September 30, 2011

Car Trouble?

Nick Griffin doesn't have a lot of luck when it comes to motor cars does he?

We reported recently of his beloved Skoda being seized by High Court enforcement officers who were attempting to collect some of the large amounts of cash the BNP owes its creditors and former employees.

We also remember his ill fated second hand car business "Affordable Cars" a BNP funded company advertised in the BNP newspaper "Voice of Freedom" where Griffin sold rusting Japanese jalopies to the unsuspecting public and pocketed the profits despite promising BNP members a share of the loot.The Griffin get rich quick scheme was quickly dumped following complaints from very unhappy BNP officials.

And now it seems his car jinx has continued as he has allegedly had a serious car accident in France.

It appears that Griffins car was hit by a lorry,smashing the car into the central reservation and caused the car to spin and roll over and narrowly missed a large concrete block.

Only minor injuries have been reported.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wonder how long it will take for the nutzies to start with the conspiracy theories?

Turkey Breath said...

Some people will do anything to get out of court appearances.. poor old griffin.. first his skoda.. now this. Haha. What a shame. The begging letters will be a'comin.

Anonymous said...

The Curse of Ian Stuart strikes again !


The Mechanic

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the BNP conspiracy theories to start rolling-in... Ian Stuart Donaldson, Jorg Haider, Diana Spencer... Nick Griffin

Well done Mossad, 'arf 'arf

Anonymous said...

Lucky Martin airbag Reynolds was in the car to cushion the impact or old eye could have been seriously hurt.

Anonymous said...

It was reported that an American guy and Derek Dawson bnp tv was in the car with gri££in

ex-bnp said...

Taken from Gri££in’s website –

"This spurious attack on me and the forces of light, truth and justice, has happen just as we are on the very cusp of rushing into power, this attempt on my life has been made by ZOG lizards from outer space, some smelly students, MI6 and the BBC. To attack me on the way to the pie shop shows us all just how close we are to gaining full control and picking up the keys to Downing Street.

DONATE DONATE DONATE! Just £10 will ensure next week I’ll be the Prime Minister – DONATE £20 and I’ll shoot over there this afternoon and get the doors widened so me, my obese security and wife can squeeze through the front door. DONATE DONATE! TODAY AND SAVE THE COUNTRY!"

was.BNP said...

Dear God....must try harder

Anonymous said...

Griffin was going down on fatty Reynolds at time.


Anonymous said...

Guys, I'm sorry. I swear I'll do better next time but this steamroller is an absolute bitch to steer.

Anonymous said...

I see Hannam is dead.

Ebanks was always pleading with Silvers & Co to study the BNP accounts. Perhaps his death was due to stress and the fact they are finally being investigated thoroughly.