October 13, 2007

Fascists have no place in Oxford

Unite Against Fascism has learnt that Oxford Union debating society has invited Fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin and convicted Holocaust denier David Irving to a debate on 'Freedom of Speech' on 26 November. UAF understands they both have been confirmed for this 'debate'.

Wherever fascists have a presence, violence and intimidation increases. Fascists stand against the principles of freedom of speech and as history shows, they destroy all opposition by physically annihilating entire people and ending all freedoms. They represent a real threat to people in Oxford. This is why, as in the past, the National Union of Students and Unite Against Fascism have joined forces to stop this event from taking place by calling on Oxford Union to reverse its decision to invite Griffin and Irving.

Gemma Tumelty, NUS President said: "The Holocaust denier, David Irving and leader of the fascist BNP, Nick Griffin have no place in our multicultural society. NUS utterly opposes racism and fascism wherever it arises and will certainly oppose any attempt by Oxford Union to invite Irving and Griffin to speak.

"The pair's racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and Islamophobic views threaten the safety of our diverse university communities. For example, wherever the BNP is active, racist attacks and other hate crimes increase.

"With freedom of speech comes the responsibility not to abuse it. All students have a right to learn in an environment free from discrimination or harassment. It is unacceptable to expose students and staff to the possibility of attacks and to give a platform of academic respectability to Griffin and Irving. We will certainly be active in a campaigning to ensure that they are not given a platform."

Unite Against Fascism Joint Secretary Weyman Bennett said: "Fascist organisations such as the British National Party, are not normal political parties and should not be treated as such. Many leading BNP members have convictions for violent offences including bombings.

"Fascism stands for the annihilation of entire communities and the complete destruction of freedom of speech, democracy and human rights. The BNP denies the Nazi Holocaust and calls for an 'all white Britain' which could only be achieved through murderous violence.

"The infamous images of fascist students burning books shortly after Hitler's ascent to power should serve to remind us, both that our campuses are not immune from fascist ideas, and that fascism is itself the complete antithesis of reason, logic and rational debate.

"Millions were murdered in the Holocaust, not because their arguments weren't good enough, but because those who could have stopped fascism under-estimated the threat that it represented. Many thought its flaws so obvious they could easily be exposed. Once allowed a foothold fascism unleashed its campaign of violence and terror. If we can learn from the mistakes of the past we will not be forced to repeat them."



Anonymous said...

While one half of me (the rational half)agrees that the Oxford invitation should be revoked, the other half says let it go ahead and then allow/and trust our young people to tear Griffin and Irving to pieces.

I do not believe for one moment that either of these nazi scum will be able to convince the young people that 'their' way is the right way. So perhaps for once we should put our faith in the youngsters.


Anonymous said...

"Freedom of speech" means exactly that.

If what David Irving says can be refuted then so it will be. What will he be saying this time? He's changed his views in the past.

The same goes for Nick Griffin. In addition, the more people who know about him and his background - particularly his past financial disasters - the less support the British National Party will get.

Anonymous said...

following my earlier post on this, i hear that the Oxford union have revoked the invitations, can anyone confirm this please?

johnc said...

"following my earlier post on this, i hear that the Oxford union have revoked the invitations, can anyone confirm this please?"

We've heard the same but have no confirmation yet.

Anonymous said...

I think that Nick Griffin should decline their invitation anyway. He would be re-inforcing the sham notion that we live in a democracy by attending. It is an elitist venue where everything will be strictly controlled and stage-managed. He should concentrate on building his own party machine and communications. Why waste time with these corrupt, self-serving tossers?