September 15, 2011

The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking on the BNP. The membership's money has all been spent. Desperate creditors are in some cases resorting to extreme measures to recover monies owed. Senior members are now being held liable for the party's debts.

Some BNP officials have literally gone into hiding as the clock ticks down and there is still no further word on whether Nick Griffin can raise the £45,000 needed to fight off a winding up order against the party.

A BBC documentary is preparing to go to air next week with a programme that will fully expose what they have uncovered in just a few short months of digging into the BNP's finances. The content of the documentary is going to be to say the least, explosive.

One faction in the BNP has gone out of its way in desperation to help the BBC. Last weekend the BNP's leadership invited the BBC to film them at a meeting, giving the BBC the impression that they were going to be allowed to put a number of serious allegations to the leadership. But instead, like spoilt children, the BNP read out a bizarre statement while another senior figure berated the BBC over of all things, given today's news, paedophilia.

Tomorrow it is expected that moves will be made to both bankrupt BNP leader Nick Griffin and have the party placed in administration. This last ditch effort by the anti-Griffin faction is in the hope that the party will be able to come out of administration with a new leader. It's a desperate act, particularly when you consider how badly Mrs Griffin reacted just to having the family's Skoda repossessed by the courts.

And while all of this is going on (each side knows what evil deeds the other is up to) they continue to try and outdo each other on internet forums with personal attacks, threats, impersonation and intimidation. Fantastic stuff to read it is too, and the longer it goes on, the less chance there would appear to be of anyone actually saving the BNP. Yesterday a statement was issued in the name of anti-Griffinite and former London regional organiser Chris Roberts. In the statement, Roberts decided to throw his weight back behind Nick Griffin a move that had the potential to split the anti-Griffin camp right down the middle. It read as a very plausible statement by Roberts. It actually turns out that although it was written by Roberts, it was written during another crisis a few years ago when he decided to come to the aid of Nick Griffin. Roberts is reportedly most unimpressed.

Our sources in the party report that two senior Griffin supporters are threatening that if they go down, they will take the entire leadership with them. All the cash cookies appear to have been taken from the cookie jar.

Some people are asking what has happened to the money the party collected for their Association of British ex-servicemen (ABEX).

And if as feared the European Parliament suspends payments to the party, one party loyalist is prepared to go to the media with what he thinks will more than cover the shortfall in wages. Sadly for him, we already have the story and not the sanitised for his benefit version he is trying to sell to Fleet Street.

The anti-Griffin faction are preparing to wheel out former NF Chairman and jailbird Martin Wingfield as an interim Chairman should they be successful with their plans.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate


Anonymous said...

I suppose Darby is ok isn't he - hes alredy paid his 20k in. lol

ex-bnp member said...

As an ex-member of this shower of shite excuse for a ‘party’, I’ve brought a bottle of bubbly and put it in the fridge as I wait for the news that the one-eyed perverted con-man finally gets his pay-back. I detest the fat wretch beyond words, not just because of what he has done, but the fact that he has hurt so many people along the way.

To prey on people for so long like a leech telling lies while filling your pockets with their cash in my book only deserves the harshest of punishments – unfortunately this isn’t going to happen to him. Whatever does happen to him I’m still going to enjoy immensely!

Anonymous said...

The best thing to happen in British nationalist circles would be for the BNP to go bankrupt under Griffin and the EDL to be proscribed and it's leader incarcerated.

2012 and the genuine threat of social upheaval is fast approaching...

Be careful what you wish for LU!

Anonymous said...

This is from Eddy Butlers blog


Nick Nick Griffin and Simon Darby had until the close of business yesterday (Wednesday 14th September) in which to pay £20,000 into the High Court.

I can inform you that no such payment was made.

Accordingly the stay of execution which had been granted pending an application for permission to the appeal which the Claimants, Messrs Nick Nick Griffin and Simon Darby, had made has terminated.

This in turn means that the sum of £45,000 is now collectable in full.

Action can be taken to realise this debt against the Claimants.

The £20,000 was held by the Claimants solicitors. It was actually it was a deposit that Simon Darby had left with them. If the £20,000 had been paid to the High Court, a further sum of £25,000 would need to have been found by the Claimants within another eleven days.

Clearly the BNP is in such a poor financial situation, notwithstanding the recent Scottish donation of £20,000 in crisp £50 notes (the karzy cash), that this was not possible.

In effect Nick Nick Griffin has surrendered.

The costs of £45,000 are due and this is just the first instalment. The full costs have yet to be assessed. When they are a bill well in excess of £100,000 will fall due on Nick Nick Griffin and Simon Darby. The amount has risen and risen and risen due to Nick Nick’s legal imbecilia.

And you tell me over and over and over and over again my friend,
You don't believe we're on the eve of destruction. Mmm, no, no.
You don't believe we're on the eve of destruction.


Perhaps not but I can wait."

Anonymous said...

Martin Wingfield chairman, dont make me laugh, this will not encourage former members to rejoin with a useless money grabber like the Wingfields in charge. pmsl

Anonymous said...

This is fucking great! 2 years ago after the low of Griffin and Brons getting elected, I could never have seen such a dramatic turnaround as this. :)

Anonymous said...

Wingfields were up Gri££ins arse until he got fed up with them. They would still be with him if he had kept them in wages.

Anonymous said...


What is the name of the BBC documentary being shown next week; and when is it on?


John P said...

Anonymous said...


What is the name of the BBC documentary being shown next week; and when is it on?


It's Panorama and it should be shown on Monday 19th Sept at 8.30pm on BBC 1.

Anonymous said...

Since the departure of 'little legs' Dowson the fash have reverted to type and are no back in the manure.

John P said...

They were in the shit when Dowson was there.

Anonymous said...