October 06, 2007

Racism forces Somalis off estate

A dozen Somali families are being moved out of a troubled estate in Bristol because of racist attacks.

The city council said a handful of residents on the Hillfields estate, in the east of the city, have caused abuse, violence and harassment. Incidents have included scarves being pulled off and verbal abuse.

The council added that anti-racism groups were working in the area and it was hoped the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

Nura Aabe, from the Bristol Somali Women's Group, said: "We feel very lonely and isolated and the fact that you have to stay inside to be safe. It's really difficult because at the end of the day you suffer alone and nobody else knows what you go through on a daily basis."

The authorities say the causes of the hatred are complex, but that housing is seen as one divisive issue.

Alan Jones, from the Hillfields Area Housing Committee, said: "The parents are saying, 'oh look, they're getting all the houses'. The children are hearing this and they're reacting on what their parents are saying within the home. If we got rid of the housing problem, that would go a long way."



HATE4PRIDE said...


Anonymous said...

So if the BNP come into power and sort out the housing problems, racist attacks will go down?

Well let's vote BNP!

Denise G said...

HATE4PRIDE said...


As this comment clearly came from the intellectual wing of the far-Right, I thought it worth sharing.

Anonymous said...

So Bristol authorities chose the easy way out, instead of dealing with the problem and the obviously nazi offenders the move the victims.

So what happens now? do the victims then have to go through a period of adjusting to their new neighbours, waiting to see if their new neighbours are friend or foe, and if they are foe, then the long haul of gathering evidence only for the victims to be moved again.

Shame on Bristol they should have dealt with the offenders and not penalised the victims.

Sid Williamson said...

I live on a council estate.

A Chav wiv bad teef said...

Sid moved next door to me. I moved out.