September 16, 2011

Griffin's large glass house...

As we reported yesterday the clock is ticking for the BNP.

There is an old and familiar saying that Nick Griffin would be wise in taking heed in relation to this matter. The saying goes that “People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones”.

Nick Griffin on his Twitter account wrote today “Banks not only corrupt but stupid. Anyone who gives a young West African access to their bank account deserves to be cleaned out. UBS might just as well have given their details to an email scammer “

That’s more than a bit rich given the state of Britain’s supposedly superior all-white party. It appears the BNP has failed in their attempts to raise the required £45,000 needed to halt the winding up order against the party. No surprises there, then.

So with the bailiffs knocking on the door once again we have to wonder what Nick Griffin and the BNP’s next move may be, perhaps the answer lies in Scotland?

We can reveal that some senior BNP officers have set up two new limited companies at the same Edinburgh address used by the fake BNP trade union Solidarity.

One of the companies “Heritage Protection Concerns Ltd” has some very familiar names listed as it officers. Jennifer Matthys, daughter of Nick Griffin is listed as company secretary, along with her hapless husband Angus.

Also listed is party manager Adam Walker who appears to be named as a director of the company. Walker is already in debt on behalf of the party to the tune of £20,000 .

Another company listed at the address is the rather grandly titled “Europa Social Political & Economic Research Establishment Ltd”.

The Edinburgh address just happens to belong to Patrick Harrington, who runs a tiny political sect called “Third Way”. The former NF leader and General Secretary of the fake trade union Solidarity now acts as a consultant to Nick Griffin while on the party’s payroll in the European Parliament as well as putting candidates up against the BNP when it suits him.

Have these two new companies been set up as a means of protecting the BNP’s assets perhaps?

As for the party’s other assets, they have lost their last remaining councillor in West Yorkshire today too. He held out as long as he could, but it seems that Tom Baites could bear it no more and this morning resigned the BNP whip for Illingworth and Mixenden ward on Calderdale council.

What with Baites gone, there would also appear to be a hunt on for the allegedly missing webmaster Chris Barnett. Apparently he’s just vanished into thin air.

Not that the BNP are telling anyone about any of this. What with Griffin tweeting away about untrustworthy Africans and the party press officer continuing his well worn habit of berating everything and everyone other than his falling Fuhrer, you’d think it was all going like clockwork for the BNP. The problem is, that clock is ticking too fast for them...

One of our sources inside the BNP rung us a moment ago to say that they feel compelled to close all of the windows just to stop BNP officers throwing themselves from them. Still, at least they managed to get their nominations in for a by-election in Barnsley on time. That too is a bit of a gift, and we’ll be blogging about it later today when we have finished laughing.

The party is still trying to carry on regardless, no doubt tweeting that it needs more cash donations etc, etc. But they do have one secret weapon. They have Charlie Wythe from Manchester. He has apparently just stepped into carry out some design work for the party. The freelancer is obviously not expecting payment?

Oops, did I say "secret"?

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing a lot more from HnH's mole(s) in the BNP once the game is done and dusted, which shouldn't be long now...they must have some fantastic dirt that they just can't divulge yet.

But hints would be cool. :)

Anonymous said...

She's had her chips!

Anonymous said...

This just posted on the BDF

"This afternoon the £20,000 that had been due on Wednesday was belatedly paid in to the High Court. Griffin/Darby must now pay a further £25,000 by 28th September at the very latest if they wish to survive until the hearing in November."

Anonymous said...

What a minger!

Anonymous said...

Another GriffPIG Jenny the daughter of the one eyed GriffPIG.
The lot of them are thiefs and liars.