September 08, 2011

The EDL Notts Division Coach Fiasco

A bizarre fiasco occured on the Nottingham Division Coach at Saturday's Tower Hamlets demo.

After they were contained in Aldgate East (which a fair distance from Tower Hamlets), Notts Division's coach was diverted and allegedly came under attack on Whitechapel Road. Video evidence suggests there was a fracas on the bus and the window went through. EDL 'Angel' Joanne Dickens was dragged off the bus toilet, through the emergency exit and violently assaulted by Asians outside the bus.

Video evidence does not show this happening and it was thought she opened the door, shouted racist abuse at some locals and fell off the bus, only to be helped to safety by a local Asian man.

In the aftermath of these events, police arrested all 44 members of the EDL coach and bailed them on suspicion of an earlier incident. Dickens is a violent thug who has been to prison several time and boasted of 'ripping part of a girl's chest off' in a recent post she made bragging on Facebook.

Dickens contacted us on Facebook this morning to reaffirm her story and claimed she had a broken jaw.

We are not sure if this video was taken before or after the alleged incident.

After contacting us Dickens vanished after screenshots of vile racist abuse were produced.

The EDL Leadership were quick to support her and claim she would not use racist language but these screenshots suggest that Dickens is a proven hard core racist , massive nazi and possibly has a white nationalist tattoo on her left breast.

This screenshot shows Dickens mocking an Asian woman who died on a fun fair ride

Click on image for full-size
and this screenshot shows the following Facebook status update
'fuck all you dirty imagrant, muslim, paki, foreign cunts, get out of my country (england)'
Click on image for full-size
It didn't stop there, click on the image to read on.

EDL News asked the EDL support group whether step will be taken to stop her attending the next demo but we did not get any reply. Notts Division have since released this awesome comedy 'Statment'. Click here to read it.

EDL News

Thanks to Greg for the heads-up

Note from LU: According to the EDL 'Statment', the coach was at one point surrounded by 'a estimated 1000 strong muslim group'. Not according to the film we've seen, it wasn't. Take a look at the screenshot below for the truth.

Click on image for full-size


Ming-O-Meter said...

Bet Miss Minger knows she's a RIGHT TIT with that white power tattoo (the modern swastika) on her aforementioned part of her body.

BLOODY HELL... Imagine trying to make love to someone who idolises Adolf Hitler, seeing the Nazi Celtic Cross bobbing up and down. You'd have to be pretty sick-in-the-head to maintain an erection with a female who adornes her private body parts with far right paraphanalia.

It's enough to make a red-blooded anti-racist screaming for Mrs Bobbitt to arrive with a rusty knife!!

Are hardcore neo-Nazis like this EDl angel bullied at school for their looks, alienated, and decide to join fascist groups like the EDL/BNP/Combat18??????

What The Dickens??? said...

Wasn't Miss Dickens once married to a BNP councillor?

Anonymous said...

Why are EDL 'Angels' ugly as fuck?

iliacus said...

Another goodlooking fascist.


Gordon said...

Wow... surely we can stick to politics and keep the moral highground here?

Anonymous said...

Some fucking genetically superior master race that is. Woof!

Anonymous said...

She makes Les Dawson in drag look hot!

Sally Davies said...

This is digusting.