September 05, 2011

EDL leader on hunger strike

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has gone on hunger strike after being remanded in custody after breaking his bail conditions by appearing at the EDL demonstration in the City of London on Saturday.

Despite openly goading police from the stage that he was breaking his bail conditions his solicitor took a different line before Luton magistrates this morning when he claimed that Lennon did not break his bail conditions as they related to a previous case which he is contesting regarding a 'trumped up' charge of Assault.

Anna Hazare he is not.

Hope not hate


Pete B said...


Anonymous said...

Bobby Sands is surely the benchmark; and he lasted 66 days, including an intervention from the pope, before his fast led to his death.

Let's see if little Tommy has the conviction to go that far.

Any bets...?

iliacus said...

So pleased not to be paying for this low-life's food while he's in custody.

Wolfie said...

Does not going to wetherspoons for a lager actually count as a hunger strike?

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

let the numptie starve.... he'll be whining for kfc in about 3 hours... claiming his human rights are being abused for not having 3 erm litres of coke, nudge, nudge, wink, wink supplied to him.

davey said...

Bobby Sands he is not.

Perhaps he somehow has got it into his thick, bigotted skull that prison food is all halal!

Anonymous said...

he looks like he's had a recent kicking in that pic.