August 04, 2009

Demonstrate against the racist and violent BNP in Liverpool on August 5th

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The fascist British National Party have called on their members to support Peter Tierney, BNP lowlife and local ‘businessman’, who is on trial on August 5th. Tierney is charged with assault, following an attack on an anti-fascist protester in April.

Let’s show the BNP that we won’t tolerate their racism and violence in Liverpool or anywhere else.

Tell your friends and let’s have a really big turnout on August 5th.

Stand up to fascism.
Join us on August 5th


JJ said...

I'll be there. I've already got my ticket!

eric the fish said...

Will be there.

Anonymous said...

Anotherwhitemug is twittering this so obviously there may be some oppo!

Jo said...

"Anotherwhitemug is twittering this so obviously there may be some oppo!"

All the more important that there are plenty of us there.

eric the fish said...

According to Griff's latest email:
Recruited or upgraded approx 160 new Gold memberships
Recruited approx 220 new BNP memberships

By my maths that should pay towards their latest fines and cock-ups. Members must be proud!

PPG said...

This looks like it's going to be a BIG demo. I know plenty of anti-fascists who are going from all round the region.

Anonymous said...

¡uʍop-ǝpısdn s,ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ʎǝɥ

Just kidding.

Dave T said...

"¡uʍop-ǝpısdn s,ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ʎǝɥ"

Okay I give up. How did you do that?

Anonymous said...

Will you be there ketlan opps bit of a stupid question.

Anonymous said...

I will be there dressed as a Hitler look alike to make the point.

Anonymous said...

¡uʍop-ǝpısdn s,ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ʎǝɥ


Antifascist said...

'Will you be there ketlan'

Of course.

'I will be there dressed as a Hitler look alike to make the point.'

To make the point that you're a twat?

'¡uʍop-ǝpısdn s,ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ʎǝɥ'


Anonymous said...

A good idea everyone should turn up looking like Hitler clones that would realy make the point and drive it home to the nazis scum bags.

Jamie The Anti-Fascist said...

I'll be there, someone ought to make a Facebook event!

Let's give the those redwatch cunts a day to remember :)

Anonymous said...

Damm Liverpool Uni are on summer hols but the Police Magistrates Court is in the heart of Liverpools Gay Quarter.We will get plenty of support there. I will run off some A4 leaflets and get busy the next 2 days expect a good turn out.
Bernard Liverpol Antifacist

Anonymous said...

Sorry, cant be with you, but my thoughts and best wishes will be.


eric the fish said...

It is imperative that any loonies are given the boot. The BNP and certain media like to focus on the unhelpful suppoerters. Just a thought, why not turn up without a bone through your nose or purple hair?

anti-nazi protestor said...

People attending would be advised to wear face masks or disguise themselves from the Redwatch cameras if they are not already on there. Also, don't let the snoops of Naziland have all the fun - bring your own cameras!

ed parry said...

I hope the police and MI5 are watching large demos as Watmough's pals who were in the BPP together and now call themselves the "Aryan Martyrs' Brigade" are, according to Special Branch, about to "do a Copeland" when the time is right, so the police and security forces should check out the site in Liverpool to make sure there are no bombs or nazi snipers in the area.

The BPP are a joke, but like all mentally ill racist extremists, they would not draw the line at mass murder.

If the police want to keep the Aryan Martyrs under check, they must speak in-depth to Watty and friends.

It's not rocket science who is making these threats.

Oh, and for fuck's sake, get the home secretary to speak to Obama to have Redwatch shut down!

Anonymous said...

eric the fish said...
It is imperative that any loonies are given the boot. The BNP and certain media like to focus on the unhelpful suppoerters. Just a thought, why not turn up without a bone through your nose or purple hair? ........ I say go as Beetlejuice, or go as the Joker. Turning up to stop the Facists is important and going in disguise spoils any camera shots ending up on Redwatch.

Liverpool Socialist said...

Yes I like the Idea of the Hitler fancy dress thing. Just hope the Nazi's don't take us seriously and give us free memberships LOL! We definately need a good turnout to show them we won't be intimidated.

Anonymous said...

It's a shot in the dark, but a bnp member was revealed on 'that list' as living in Woodville Rd, Penwortham. It wouldn't be a surprise if this guy was the bnp member.

Antifascist said...

'It's a shot in the dark, but a bnp member was revealed on 'that list' as living in Woodville Rd, Penwortham. It wouldn't be a surprise if this guy was the bnp member.'

You're right - it wouldn't be surprising at all. If you're local, keep your eyes open and if the name pops up in direct connection with this, let us know.

turnleft said...

RE: Redwatch, i doubt that anyone in authority will want to close it down.
it surely provides the cops with excellent information.

RE: Costumes, i would suggest a similar costume for each person.
Strength in numbers, everybody get a "scream" mask or something.

eric the fish said...

Griffin's response to the CEHR @

denny said...

Racist football thugs or insane Copeland-style violent nutcases may attempt to disrupt the protests, so it is advisable for everyone attending to exercise extreme caution at all times, and cameras should be used to film neo-nazi troublemakers to hand over necessary footage to the police, so keep an electronic as well as physical eye on nazi scumbags trying to cause trouble.

Also, it would help if there were sufficient numbers of antifascist stewards to ensure any violent tactics used by the neo-nazi BNP do not cause disruption.


Hopefully the BBC and the tabloid newspapers will be on-hand to film violent neo-nazi attacks on demonstrators, to show the world the true face of the BNP.

Hope the police are amply prepared, and MI5 put in an appearance behind the scenes to ward off potential "Copelands" hoping to murder anti-fascist demonstrators.

It's about time the authorities start to get tough on extreme right wingers, using the full force of the law against them.

And hopefully the police will keep an eye on people after the demo. This is when people like the BPP (now called the "Aryan Martyrs") and assorted football hooligan firms like to show how cowardly they are by picking out invidual demostrators and stalking them while leaving the demonstrations.

If anyone is stalked, call 999 on your phone. It's a crime to intimidate people, and you don't want your home address ending up on Redwatch.

Some fascists watch wildlife programmes, and if you have seen the cowardly way that cheetas etc. attack deers and antelopes, they wait until one or two creatures are seperated from the bunch, then they go in for the kill, knowing the victims are isolated from the protection of the group.

So to stop this happening, call 999 if you are being stalked, so that further neo-Nazi scum can end up behind the dock, and hopefully end up slopping out in the local clink with the likes of Shippard, Whittle and White!!!

Also, don't wait alone at bus stops. If you can afford one, get a taxi or private hire cab home, so ensure you are not being tailed.

A little bit extra spent on the journey home could save a visit to the hospital.



george said...

One day all facsists and racists will be safely locked up behind bars, but until then, you must exercise extreme caution when leaving demos.

You don't know who is watching.

Taxis home are the safest bet!!!!

They are well worth it!

mikey emm said...

Another risk is agent provocateurs, and fascists pretending they are demonstrators just so they can "join in the demo" for the sole purpose of getting close to protestors to take close up photos and strike up friendships to stalk, intimidate and harrass us, so be cautious about strangers even if they appear to be the good guys. When leaving the demo, don't walk home with anybody you don't know.

It makes sense, especially for females joining in the demo. Some facsists are perverts with convictions for rape, violence and child abuse, (including the bigwigs Mark Collett and Dave Hannam) so please take care when befriending people at the demo!!!

Watty Is A Wanka said...

Wander if "Wanker Watmough" and the cowardly band of football hooligans he calls his "Aryan Martyrs" will be at the march, waiting in the shadows to cause trouble?

Is it true that the cops are shielding Watmough from arrest as an informant?

Anonymous said...

Watmough is playing a very dangerous game indeed!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could attend, good luck!

Anonymous said...

One day all fascists will be locked up...

I love a dreamer. Bet he rides a pink unicorn everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I shall be there to show my contempt for racist scum and will bring a blow up doll if i have to make up our numbers!!!

Antifascist said...

'I shall be there to show my contempt for racist scum and will bring a blow up doll if i have to make up our numbers!!!'

Er...I'm not sure how to respond to that.

joebloggs said...

They'll be sufficient numbers of protestors. It's the nutzis who will be there in a handful. The problem is, a small number can be dangerous, when mentally ill, such as the one-man KKK - Copeland.

Aleksandr said...

Peado Boy Mark Collett would be turned on by dolls joining the protest, more Barbie than bloe-up dolls.

windymilla said...

'I shall be there to show my contempt for racist scum and will bring a blow up doll if i have to make up our numbers!!!'

Sounds like even the BNP trolls have surprisingly developed a sense of humour... lol

Actually it's the nazis who will have to make up the numbers not the antis!

Aleksandr said...

Talking of Mark Collett........

Forget the famouses comparisons websites and

To keep perverts who are hung like proverbial hamsters out of troubles, we have created brand new website for british nationalist kiddie fiddles: -



NutCrackaSweet said...

Hey folks, I just came across Red Squirrel's Bebo account from a Google search......

Elizabeth Walton (epona_zz)Profile Views. 42 times. Hometown. swindon. Elizabeth Walton's URL. Music. Beethoven. metal. folk. wierd stuff and rap etc ...

Strange how a white supremacist would admit to liking African-American-orientated rap.

Wander how her hiphop hating neo-nazi friends in the BNP would think of this?


(more about Red Squirrel to follow)

SquirrelNutCracka said...

More dirt dug up to follow about abusive Odinist nutcase Red Squirrel indeed: -

Mrs Walton email address happens to be: -

Another contradiction that Lizzy won't want her anti-semitic friends to know, including fake lawyer Lee Barnes, as pseudonym "Epona Vals", on Jan 18th 2009, she joined the "Friends of Israel" at while she whines on all the time about a Zionistic conspiracy.

Why the good fuck is a Hitler-loving Odinist expressing support for Friends of Israel?

Wander is she's from the same "nationalist" camp as Simon 5arby? lol

More to follow, watch this space...

SquirrelNutCracker said...

Yet more detective work about Red Squirrel to make the most hardened pro-Griffinite BNP supporters cringe: -

As Epona Vals, when no-one was looking, Red Squirrel praised a late Irish anti-fascist campaigner: =


What really is her game?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I give my full backing to the State of Israel. No matter what the enemies of Freedom do Israel will continue to exist
G-d Bless Israel From The Real Red Squirrel Of the Woodlands!"

HaHaHa! said...

What was that about a Zionist conspiracy whenever Lancaster Unity take the piss out of your Odinism, Mrs Walton?

Sue said...

Epona was supposed to be a Celtic horse goddess Epona.

Quite frankly I'd rather take a peek at John Walker's horse porn than see fugly minger Red Squirrel with no clothes on.

SquirrelNutCracka said...

Ever wander how Red Squirrel took up Odinism, what her first prayer to Odin was?

Well guess no-longer. It's all on the worldwide web courtesy of a Germanic neo-nazi mythological website that weird Lizzy likes to visit when she's not effing and blinding abusively while trolling antifacsist websites.

Check out this extremely revealing link that even Searchlight didn't know about, and see what you think: -


" Thursday, May 11th, 2006 Translate: Ger->Eng Eng->Ger #1
Junior Member
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Uk
Age: 56
Occupation: Student of life.



Hailsa, Kinfolk!
I came upon this site on My name is Liz but I am generally known as Valkryja.
I had a troubled life with many fetters when I called upon Odin for help in 1998. I had only just become aware of my ancestral faith at the time, and did not realise what would happen when I asked to be taken up to Yggdrasil, so that I may gain insight and wisdom! life became much worse initially, but I have survived! I may not be a regular visitor to the site initially, as I am studying philosophy and find myself in various realms! I was given this computer a few months ago and have taught myself how to use it ( as well as being a bit too outspoken on my weblogs at times!) My knowledge of lore is patchy as yet, but I am learning!
Greetings to all!
In Frith , Valkryja

So Red Squirrel was once a left of centre green anarchist, who several years ago having been interested in the world of fantasy such as Zelda, studied hardcore Occult beliefs and got drawn uncontrollably into Volk mythology through a stupid Odin worship prayer which she didn't even make her life better.

Talk about nutcases and reverse logic.

I feel so sorry for her!!!

The worrying thing is, folks, along with Loony Lee Barnes and Green Arrow, she helps compile the BNP's official pretend paganist indoctrination newsletter designed "The Strider" to hook kids on the same mental addiction that she has come dependent upon, Racial Odinism.

Anna said...

It seems like Red Squirrel had been indoctrinated herself and is now doing her best to indoctrinate others including impressionable young kids with her nonsensical Odinist bullshit, which is far more hate-filled yet illogical than satanism.

Cilla Black (or should that be Cilla Pure White) said...

The funniest revelations about racist Odinistic neo-fascist scumbag Red Squirrel....

Get the violins out, folks!!!!

She's learning German, and she's getting lonely and in need of a boyfriend.

(what is it with nazis unable to find partners???)

Check out Red Squirrel's profile on Plenty Of Fish: -

(Valkryja : Looking 4 Heathen male e-pal, poss more!)

I just pooed by pants laughing at this finding out outspoken racial abuser and Odinist indoctrinator is looking for an Odinist soulmate!

ste said...

Red Squirrel has a link from her sick racist blog to Redwatch, lest us remember!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of obvious fascists on here talking up the possibility of violence in order to keep the numbers of anti-fascists down.

Anonymous said...

I cant get time off but i am with you in spirit.

Lancaster Lad said...

There's an interesting quote on Chris Hill's blog today

"Anti-gag said...

Dear Anonymous (2:20 PM),

Homosexuality is not a crime, it's a mental illness. These poor people deserve our compassion not our condemnation.

Chris Hill."

The guy's a wanker.

eric the fish said...

Seems to me that there a lot of unhelpful posts here. Not exactly helping the cause. Too many anon comments without the courtesy of a name at the bottom.
I will be there tomorrow but I'd rather hope that nutters from all sides kept away. I'm very proud of Merseyside and I do not wish dickheads (from whatever 'side')to ruin it.

there is a time and place for taking the piss out of BNP bods like Collett but this just smacks of 5th Form twittering.

Anonymous said...

Plenty Of Odinists.

Or maybe not!


PETE said...

Prejudice is an illness and Chris Hill is suffering from an unbalanced dose of it. He's probably ready for the men in white coats to take him away! LOL

paul said...

Great info about Odinist nutcases, thanks!

Lee barnes LLb Hons said...

I will be there on my new bike thanks to the trojan work of Nick Griffin he is helping to change european law allowing me to fix my own bike. the chain ws broken on my bike but i FIXED IT ALL BY MYSELF.

Under new european legislation we wont be allowed to fix our own bikes not even Boris yeltsin the mayor of London Well done Nick for changing the lives of all indegenis, indigunus, indiganus aw shite... white people, we can now fix our own bikes

so you will see me peddling (no not drugs like the Muslims) my bike laughing at you protsters in the cold and rain as I cycle past.

The RWB is celebration of the BNP getting into power in Europe.
WE ARE THE PEOPLE we are in power all the emmigrents, imagrants, shite Muslims will be kicked out

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe enough of the gossipping already, but VERY best wishes against the BNP in Liverpool tomorrow ;)

Watch out for that moron Joe Owens and his video camera, and if you get video / stills etc to post on You Tube please do so QUICKLY

will said...

Yes the threat of violence at a demo is a real one but provided there are enough policemen on hand and people leave together in groups everybody will be safe from the BNP's football hooligan army.

Taxis home are a good idea, however, whenever possible.

a campaigner said...

I think having a sticky as the lasest thread everyone views means all posts about all sorts of topics are posted on this one thread meaning lots of things are off-topic.

This is a fact of life when you have a sticky, sadly.

The info about Red Squirrel would normally presumably have gone on a more topical thread when it came on live, but that's the nature of stickys. One thread, mixed output.

Anyway, good luck with the protest. Even though there are no students at the university, there should still be a huge turn out.

It will be safety in numbers, and hopefully the judge will lock up the nazi thug when it comes to his sentence.

Anonymous said...

eric the fish said...
It is imperative that any loonies are given the boot. ......I take it you mean the nazis and not us being the loonies i would be hurt if that was a dig at us.

John and Kev. (manchester)