September 03, 2011

Completely useless National Front parish councillor loses seat

Following a tradition started by crap BNP councillors everywhere, the National Front's Timothy Knowles, who was elected unopposed to a parish council seat in May, has been booted off after failing to fill in and return the declaration of acceptance, which is required by law.

Not only did he not return the form, he has failed to attend a single meeting of Aldercar and Langley Mill parish council.

Parish council chairman Anne White said he had failed to fill in and return the document and stated; "It is a national rule. The declaration must be signed and returned to Amber Valley Borough Council. It was posted to him but he did not return it."

She also said: "In his absence we have enough councillors to run the parish council and we will advertise the seat accordingly."

Knowles, the hopeless dumbass, was unavailable for comment.


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A particularly nasty neo-Nazi NFer who calls himself Saxon Pride, has trolled the Basildon newspaper abusing Jewish protestors who don't want to see the ethnic cleansing happening at Dale Farm, with extreme anti-semitism

There's always a fresh supply of nazis waiting to crawl out of the woodwork, with the same old-fashioned prejudices at any juncture.