September 02, 2011

And so it begins...

Is time finally up for the pig farmer?
High Court enforcement officers are currently at the Griffin farm in Welshpool, no doubt trying to recuperate some of the large amounts of cash Nick Griffin's party owes its creditors and former employees.

We have been expecting this ever since a court ruling a fortnight ago that confirmed BNP officials were actually personally liable for the BNP's debts.

The BNP currently owes in the region of £600,000 to a number of small businesses around the country and senior BNP figures have been dreading the knock at the door as their creditors now have the green light to claim their money from the very people who ran up the debts.

Mrs Griffin is currently trying to deal with the enforcement officers as her husband is apparently not at home.

There could well be a few more BNP doors being knocked on in the coming weeks...

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

What fantastic news....!!

Landale said...

We english have a word for this ..... Schadenfreude ;-)

If I'd known, as I'm just down the road, I could have gone up the hill to enjoy the view!

Couldn't have happened to a nicer chap - my sympathies to his wife - although she's been married to him long enough - however the MIL seems to have had the measure of him.

Wait for excuses like depression etc etc. and of course bigger than ever DONATE buttons!

and apparently the coward isn't at home.....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha Fat ugly bastard. Comeuppance time, buster!

Pete B said...

Griffin just can't take responsibility for his own actions. This is off his Twitter feed.

"Wild tales out there today, but fresh stay applied for and it'll all go on the professional negligence claim against the solicitors who created the problem in the first place."


Anonymous said...

This is from the BNP Ideas site

"It’s the Sheriff! High Court Enforcement Officers are this morning at Nick Griffin’s house seeking assets in lieu of party debts.

According to reports, Mr Griffin has refused to come out and has sent his wife out to negotiate with the sheriff.

The police are now in attendance to help with the enforcement.

Earlier in the morning, the sheriff also called in at the nearby residence of Simon Darby, but he was not in. They will, by all accounts, be returning there later in the day.

The sheriff arrived with a lorry to remove Mr Griffin’s personal vehicle, a Skoda. According to information received, the sheriffs are not going to leave without the vehicle.

In addition, some £20,000 put up by Mr Darby as a security for an appeal has now been frozen on the client account of his so-called solicitors.

These events have been provoked, according to sources, by repeated insults directed to the creditors, the lawyers and the sheriff’s office by a poster going by the name of “Derrick Day” on a certain internet forum. The sheriff’s office in particular were aggrieved by the remarks directed against them and decided to act to the fullest extent of their powers.

The matter is to do with an amount of £45,000 relating to legal costs of a court case lost by Mr Griffin last year. The sheriffs attempted to gain access to the Wigton office last week but were refused access.

Updates to follow."

Anonymous said...

The visit was one for the court ruling against Griffin and Darby for the £45,000 owed to the legal reps of the December rebels.
There was a visit to the Wigton Cumbria office last Friday by the bailiffs acting for the High Court. Clive Jefferson who was in office at the time refused entry and was so alarmed by the appearance of the suited 60 year old bailiff armed with nothing more than a copy of the enforcement notice that Jefferson who regards himself as a hard case called the police believing he was about to be attacked by a piece of paper. What a clown!
The bailiffs visted unannounced Y Gribin and Pinehurst (home of Simon Darby) this morning. Police were called by Jackie Griffin on the grounds that an attempted burglary was taking place not the bailiffs as police have no powers to assist unless there is likelihood of disturbance or assault by one party on another. There were no items outside the property which bailiffs could seize (physically remove) or attach (items which are not immediately removable but which become the property of the Court). Seems the pig farmer has no assets of his own. Evrything belongs to his wife or others in the family. The cunning fox still has some life in him yet.

Anonymous said...

"Seems the pig farmer has no assets of his own. Evrything belongs to his wife or others in the family."

Only a thief and a conman operates like this. The sooner he's in jail the better.

Ex BNP and proud of it said...

Brilliant news!!!!

Anonymous said...

The GrifPIG Family have all had there Snouts in the trough of bnp members MONEY. Hope they leave the PIG Family penniless HO HO HA HA PMSL.

Anonymous said...

Fat thief.

Pete B said...

More from Hope not hate

"A family owned business in Belfast has today had to close its doors and make nine people unemployed, citing the monies they are owed by the BNP as the reason.

ROMAC printers in East Belfast printed election and party materials for the far-right party not knowing that the party was in deep financial difficulties and unable to secure credit in Britain.

The family business had been pursuing the BNP leadership for payment for over a year having taken on their large scale print jobs at a time when English printers were already owed thousands and thousands of pounds.

So worried was the BNP leadership about the debt that they recently reported the printers for blackmail, though a court decided there was no case to answer.

The situation regarding the BNP's other debts in Northern Ireland became so acute that the BNP even refused to attend a small claims hearing in Belfast earlier this year, citing fears for their own safety. This didn't stop party thugs plastering stickers and posters over the premises the struggling printers during this year's elections at a time when the printer was facing closure.

This morning ROMAC has finally closed their doors for good. It owed its creditors £70,000 a large chunk of that would have been covered by the £50,000 the BNP has refused to pay them for nearly two years.

News that the courts have finally given the go-ahead for people owed monies to claim them personally from BNP officials has come far too late for this company.

The BNP often goes around parroting about protecting and promoting "British jobs for British workers" but its own employment and payment record would suggest that this just does not apply to them personally."

Fucking shameful.

Anonymous said...

This is just in from GriffinWatch

"It has been suggested to me by a long time friend that while Nicholas Griffin reels, another point of attack should be made upon the parasite Harrington, who, we feel, should be given at least as much to occupy his mind as his swine keeping friend.

It will be noted that the alleged trade union Solidarity has, for a second (or is it third?) year running failedto submit its annual returns to the Trade Union Certification Officer.

These were, by law and under pain of prosecution, due at the latest, by June 1st. They are now three months behind time.

We might speculate as to the reasons for this delay, and we should probably be correct in our speculations.

However that may be, this failure presents us with an open, undefended flank that should be attacked.

I urge those who wish to see the parasite humbled to take advantage of the opportunity presented on the Certification Officer's website here Certification Officer - Contact , and by using the form there, or better yet by email, make some variant of the following enquiry:

That you have noticed that the Trade Union Solidarity has failed to submit its annual returns as required by law, and that you, as a member of the public, are concerned that this is the second occasion for failure on the part of this trade union. You believe that a three month delay can not be justified given the smallness of this union and the thin nature of its previous accounts, and would like to know what action the Certification Officer proposes to take in the matter of enforcement. Surely it must be the case that having been given the benefit of considerable doubt in the same matter last year, it is reasonable to suppose that a prosecution will be quickly mounted against the officers of this trade union?

Others have already done this but the greater the pressure put on the Certification Officer the better, and the more likely he is to act.

Thank you."

Anonymous said...

Maybe now Griffin can go on the run with his old pal Gaddafi. Or better yet go out like his hero Hitler: Ein bunker, Ein gun, Ein bullet.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Gri££o's Euromillions????

In Swiss bank accounts, you bet!!!

Greg said...


Wolfie said...

From BNP Ideas "

* Update 14:20. Mr Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer, emerged from the house with a piece of paper claiming that the Skoda was recently sold to Ian Kitchen (the former Yorkshire regional organiser who is more famous for his wife’s pornographic film exploits) and that the vehicle is leased to Mr Griffin by Mr Kitchen.

There is of course no log book available for inspection, so the sheriff is currently checking with the DVLA as to the registered ownership of the car. If the vehicle is indeed registered in Mr Kitchen’s name, the car will be left alone.

However, the problem will not go away. In law, if an “unsatisfied executioner” is unable to take goods to meet a court-ordered judgement, (“nulla bona”), then one option is a move to obtain personal bankruptcy without further delay or notice

Antifascist said...

'Mr Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer, emerged from the house with a piece of paper claiming that the Skoda was recently sold to Ian Kitchen (the former Yorkshire regional organiser who is more famous for his wife’s pornographic film exploits) and that the vehicle is leased to Mr Griffin by Mr Kitchen...'

This may well be legal but it smacks of fraud and is yet more proof (like we need it) that Griffin is a fraud, a con-man and a thief.

Antifascist said...

'We english have a word for this ..... Schadenfreude ;-)'

Love it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Even dodgy Dowson is going ape over this. he has been at the printers with his workers helping out, as he introduced the poor guy to Griffin its the least he could do i suppose.

Anonymous said...

"This may well be legal but it smacks of fraud and is yet more proof (like we need it) that Griffin is a fraud, a con-man and a thief."

And a pervert, a liar and an all round shitbag. Ian Kitchen, Clive Jefferson, Adam Walker and the entire Griffin family should be locked up for conspiring in fraud and theft.

Anonymous said...

Northamptonshire Organiser Resigns

Anonymous said...

"Northamptonshire Organiser Resigns"

And there goes another one. The BNP is dead.

LOL said...

BNP Ideas

"Update: 19:15 Court officers have seized Nick Griffin’s Skoda. A full written report will be submitted next week. Unless Ian Kithcen can prove title to the car, it will be sold next week at auction."

Antifascist said...

'Court officers have seized Nick Griffin’s Skoda...'

Was it a Skoda? I thought he drove a Peugeot, reg CK06 UBN.

BBC said...

Sharon Ebanks has an interesting statement on the BDF

"I'm being serious and will stand in a court of law to repeat this. Nick Griffin gave Jackie Griffin £1000 every month of BNP members money just for being his wife. Griffin drew a salary from the BNP that members thought was reasonable to small, but what they didn't know was Griffin charged ALL of his petrol, ALL of his food, ALL of his domestic bills and even his dog food to the party. Griffins wage was then free for him to spend on whatever because the members were picking up the tab. AND, EVERY SINGLE PENNY...£70,000+ A YEAR of Trafalgar Club money was spent by the Griffins. This family was not poor, starving, or destitute. WHERE IS THE MONEY?

Now, I've heard tales from everything to property investments using his wifes name, to lodging it with his dear old dad so Griffin will inherit the BNP pot of gold on his fathers death no questions asked...

Griffin NEVER gave anything to the BNP. WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY?"

Anonymous said...

Right registration, wrong car. Its deffo a Skoda. British as fuck huh?

Anonymous said...

According to HNH

"The cash strapped BNP has not paid its staff this month. More British "workers" facing the dole."

I bet Harringtons been paid!

Anonymous said...

Harrington and Jenifer paid in full and idiot boy,husband Angus. all others eat cake.

Anonymous said...

so all thats left of the bnp is.... a skoda!
which then leads us to the next question: how much fuel did it have in the tank?
game over?!

Anonymous said...

The BNP really are thick. Griffo stays alive since he and others are on the EU payroll which is nothing to do with the party. Even if the organisation went under because they couldn't pay wage bills (or any for that matter!)Grffin would still exist as his and his researcher's monies are guaranteed from Europe and not paid via the party(for three years at least!). They deserve to be fleeced for being so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Griffin should be more worried about the boys from Belfast coming to collect their debt (legally that is).