September 20, 2011

We won’t hold our breath

Paul Prodromou aka Pitt
It seems the EDL may owe us a few words of gratitude, but we won’t hold our breath

Last week we pointed out that the Essex EDL organiser Paul Prodromou aka Paul Pitt had found a new bosom buddy, well known neo Nazi Eddie Stamton.Eddie has become a regular at EDL events and is particularly close to Prodromou and other leading members of the EDL.

Stamton, who has also gone by the names of Stampton and Stanton during a long and positively criminal lifetime, has been involved with far-right politics since he was a teenager. As well as the hard line, Hitler worshipping British Movement and Combat 18, Eddie was also once the National Activities Organiser and London organiser with the miniscule British People’s Party (BPP) which turned out a plethora of paedophiles and wannabe terrorists when they were not updating their “Redwatch” website.

Well thanks to our article it seems the EDL have actually taken some notice and declared Stamton persona non grata.

In a long and tedious posting on the EDL website they explained “On September 11th, a group of EDL supporters went to pay their respects outside the US Embassy, and demonstrate against the presence of a group of Muslim extremists who, within earshot of victims’ families, were mocking those who died in the attack on the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, we have learned that amongst the group was an individual named Eddie Stamton, a relatively well-known neo-Nazi, tied to organisations which, amongst other things, have called for homosexuality to made illegal and have made a point of denying the Holocaust.”

They continued “We do not usually like to name individuals,but given Stamton’s known association with the Redwatch website, we believe that this time it is justified. Eddie Stamton, and any other neo-Nazis, are not welcome at EDL demonstrations, and will be ejected whenever they are identified.”

The EDL have a track record however of not carrying out their threats when it comes to the banning of their own members. The organisation is overflowing with a menagerie of neo Nazis, pub racists and rank and file bigots so it is doubtful that this sentiment which is little more than window dressing will stick.

There are already rumblings within Essex EDL that Stamton is a trusted and loyal friend and that he will be allowed to attend EDL events despite what the EDL leadership say.

The only way is Essex apparently.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

excellent exposing of the obvious well known neo's within edl(bnp).they can keep trying to fool the people some of the time but they can't fool the people all the time.KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK CREW.respect sent from a fellow anti nazi(9xzulug)

Anonymous said...

Bill Baker calls Pitt "Stavros".

They can't even stop being racist to each other!