August 26, 2009

BNP leader praises US Nazi party for funding BNP activities

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Symbol of the National Socialist Movement, the BNP's US-based Nazi allies
In a recent BNP fundraising email, BNP leader and convicted Holocaust denier Nick Griffin gleefully thanks the avowedly US Nazi party, the National Socialist Movement (also called NSM or NSM88), for its help in funding the BNP. In the opening line to the email, Nick Griffin states:

"I am very grateful to .. you - whose generosity and determination allowed us to reach all our targets… and in several cases surpass those targets!".

Nick Griffin goes on to write that the National Socialist Movement's funding support is crucial to enabling the BNP to meet its goals:

"During August we will set even more ambitious targets and I know you will be there to help us reach these goals that are so important for the progress of our movement."

"Your continued participation in our online operation is crucial to the continued success of our Party - without you our capacity to campaign, raise funds and find new members would be severely curtailed!"

Nick Griffin ends the email by thanking the National Socialist Movement for its most recent donation to the BNP:

"Once again thank you for giving so generously during the month of July."

The National Socialist Movement claims to be the largest and most active
Nazi organization in the United States. Responsible for the infamous 2005 Toledo riots, the website of the National Socialist Movement openly carries articles in praise of Hitler and angry, racist diatribes against Jews and non-Whites and support for the BNP. It is therefore not surprising that the BNP and Nick Griffin have sought to maintain active links with the National Socialist Movement. Indeed, there is no hiding the BNP's neo-Nazi proclivities.

For those readers who wish to read the BNP's email to the National Socialist Movement, you can visit the following link:

¡No PasarĂ¡n!


Sue from Rainham said...

I see Nazi Dickhead Dave Strickson is crowing about the violence at last nights football game on his blog.

Geoff said...

Great, so the motherfucking BNP can no longer claim they are not Nazis.

If Gri££in is forced to get rid of white-supremacist policies, and water down their race hate, such funding will end, meaning the BNP will become bankrupt overnight.

sad state said...

The rise in football hooliganism after last night's match is described as inevitable.

More football hooligans fighting in the BNP's "EDL Casuals" scumbag streetfighters, is sadly the way forward for the frangmented British Nazi Party, after Gollygate and before it loses its claim to white supremacy.

eric the fish said...

The email shown on Wikileaks was sent to all who are signed up to the mailing list (myself included) rather than being a specific one to NSM. It appears to show that NSM are on that list but anyone could have a hotmail email like that (nsmfargo).

landale said...

thought that overseas people could not donate, Anyway it will make interesting reading the the accounts whenever they appear!

Anonymous said...

I think this article needs to be re-written, making the evidence more explicit. The email itself is not incriminating - its a standard letter from the BNP to its supporters. But its THE EMAIL ADDRESS that it is sent to that is interesting. The email address is: ""

According to the wikileaks page referred to (US National Socialist Movement private emails ,until 15 Aug 2009) this leak consists of:

'627 email messages from a private mailbox for the US Nazi party, the National Socialist Movement. The mailbox is "". It corresponds to the US town of Fargo, and was maintained by NSM volunteer staff member "William Herring".

There is another collection of the Fargo NSM's outgoing emails.

The collection of leaked emails looks genuine enough - and contains all sorts of stuff US antifascists might find useful in combatting the NSM.

The email sent to the NSM by the BNP is one of the more innocuous ones in the collection. Yet it reveals the fact that the BNP lists the NSM as one of its supporters - because it must have records of financial donations received from a supporter with the email address of fargo NSM. This is indeed news, but it needs to be presented clearer as part of the story on this blog.

Otherwise, it looks like some vague unsubstantiated ramblings about a standard BNP fundraising email that could have been sent to anyone. Instead, you should include the clear evidence that it was sent to Fargo NSM.

P.S. Looking through the whole block of Fargo NSM's leaked email box, It would seem unlikely that the whole leak has been fabricated merely to include this one relatively innocuous UK BNP standard email. So I think its a sound story.

But it should start from the fact that fargo NSM's email box has been leaked onto wikileaks - and then say an interesting gem was found in this collection, of intererest to observers of the BNP.

Of course Griffin and the BNP must know who the NSM are - and know that their supposedly new, clean, respectable and electable BNP still get donations from hardline US nazi white supremacists. It shows their need for money is more pressing than their need to clean up their private email lists to all their dodgy financial supporters!

Barry Kade

Anonymous said...

The point of the article is to highlight the fact that there is a US Nazi party on the BNP's subscription list and the BNP's email gives the impression that a recipient of the email, in this case the National Socialist Movement, has donated money to the BNP and or is expected to donate money to the BNP. We all know that the BNP has active links to US-based Nazi groups and does solicit money from them. Fact. Also, why the need to have a US Nazi party on one's email list unless you approve of them and hope, in this case, that will donate money (if they haven't done so already)?

eric the fish said...

Thanks for the clarification. that was my original concern as to whether there was a proper trail, which you now make clear there almost certainly is.

No wonder the accounts and donations list are late!