September 01, 2011

More Britons face questions over links to Utøya killer Anders Breivik

Blogger Paul Ray in Oslo, where he denied having any links to Anders Breivik.
Photograph: Scanpix Norway/Reuters
Norwegian police say they are to question several British citizens in their search for potential accomplices of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.
Officers in Oslo said the names of individuals and several far-right groups emerged from questioning of British anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray as well as further interviews with Breivik.

Police press officer Roar Hanssen said: "We have some names and also some groups we are investigating. They came from Paul Ray, and also from Breivik and also from other things we have been investigating."

Breivik, 32, admitted killing 77 people last month when he detonated a truck bomb outside government offices in Oslo, and then went on a shooting spree at a youth camp at Utøya, 25 miles away.

He was questioned again on Wednesday and prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby said officers focused on Breivik's manifesto, his alleged links to a group called the Knights Templar and potential ties to the UK.

Hanssen said: "A lot of people are mentioned in Breivik's manifesto and we, of course, want to speak to them and there are some links to the UK. I don't know if there are specific areas they are from but there are some rightwing groups."

Ray was interviewed last week after claims he may have been the "mentor" mentioned by Breivik in his "manifesto", posted online shortly before he carried out the killings on 22 July.

Ray, who wrote his blog under the name Lionheart, has said it appeared Breivik drew inspiration from some of his ideas and writings, but he has repeatedly denied any link, saying he never met Breivik and was horrified by the killings. He said he travelled to Norway to "clear his name".

Breivik wrote that he attended the founding meeting of the Knights Templar Europe "military order" in London in 2002 where he met a "mentor" who used the pseudonym Richard, after Richard the Lionheart. He signed the 1,500-page document with an anglicised version of his name and datelined it London 2011.

Breivik also repeatedly praised the English Defence League, saying he had 600 EDL supporters as Facebook friends and had spoken with members and leaders. The EDL has condemned the killings and has denied any official contact with Breivik, insisting it is a peaceful, non-racist organisation opposed to extremism.

Kraby said Norwegian police did not have evidence that Breivik had accomplices, but "did not rule out the possibility."

Norwegian officers are now deciding whether to carry out the interviews in the UK or in Norway.

Hanssen said: "We can ask for help from the British police. It is not decided what we will do yet but these are possibilities."

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Anonymous said...

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Alan Lake of the EDL Final Solution should also be questioned.

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any truth in this ?

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Yep it's true... magic news !!

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Baliffs at griffins house !

It’s the Sheriff! High Court Enforcement Officers are this morning at Nick Griffin’s house seeking assets in lieu of party debts.
According to reports, Mr Griffin has refused to come out and has sent his wife out to negotiate with the sheriff.
The police are now in attendance to help with the enforcement.
Earlier in the morning, the sheriff also called in at the nearby residence of Simon Darby, but he was not in. They will, by all accounts, be returning there later in the day.
The sheriff arrived with a lorry to remove Mr Griffin’s personal vehicle, a Skoda. According to information received, the sheriffs are not going to leave without the vehicle.
In addition, some £20,000 put up by Mr Darby as a security for an appeal has now been frozen on the client account of his so-called solicitors.
These events have been provoked, according to sources, by repeated insults directed to the creditors, the lawyers and the sheriff’s office by a poster going by the name of “Derrick Day” on a certain internet forum. The sheriff’s office in particular were aggrieved by the remarks directed against them and decided to act to the fullest extent of their powers.
The matter is to do with an amount of £45,000 relating to legal costs of a court case lost by Mr Griffin last year. The sheriffs attempted to gain access to the Wigton office last week but were refused access.
Updates to follow.

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"Paul Ray"...Real name Paul he's Italian?
And he complains that "Tommy Robinson" is Irish!

What's with all the English sounding pseudonymous?

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Paul Ray.. Grass for sure. Its seems all he is capable of is trying to drop people "in it".
I have had dealings with him in the past. If you disagree with him openly, the threats start. lol. Not a bother to me though, if he comes near me again ill knock his head off..