September 16, 2011

An accident waiting to happen?

A by election has been called in the St Helens ward of Barnsley council for October 13th following the resignation of the Labour councillor Roy Butterwood.

Once seen as a BNP stronghold despite never actually winning an seat there, BNP support in the area has gradually ebbed away and the local branch like others around the country, is in disarray.

Local party moral is so low that when the by election was announced the prospective BNP candidates were scarce on the ground.

Eventually Danny Cooke, the Yorkshire deputy regional organiser put his name forward.

In a piece on the BNP website, (probably penned by himself), the self titled “Hardworking Yorkshire Deputy Organiser” announces his candidature and appeals for assistance in the election campaign. As part of his appeal, Cooke includes his contact details including a very interesting email address.

The chilling reason why that email address is of interest is that it was part of the mailing list used by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

Breivik is the Norwegian right wing extremist and self confessed killer of 69 people, mostly teenagers in July of this year, and who sent out his “manifesto” entitled 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence
to a select group of people he believed shared his twisted ideology. One of those who he chose to send it to was Danny Cooke.

Now we certainly aren’t saying that Cooke is another Breivik, but there are certainly a number of worrying traits in his personality.

He has a conviction for affray for which he received a community order and also has a particular liking for rape jokes.

He was also photographed with a firearm at the now notorious
Rotherham St Georges Day celebration that saw a number of BNP officials
pictured with guns.

Most worrying of all were comments Cooke made around the
time the murderer Raoul Moat was at large in the north east. In one comment Cooke claimed that “He fancied doing a Raoul Moat” and in another comment claimed that “Listening to Raoul Moat tapes is like listening to me talking to my GP”

Cooke appears to be an accident waiting to happen, we hope the people of St Helens send him packing as we expect that they will.

Thanks to HOPE not Hate


Anonymous said...

Outstanding work from HnH

John P said...

What makes it better is the nominations closed at midday so the BNP are stuck with him as a candidate.

Anonymous said...

i hope u lot haven't buggered up his campain lol. he has 5000 voice of freedoms to get rid of

Anonymous said...

Is he still shagging Rachel Firth?

Delroy Booth

Anonymous said...

danny says you aint got proof an its bull

Anonymous said...

Cooke has already posted online about the lies the Barnsley Chronicle has publsihed, lies that he wasn't prepared to go into detail about. A nice front page story in the Chronicle about the Breivik link, the picture with the gun and whatever else you can dig up about him published a week before the by-election would more or less finish them in Barnsley.