicity about the decision to invoke the powers, which are presumably based on anti-terror legislation, but warning notices have already started appearing on lamposts around the city centre. The powers will also remain "live" for several weeks after the event.

The threat to the civil liberties of ordinary peace-loving Brummies is being compromised, it seems, to allow a group of far-right rabble rousers to have a march on the busiest shopping day of the week - a privilege recently denied to pro-Palestinian marchers protesting against Israel's invasion of Gaza.

Free speech is of course a precious right - but the police also have the job of upholding the law which, last time we looked, forbids incitement to racial hatred.

West Midlands Police were unavailable for comment last night.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it's going to be rough in Brum on Saturday. Hope Brum teaches the nutters a lesson.

Jez said...

The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.

Remember them?

I'm Irish! I do....

They seem to be living on under a new racist guise!

Anonymous said...

This leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth as it is in my city, a PROUDLY multiracial city. I also hope that Kick It Out and Show racism the Red Card will be there to bring home the message that football clubs and supporters say a big NO to racism this new season and every season beyond that. Up the Villa and down with the far right.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen the police saying on the website of the Birmingham Mail they seem to be very misguided indeed as to the far right origins of the groups EDL and Casuals United, and how their sick demo has been promoted on Stormfront besides the football supporters websites. Are they not aware of such a thing as football hooliganism and its far right linkings? THat it is also illegal to instigate and stir up hatred towards any particular group based upon race religion or sexuality.

One wonders if they've actually learned anything from Stephen Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

Look at the sort of noise these racist hooligans were making last time they visited here:


NO SURRENDER TO THE IRA (quite what this has to do with football or indeed Islamic fundamentalism I know not, more to do with the national front it seems)

WE WANT MUSLIMS OUT (so not just the fundamentalist nutters, every single practising member of a particular religion in our free society)

I mean don't the police do their homework or what!

Anonymous said...

Fine upstanding British patriots who have a picture of the Queen in their front halls, take the Daily Telegraph every day, sing in the church choir, listen to Edward Elgar and Ralph Vaughan Williams and shop at Marks and Spencer??

Don't think so! Doesn't make me proud to be British at all, in fact thinking about these vile filth shouting racist slogans in our second city makes me wish I could wake up tomorrow morning as an Irishman!!

Anonymous said...

The world was a nicer place without Facebook.

Anonymous said...


That's a strange chant to sing as the Provos don't exist anymore.

Anonymous said...

The more and more these demos go on and the more violent and racist they get I reckon it will be harder and harder for the organisers to claim they have no links with the extreme right.

I think they are all bnp inspired - the bnp can nominally claim that they have nothing to do with them while reaping the fall out from the tension and violence caused.

Anonymous said...

NO SURRENDER TO THE IRA was a particular favourite chant from BNP/NF infiltrated England soccer yobs, particularly when they go abroad and in front of the whole world's TV cameras disgrace the nation they so beligerently call themselves partisan to.

It was also heard during NF St Georges Day marches in Erdington/Stockland Green back in the 90s - and outside the Bullring on the 4th July, according to independent observers.

The Provos may be history but how many pea-brained Daily Sport readers in the EDL/Casuals United know that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

im bnp and i will be their to kick their raghead arses back to the stone age lol

Antifascist said...

"im bnp and i will be their to kick their raghead arses back to the stone age lol"

You're just a fucking moron.

joeblogs said...

The BNP are the ones who live in the Stone Age, fascist troll twat!