October 13, 2007

BNP councillor to be removed for non-attendance

The British National Party is about to lose yet another councillor, Searchlight can exclusively reveal.

James Lloyd, BNP councillor for Princes End ward on Sandwell council, has not attended a meeting in six months, which means that he will be removed from office. We hope the council will not delay in writing to Lloyd to inform him of the situation. The usual procedure would be to give him seven days to prove that he has in fact attended a meeting. If he cannot, and Searchlight, which monitors BNP attendance and performance, believes that is the case, then he will lose his seat.

Lloyd has been a major embarrassment to the BNP in the Black Country. He stood on a platform of insisting that parents be held responsible for the bad behaviour of their children. However, his two sons have regularly been in trouble with the law. One was named and shamed by the police as one of the worst young offenders in the area.

Earlier this year Searchlight revealed that police had objected to the renewal of Lloyd's pub licence after a series of violent incidents at his premises. They including a shooting incident in which Lloyd himself was the target. The BNP councillor had repeatedly refused to cooperate with the police.

And then there were two ...

Last week Simon Smith, a councillor in neighbouring Great Bridge ward, formally acknowledged that he is no longer part of the BNP group on the council. Smith, who was the BNP group leader until he resigned from the party two months ago, had been elected in 2006 with the highest BNP vote in the country.

This leaves the BNP with only two councillors in the borough and 47 in the country, down from 50 immediately after the May elections.

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James said...

And yet another one bites the dust. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Its about time this shithead was booted out of office. Yet another embarassment for the BNP though ha-ha.

Sami said...

"This leaves the BNP with only two councillors in the borough and 47 in the country, down from 50 immediately after the May elections."


Anonymous said...

oh no sharon i hear you have hung up your doc martins,never mind i suggest you contact steve dyson at the birmingham evening mail i hear he is always on the lookout for migrant writers

Mr Fister said...

I guess he can always re-open his pub and let the local gangsters back in to take pot-shots at each other.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for the people of Tipton, Lloyd can't reopen his pub because he won't get a licence.

webeatthebnp said...

Thank you LUAF for brightening my Sunday morning!

One more down, 47 to go !!!

Anonymous said...

No matter. The BNP will win despite your smear 'tactics'. In fact because of them!. I have no problem with Race of Creed. Except of course the Death=- Cult of Islam, who are NOT a Religion of Peace at all. I don't wish to witness the obliteration of our Culture, that's all.
Do you?

webeatthebnp said...

anonymous (another one!) says "the BNP will win"

Er, not showing much evidence of that at the moment are they?

Down, down, down.

Why the norse gods? said...

Thanks Nazi troll, for your racist remarks about Islam, you shit-for-brains worshipper of violent Norse gods.

What's the reason why BNP memebrs worship the likes of Thorm anyway? Isn't this a "Death Cult" as Adolf Hitler was into this bullshit Norse pagan nonsense???