September 14, 2011

An Apology

Yesterday we published a blog titled " Some strange returns and culinary confusion"

In this blog we described how the EDL's Essex organiser Paul Prodromou had found a new friend, the well known Neo Nazi Eddie Stamton.

As part of the article we published a poor quality black and white photograph with the caption "Stamton ( With Flag) on Brick Lane.

It appears we made a mistake and we apologise.

It wasn't Brick Lane after all, it was however The Bethnal Green road.

So just for Eddie Stamton and his new found friends within the EDL we republish the original photograph.

And while we remember we have also found these photos of a young Stamton at a British Movement summer camp, along with a rather telling one of Stamton in his bedroom.

Next you'll be telling us Eddie that you don't run an online merchandising outfit selling Neo Nazi memorabilia.

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate


Anonymous said...

He works for seachlight.You probabaly dont know that Ketlan.

Anonymous said...

The only informers are Mark Atkinson and his bum chum Steve White

Anonymous said...

Tony Hancock works for OB too.

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

There is talk that Stamton is a police grass.

Steve Seddons AA sponser said...

If I were Steve White, I'd stick to shagging sheep and never leave Wales again. If I were Atki, I'd be very careful at this years remembrance day NF march. If I were Lizzie Hunt, I'd move to another address.