October 17, 2007

The LMHR/NUT/NME CD is out now

The LMHR/NME CD schools, sponsored by the National Union of Teachers, finally hits shops today. The special issue of the NME - along with the half a million CD sleeves we are distributing to schools, colleges, universities and workplaces across the UK - represents a massive blow to the fascist BNP’s attempts to gain respectability and votes.

A clear anti-fascist message will be in newsagents in every town in the country, the high-profile artists involved should ensure good press coverage of the campaign, but most importantly getting hold of the CD and the campaign material that will come with it will inspire many many people to put on LMHR gigs to actively oppose racism in the BNP in their area.

You can find everything you need to get involved with this great project:- leaflets and posters to advertise the CD and inform others how to get it, as well as ordering information and much more HERE.


Anonymous said...

While i fully support tackling racisim through music, i am really disappointed that babyshambles have been included on this cd promotion, ok i may be old fashioned, im a gran what do you expect, but pete doherty is not the face i would support to send a clear message out to young people. Not a message as important as this one.

Sorry on this one LMHR and the NUT (who should know better) have got it wrong.

dinosaur senior said...

A very interesting post.

By the way, did you notice that the 'accidental death' of poor Mark Blanco (an actor who 'fell' from an East London tenement building during a party last year) has now been reopened by the police?

Doherty's 'minder' - a man who rejoices in the name of Johnny 'Headlock' Jeannevol - had later made a confession to police that it was he who had pushed Blanco from the first floor balcony - although he subsequently retracted his confession.

Johnny was then asked why it was that the street's CCTV cameras had managed to capture his friend, Pete Doherty, hurriedly leaving the party & running past Mark Blanco's dead body - soon after Blanco had fallen.

Headlock replied (with some imagination) 'Pete likes jogging'.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you over Docherty, but leave him and Babyshambles out and what have you got? A bunch of ho hopers and wannabes that no one has heard of. That's why he is included. His former group, The Libertines, had the right idea over Pete the drug fiend, a lead LMHR shoulf follow: Only include him if he cleans up his act.

The BNP has Simone Clarke while LMHR has Drug taking Docherty. Another reason for LMHR to ditch Docherty as the contrast couldn't ne more stark between the two organisations and their most prominent supporters - something a good deal of the general public will notice too, in short Pete D reflects badly on the anti racist cause.