September 25, 2011

Cable Street 75

On 4 October 1936 London’s East End took to the streets to stop Oswald Mosley’s fascist Blackshirts from marching through its then largely Jewish districts. Communists, socialists and trade unionists led one of the largest – and most successful – mobilisations of Britain’s working class ever to have taken place. The fascists came to the area to divide Jews and non-Jews but were faced with a community that united against the threat.

Come and join the march and rally to remember that historic victory and to send a powerful message of unity against the forces of fascism, racism and antisemitism today!

11.30am Aldgate East (junction of Braham Street and Leman Street)

1.00pm St Georges in the East Park (Cable Street)


We are pleased to announce our first list of speakers for the event:
Max Levitas Battle of Cable Street Veteran
Frances O'Grady Deputy General Secretary TUC
Matthew Collins Searchlight
Robert Griffiths General Secretary Communist Party
Bob Crow General Secretary RMT
Kosru Uddin Labour Councillor
Julie Begum Swadhinata Trust
David Rosenberg Jewish Socialists' Group
Gail Cartmail Assistant General Secretary UNITE
Diana Holland Assistant General Secretary UNITE
Akik Rahman Altab Ali Memorial Foundation

For a full list of speakers and supporting organisations visit


Anonymous said...

Forgery and Criminal Intent: Any “Normal” Leader Would Stand Down

Anonymous said...

As long as you insist on conflating "fascism" and "antisemitism" with racism, you are not going to win the argument against the racists. How many of us have been called "antisemitic" for supporting Palestine against Israel occupation, or for denouncing Israel's plan to bomb Iran? Don't give the term "antisemitism" credibility by including it in your language! Same thing with "fascism". Nobody can even define it properly.

RACISM is what we are here to oppose. When you put it together with other concepts such as "fascism" and "antisemitism", you are actually weakening the message. Please think about it.

UK Fightback said...

I'll be there (in mufti, of course)