September 30, 2011

UKIP: the BNP in suits?

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Many BNP voters are now turning to UKIP, because they do not like what they have heard about the BNP's fascism, and because they are unaware that leading UKIP figures themselveshave fascist links, which were discussed by then Labour MEP Richard Corbett in this article (PDF download) about UKIP. The fascist links include an unofficial pact between the BNP and UKIP which the BNP has now admitted to the existence of.

Richard Corbett's article also pointed out that the UKIP leadership refused to condemn a letter bomb campaign against MEP's from other parties, and said they could understand the reasons for the campaign.

Furthermore, since Corbett's 2004 article, UKIP MEP Geoffrey Bloom, who is a climate change denier, has praised the French Secret Service's 1985 terrorist bombing of the Greenpeace "Rainbow Warrior" ship, as this BBC News article reveals:

As leading UKIP figures have fascist links, and think terrorism is OK, it is clear that UKIP is not a normal democratic political party. In other Western European countries it would be viewed in the same light as their far-right parties in fact, as the BNP are so extreme by the standards of other Western European nations, that their far-right politicians refused to form a formal group with the BNP in the European Parliament, because they said they would be badly damaged in the eyes of their countries' voters if they did. For example, Belgium's Flemish Appeal was badly damaged after their then deputy leader questioned the size of the Holocaust.

By contrast, as Britain has, overall, by far the lowest quality newspapers in Western Europe, because so many British people prefer reading celebrity gossip to reading about news, Nick Griffin's past Holocaust denial has not been as big a political issue, and many BNP voters have as a result taken until recently to find out that the BNP is a fascist party which pretends not to be.

So, as many BNP voters are now turning to UKIP, anti-fascist activists ought to be aware that the fascism linked, pro-terrorism UKIP could become the main party of British fascism in the future, and that the far more fascism-linked, and far more pro-terrorism BNP could become a much smaller fringe party like today's NF.

I showed in this 2009 article, "The BNP and terrorism", that the BNP have more terrorist links than possibly any other fascist party on the planet, and showed in another 2009 article, that the BNP leader was an admirer of a now dead American fascist party leader who openly advocated killing all of the world's billions of non-white people and Jews, and machine-gunning feminists and anti-racists. Not even UKIP can compete with the BNP in the terrorism and fascism stakes.


Anonymous said...

UKIP are nothing like the BNP, what a moronic thing to say! As a UKIP member who doesn't even own a suit, the title in itself another clueless comment.

BNP = authoritarian socialism + ethnic nationalism
UKIP = classical liberalism + civic nationalism

The fact that whoever read this knows so little that they have to post a link to a document by the odious Richard Corbett says it all. We could quite easily point to the links between Labour and BNP, especially on Blackburn with Darwen Council. Still, Richard Corbett was rewarded for his attack on UKIP - as soon as the voters kicked him out, he was given a cushy job in the EU working for van Rompuy.

To put the final nail in the coffin, BNP members are banned from UKIP according to the UKIP constitution.

Anonymous said...

Go on then, target UKIP. HEHEHE

Anonymous said...

An interesting article. I don't agree with some of it but it's nice to see an occasional new writer on here and with a different take from the usual BNP/EDL stuff.

Anonymous said...

UKIP is full of ex BNP and dual membership holders. If there is no evidence that you are/were BNP then you stay a member of UKIP.They just look you up on google and check the old members list on Wikileaks.

Anonymous said...

You appear to be confusing voters and members. UKIP will not allow ex-BNP members to be members of UKIP. If someone wishes to vote for UKIP over Europe or immigration that does not make them a racist or fascist

Anonymous said...

Leading Ukip members certainly have the right credentials...

Mike Natrass - a former member of the extreme-right, pro-apartheid New Britain Party.

Alastair Harper - a former leading member of the nazi Northern League.

Andrew Moffat - a defender of the holocaust-denier, David Irving.

Alistair McConnachie - who told party members, "I don't accept that gas chambers were used to execute Jews for the simple fact there is no direct physical evidence to show that such gas chambers ever existed."

Aidan Rankin - co-wrote the UKIP manifesto, has been associated with the far-right Third Way, a breakaway from the NF formed by Patrick Harrington in 1989. Rankin has contributed articles and letters to the Third Way website.

Jamie M said...

I'm sorry, but this just really annoys me. Firstly, the BNP are not fascist. As someone else said, they are authoritarian socialists and ethnic nationalists. They clearly are not fascists.
Neither is UKIP anything like the BNP. They don't discriminate on racial grounds, they have an entirely different perception of the role of government and they are far more liberal.
UKIP are slightly more extreme Tories, existing largely to free us from the EU. The BNP are ethnic nationalists with a history of connections to seriously crazy people, who wish to create a whites only state. Don't lump them together, please.

Anonymous said...

Jamie M " Firstly, the BNP are not fascist."

For the people confused about what fascism is i'd recomend The Anatomy Of Fascism by Robert O. Paxton published by Penguin.

From wikipedia-

One common definition of fascism focuses on three groups of ideas: the Fascist Negations of anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism; nationalist, authoritarian goals for the creation of a regulated economic structure to transform social relations within a modern, self-determined culture; a political aesthetic using romantic symbolism, mass mobilisation, a positive view of violence, promotion of masculinity and youth and charismatic leadership

Anonymous said...

When are you going to expose the English Nazicrats.

Anonymous said...

Like I keep telling you guys, it's time to start moving beyond the term "fascist". I completely support the attack on UKIP, but I think it could be done a lot more effectively by going through its manifesto or other releases and pointing out specific policies that are implicitly racist, rather than by using a catch-all term "fascist" that could mean practically anything.

Come on guys, change it up a gear.

Wolfie said...

UKIP actively supported a "Ban the Burkha" policy at the last election. That strikes me as utterly typical of the racism-lite and xenophobia that they peddle. UKIP and the English Democrats seem to be riddled with both BNP sympathisers and BNP ideology. the twaddle about ideology is just twaddle. They all three stand for hatred of difference and promotion of a narrow view of what is "british" or "english".

Anonymous said...

The BNP have no right to speak.They should be repoted to police evrytime they campaign. All children are at risk from their ideas and their own kids should be taken into care to prevent harm.

Anonymous said...


A ban the Burqa policy is not necessarly racist or xenophobic, as people shouldn't be able to completlely cover their face as it can lead to identification issues.

Robberies have been carried out by people wearing Niqabs and one of the 21 July Bomb suspects escaped London while wearing a Burqa.

There are plenty of good, well reasoned arguments to support a ban on the veil, and wanting it banned isn't necessarly racist depending on the motives for wanting it banned.