October 19, 2007

Trafalgar Club mugs meet again

Tomorrow night at the plush Ardencote Manor Country Hotel in Claverdon, Warwickshire, the great and the bad who support the British National Party through its Trafalgar Club dining club will tuck into a meal that they hope will be better than the stale sandwiches they were fed last year.

For the minimum £180 a year they contribute to the club, as well as their invitation to the annual dinner and speech from Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, men receive a tie and women a “personalised organiser file”, though only in the first year. Perhaps in the second year they hand out mugs engraved with the words: “The BNP expects every mug to throw away their money to keep the leader and his cabal in the style to which they have become accustomed”.

Griffin, fresh from being rescued from an angry crowd in the East Midlands after the police threatened to arrest his private army of security men if they as much as growled at anyone, will soon be jetting off to the USA on a speaking tour of universities. Everybody knows it is just another attempt to raise money to get the party out of its latest financial mess.

It is unclear whether the Trafalgar Club has booked all the hotel’s 76 bedrooms at the special discounted rate offered. The BNP’s last fundraising dinner in Yorkshire ended in chaos when the vaunted 150 donors were reduced to 32 paying guests plus a free meal for the leader and his wife and a takeaway for the eight-strong security team.

We hope the hotel staff make sure that none of the BNP security team bring in prostitutes and a few lines of coke for their after-hours entertainment.

Readers might like to seek the hotel manager’s views about these matters by giving the hotel a call on 01926 843111.

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Anonymous said...

Cheese rolls all round for £3.00 per throw, 1 bottle of cider and 6 straws for £2.49. Outlay for griffin £5.0 per head if charging members £180 per ticket thats £175 profit, not bad for a nights work, what extension did he say he wanted down on the farm?

Anonymous said...

I have just spoken to 2 members of staff from the hotel.they were horrified I explained they will be serving holocost denying, fascists and racist thugs.

they were genuinelyunaware of what the Trafalgar club Vwas THEY KNOW NOW


Anonymous said...

Looking at their web site the hotel seems a might posh (cake forks linen napkins and fish knives etc) for the BNP who surely are more 2 pints of lager and packet of crisps followed by a takeaway.

dinosaur senior said...

"I have just spoken to 2 members of staff from the hotel.they were horrified I explained they will be serving holocost denying, fascists and racist thugs"

No worries, problem solved. I've just rung the hotel again & spoken to the same two members of staff about the 'anonymous' raving lunatic who rang them up earlier. They were reassured to learn that the salivating stranger had now been given his daily medication.

When he phoned - they explained - they had felt obliged to talk as soothingly to him as possible out of fear that he might do an injury to himself or others.

Still, 'anonymous' was right in one respect.
They are nice people.

George Doors said...

For your info.

I spoke to Dale Huckerby the owner of the hotel.
Once the situation was explained to him,Mr Huckerby was horrified.

The meeting is booked using "The Trafalgar Club" name so he wasn't to know that it was really a BNP event.

Mr Huckerby assured me that the Trafalgar Club dinner had been well and truly cancelled and would not let any of the guests onto the premises.

He said and I quote "We do not need people like this spoiling the excellent name of our hotel.We employ a number of foreign staff and will continue to do so.The BNP can look elsewhere for a venue"

Well done Dale.Another victory for common sense.

Lee John Bonkers said...

Great news about the cancellation. Ring them for confirmation?

Antifascist said...

'Great news about the cancellation. Ring them for confirmation?'


webeatthebnp said...

I wonder how a Trafalgar Club meal progresses?

Waiter: would you like a bread roll sir?

Nutzi: I detect an accent there - are you of pure Anglo Saxon stock my fellow?

Waiter: Er, well, my father's mother was from Poland and my mother's father was born in India. And the cook's from Lithuania.

Nutzi: Gadzooks, I cannot be served by such a fellow, let us rise up and find an establishment where only honest British folk are employed.

(Exit, stage left, accompanied by bears - or possibly yobs)

webeatthebnp said...

So do we know? Did they get their bunfight or not?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if they had this Trafalgar thing in the end, or where the phone calls able to stop it?

Anonymous said...

They are bragging on stormfront that it went ahead,they are using barnes blog as proof but his blog needs to be seen to be believed.
Excuse the play on words

I wonder if the second chef I spoke to enjoyed cooking their meal.

One conjures up images of a 50cm colander packed with all the vegetables for the trafalgar club and all the chefs pissing in it to clean the vegetables.

I spoke to the chefs prior to the evening amd they wanted nothing to do with the BNP. I admit its wishful thinking regarding the vegetables but STILL!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all hotels and restaurants need to be contacted with warning e-mails about the true identity of the Trafalgar Club, so they will know who they really are. Most hotels probably think they're just a snotty, upper-class, elitist bunch of up-their-own arse, handlebar moustache idiots grossing out on their own pension takings.

Little to the BNP rank and file know they are indeed elitist, and are spending their subs on wine and women.

Anonymous said...

OK so did it go ahead? I hope not!

webeatthebnp said...

Perhaps we should be happiest if it DID go ahead.

If the Hotel had cancelled at the last minute they would have been obliged to refund any monies paid, and I can hardly see the Welshpool Bankrupt handing it on to the punters!!!