October 05, 2007

The last three months in the BNP

From our mate, Irish Tony. Want to see more of his YouTube clips? Click here. Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Great video
I suspect he will need to make another one that will include many more senior members within the next few months. Hopefully the BNP is in meltdown

Sami said...

Nice one. I look forward to the next!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering was the pic of Phil edwards on this video and the following lyics playing at the same time meant to be together or was that just a wonderful fluke??

"I changed my face I changed my name"

it certainly made me chuckle

Anonymous said...

SO tell us, if the BNP is so crap, and so useless, and has so few memebrs etc. etc. then why on earth do you bother to attack them so much?
If they were really so irrelevant then why do you go through all the effort?
The truth is that they are growing, getting bigger all the time, polled 14% of the national vote in May 2007 and will soon sweep you and your communist rabble into the sea.

Anonymous said...

AAAHHH shame it almost makes you want to send flowers.

brill piece of work by irish tony

john p said...

Great stuff

Sid Williamson said...

Sadie G is joining the BPP.

I love her and her bottom.

Anonymous said...

Interesting propaganda use of youtube.

Clive Potter still wants to be in the BNP (though his supporters slag it off all the time). He has appealed against his expulsion.

webeatthyebnp said...


So what's so special about SG's bottom (though I'm sure it's preferable to NG's !!!)

Seriously though:

1. SG's departure from the BNP will damage them (how sad, how sad ...)

2. Have you all noticed how none of this is cropping up on Stormfront?

Anonymous said...

Finally, we are taken to task on behalf of Stuart Russell, aka Dr Phil Edwards, the former press officer of the British National party. Last week we reported that after years of glorious service, the far-right spinner has severed his links with the BNP. Did he jump or was he pushed, we inquired. An email in the name of his daughter Julie, herself a former BNP election candidate, arrives to set the record straight. "About my old man, aka 'The Doc'," it says: "He did not get the boot from the BNP. He just realised what a load of unorganised, self-promoting shitbags now run the 'all-new, hip and modern, Politically Correct' BNP. I, myself 'saw the light' a couple of years ago (though still hold true to my beliefs). My Dad is a good man and there are indeed some other good people left as activists and members. But I don't think the Establishment need fear the BNP." The fear comes from elsewhere, as "Julie" says of Dr Phil: "He doesn't know I've written this and I'll probably get a bollocking." Hope she'll tell us about that too.