October 23, 2007

A quick scoot around the far-right sites

Disinformation and how not to do it

Poor old Sid Williamson, national something or the other for the almost-dead British People's Party, which consists of him, Unsteady Eddy Morrison and the glue-sniffing moron Kevin Watmough. He's made a post on his blog which seems to be an attempt at spreading disinformation about the relationship between three of the contributors to Lancaster UAF but doesn't seem to have quite got the hang of telling porkies. Perhaps he should have stayed in the BNP for a bit longer - Nick Griffin could certainly have taught him a few tricks.

Still, fair play to Sad Sid - at least he managed to spell my name correctly.

Standing up for the British - via the US

Picking out the stupidities from the average BNP report is like searching for hay in a haystack.

The BNP's Regional Voices section currently has a report on a recent meeting at which the hardcore racist and white supremacist Arthur Kemp spoke. Though the BNP regularly claims double the number of people attending its events when it reports on them, this particular item is more interesting for the picture used to promote the meeting.

The picture is headed 'Standing up for the British Working Man' and underneath it is the tagline 'British National Party - The British Resistance'.

Just one snag - there's absolutely nothing British about the picture. It's a famous cover from the Saturday Evening Post magazine and the picture is all about US democracy, showing a working Joe asking a question at something that looks like a community meeting. One assumes the law 'n order-loving BNP didn't attempt to seek permission to use the image or to faff around with it in the way it has - having added a couple of Voice of Freedom newspapers in strategic places just to spoil it.

One wonders why the party didn't use an image of someone 'standing up for the British working man' at a Solidarity gathering...

The late England First Party?

Whether the England First Party is currently a going concern is anyone's guess but the website certainly isn't. All that comes up when you visit is a picture of a nice sunset with a lighthouse in the middle of it.

Perhaps the EFP has gone the same way as the New Nationalist Party or possibly it's done the sensible thing and moved out of politics and into scenic photography. If that's the case, maybe it'll see some success at last.

Covert goes on the attack again (yawn)

Just for a change, Tommy Williams' Covert blog launches multiple attacks at all its perceived enemies in one glorious attempt to shoot down everyone it hates en masse. Hard luck Tommy - you missed all the targets. In one tiny paragraph in the comments section (pinched from Sid W's blog) we counted fourteen errors - the numbers in the articles are exponentially higher.

If you're going to attack us and score at all, you need to be rather more accurate than that.


Mr Fister said...

Apparently we went our for a meal in Machester but had a falling out 'cause Garside would't pay the bill and Ketlan drank all the red wine.

As for the picture of Steve DIY, he ain't me, but I'm sure some of his friends will no doubt be taking issue with those pics on his behalf.

Anonymous said...

The EFP site is up again now.

john p said...

It's alright for you, they think I'm John Griff Wood.

Pass The White (Supremacist) Lightning, Tommy said...

Funny if the crap about alcohol drinking came from boozer bill of the BNP.

Fascist pant pissing bloggers like Tommy and Sid prefer White Lightning to red wine...

Denise G said...

I wonder if Sid should have a word with Lee Barnes, who seems to have begun this nonsense on Stormfront on Sunday.

Maybe Barnes stitched Sid up for some reason best known to himself?

P.A. said...

The story first appeared on Sid's site. Where do you think Thompson's friends got Sid's number from?

Perhaps Sid can work it out if he puts his two brain cells together...

I know that Steve DIY ain't Mr Fister and I think Sid does too.

According to the BUA forums he got the wrong end of the stick when told to take Thompson's pic down, it had nothing to do with whether it was Mr Fister or not!

Anonymous said...

Mr Fister aint that good looking, but he does have a cheeky grin and a very dirty laugh.

nan on speed

Mr Fister said...

Cheeding bleak!

Anonymous said...

The BNP and the BPP must be both bored shitless. After all, what's the point of organised racism?

dinosaur senior said...

Ketlan, I have to say that this article lacks your usual precision.

For example, “Hard luck Tommy - you missed all the targets.” (So what were the correct targets?) “In one tiny paragraph in the comments section we counted fourteen errors.” (What were the errors?)

Next in the comments section (though, admittedly, it wasn’t your comment) we find:

“Apparently we went our for a meal in Manchester but had a falling out 'cause Garside would't pay the bill and Ketlan drank all the red wine.”

Whereas anyone bothering to spend five or so minutes having a ‘quick scoot around the far-right sites’ finds this (on Survive or Die):

“Garside is annoyed because she doesn't think Ossowski checks his facts, Ossowski called Garside a fucking dyke lol, they are now refusing to talk to one another, and Fister & Garside are trying to get the UAF to kick Ossowski off their Lancaster site.”

Which doesn’t appear to be same thing at all, I think you'll agree.

Covert Tactics described you (very unfairly) as a ‘little guy who thinks that internet activism will earn [him] some kind of status.’ But it is incredibly perverse to suggest that a willingness to get involved in a street punch-up outweighs, say, the achievement of writing & publishing one’s own novel, as I notice that you have done (although you have, so far, been too modest to tell us).

I do look forward to buying, reading & perhaps even reviewing ‘Sally’ for www.lulu.com.

However, if the above rumour is true, you will be missed, I can tell you. (For instance, this new bloke – SayNoToRacism - spells indefinite as ‘indefinate’, which -whilst it does more closely match the educational level one expects to find among the ‘nazi-scum’ screamers & lollipop-wavers –will not make your passing any the less regrettable.)

You – mate – have brought a bit of style to this website and made it worth reading - even to nationalists.

But, who knows, maybe you are not actually leaving and we shall have the pleasure of reading your work in future.

Let’s hope so.

Antifascist said...

'It's alright for you, they think I'm John Griff Wood.'

LOL Poor you.

@dinosaur senior

There were fourteen errors in the comment on Covert and no, I won't list them here. Perhaps I should have used the phrade 'pinched and amended' from Sid's rubbishy site to be a little more accurate but I'm not going to worry about it.

'For instance, this new bloke – SayNoToRacism - spells indefinite as ‘indefinate’'

I don't think we'll worry too much about the odd spelling mistake. If we did, the comments sections would give us all heart attacks.

'You – mate – have brought a bit of style to this website and made it worth reading - even to nationalists.'

Thank you.

'But, who knows, maybe you are not actually leaving...'

I'm not going anywhere. :-)

Londoner said...

Nobody believes Sid's bullshit. This blog was always good but it's a better place now. Ketlan's great for putting the big picture together, Fister's good when he's on form, and DG's election reports cut straight through the BNP's blag.

You make a good team, and like the CUNTs say, if it's pissing them off it must be working.

The only thing I'd say is that maybe the blog has outgrown its title.

I don't know Ketlan, Denise or Mr Fister but I'd stand all three of you a pint or six any time.

Anonymous said...

"The only thing I'd say is that maybe the blog has outgrown its title."
Yeh it definitely needs a new title. How about a few suggestions being put in and then asking readers to vote on one of your polls?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Londoner. This blog is a service to anti-fascists everywhere. Keep up the good work.

Antifascist said...

Wow. Thanks for all the great comments. :-D

'I don't know Ketlan, Denise or Mr Fister but I'd stand all three of you a pint or six any time.'

Next time I'm in London I'll take you up on that.

Not Elton John said...

I agree, this blog is about more than Lancaster and the UAF now. It needs a dedicated website and a new look to go with a new name. Stop the BNP is a good template and Denise's site has style.

All those the fash mistake for someone else. That's nothing. I'm being mistaken for Elton John all the time. Try living with that!

john p said...

It's the best resource on the net in my opinion, a good mix of hard hitting factual stuff and humour.

Mr Fister said...


I must be doing something wrong.