September 30, 2011

EDL to Counter Protest 'Rising Against Islamophobia'

The English Defence League's Newcastle Division are set to protest at an event which aims to bring awareness to increasing Islamophobia.

Ever disillusioned EDL supporters appear to be tying up with the BNP in Newcastle upon Tyne. In a meeting hosted by Nick Griffin at High Lane Social Club in Hebburn last week, more than 50% of the attendees were EDL according to Hope not Hate.

The event on the 29th October is being supported by Unison, Northern Public Services Alliance, Coalition of Resistance, Stop the War Coalition, Show Racism the Red Card, Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC), writer and broadcaster Yvonne Ridley, councillor Dipu Ahad and more.

The EDL's event page stated:
'As we will not be having speakers, or require a designated area to hold our counter protest I can confirm there will be no police liason and nor will there be a need for EDL stewards.

Muster points will be released at a later date or contact your division for more details.'
This delightful exchange between Darren Lewis and North East regional co-ordinator, Alan Spence was spotted on the EDL's Facebook event wall.

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Anonymous said...

I think the EDL will be in Birmingham on that day as their new national demo has been announced and I expect NE EDL to travel there. I suspect will be the infidels and ther NF who will now try to spoil the event (I don't mention the BNP as they cannot event muster more that 4 people for a stall these days)

Anonymous said...

So Darren Lewis wants to annally rape an anti-racism campaigner from Show Racism The Red Card!

Why are nazis usually perverts?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
"So Darren Lewis wants to annally rape an anti-racism campaigner from Show Racism The Red Card!"

Come on now. First of, it's "anally". Second, I've heard countless men say things like "going to smash her back doors in" without it being a rape reference. Let's not overblow things.

I think it's more interesting that it's being touted as a counter-protest to the MDL, despite the fact that it's nothing to do with them.