October 12, 2007

At the court of Mad King Nick

The BNP in crisis
Just when the BNP leadership believed it had dispensed with its troublesome internal critics a new crisis is starting to engulf the party. Several key officers and organisers have walked out, morale is very low, membership renewals are dropping and continuing mystery surrounds the party’s finances.

Don’t take our word for it; listen to the growing voices of dissent inside the party.

For once they are not led by the usual suspects – the old John Tyndall supporters – but by some of the party’s most effective organisers. They include the Director of Group Development Sadie Graham, Leeds City Councillor Chris Beverley, Elections Officer Eddy Butler and the Director of Administration Kenny Smith. All of them are becoming increasingly vocal in their criticism of how the party is being run.

Much of the current unrest centres on the highly antagonistic Mark Collett, and to a lesser extent John Walker and David Hannam of the Treasury Department. Yet despite all the criticism, Nick Griffin continues to defend them. That may be because he has little choice. Dumping the trio could create a whole new set of problems.

Griffin has to take the blame. He has overseen an organisation that has ridden roughshod over internal democracy and anyone who voices even the mildest criticism is quickly condemned as an opponent or agent provocateur.

That is not all. There are growing concerns about financial mismanagement at the heart of the BNP.

This newssheet is just the beginning. Searchlight has recently been inundated with reports of the personality clashes and copies of internal documents. Over the next few weeks we shall reveal much more of the internal problems, especially the financial ones.

Nick Griffin will dismiss this document with his usual contempt and conspiratorial mind but he knows what we are saying is true. Why else would he devote four pages of Identity to attacking Searchlight if he were not worried about what we are saying?

When effective organisers such as Sadie Graham and Chris Beverley are openly criticising the party leadership, something must be very wrong.

In the meantime if any BNP supporter would like to contact us with their view of the internal problems within the BNP then please do email us at info@stopthebnp.org.uk on or ring us on 020 8550 1805. You will be in good company, as plenty of others have done so in the last few weeks.

You can download the full document from here (539KB PDF file).

Watch this space for more good news for the BNP!

Stop the BNP


Anonymous said...

I suggest everyone download the full document at the end of this particular article.It should be compulsary for all BNP members and voters to read

nice one

Anonymous said...

Too bloody right.

Anonymous said...

An affirmation of what Lancaster UAF has been saying and the BNP supporters have been lyingly denying for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Every BNP member in the country should receive a copy of this.

Digby said...

"Every BNP member in the country should receive a copy of this."

It's an interesting read but doesnt tellusmuch we dont already know. Hard facts are a bit thin on the ground.

The one fact everyone, whether pro or anti, knows is that Collett IS the most hated figure in British Nationalism - there's no probably about as the caption puts it.

Sack Collett, let him turn Queens Evidence, who will listen to him. A nonentity acting the big man. He fools no one

Anonymous said...

this is all an interesting change in tact from UAF and Searchlight, and a clever one too.

Anonymous said...

"Every BNP member in the country should receive a copy of this."

Someone has taken you quite literally as I recieved 3 copies in the post today attached with 2nd class stamps and I'm not a BNP member.



ITK said...

And why would three copies be posted to you Sharon, and by whom?

Would the same kind person post your birth ceritificate to you?

Mr Fister said...

Perhaps Sharon posted them to herself?

Anonymous said...

Which BNP member is this?

2005 RWB completely plastered and in charge of counting the gate money
2006 RWB completely plastered and in charge of counting the gate money
2006 Blackpool Conference - completely plastered and ended up in some seedy strip club
2007 RWB completely plastered and had a fight with another member
2007 Summer Training Camp - completely plastered singing army songs until 2 in the morning before security dragged him off to his caravan

Can often be seen frequently strip clubs in Leeds but is a happily married man with two daughters.

Is it the Reverent West, Nick Griffin's 75 year old mother Jean, or 47 year old John Walker the national treasury officer?

I think we should be told.

Hic! Wherz sha bar?

Anonymous said...

A good article. Quite a few present and ex-BNP members would agree with much of it.

Nick Griffin's credibility is in shreds even within the British National Party itself. Only the half-wits and beer monsters continue to side with him.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha It's a load of bollocks.

Collett's The Troll said...

Thanks BNP troll for adding a crafty nazi link to this blog. You must think anti-racists are thick.

No, the anti-BNP campaign isn't "a load of bollocks", but Griffin's a thieving liar who talks complete and utter fucking bullshit.

Crawl back to Stormfront, Collett......