October 25, 2007

BNP blasted by Merseyside top cop

Wirral's top cop Graham Yip has hit back at a BNP leaflet that claims that the police have their hands tied by "political handcuffs."

The leaflet, distributed in Wallasey, states that robberies, muggings, sexual assaults and burglaries are "on the up" while police are "sat behind desks learning how to be politically correct."

But although it does not mention Wirral specifically, acting area commander Graham Yip fears that residents may be "adversely affected" by the headline: crime and anti-social behaviour are out of control.' The leaflet was pushed through letterboxes in the midst of encouraging figures released this week, that show crime on Merseyside has fallen to its lowest level in seven years, with Wirral leading the way.

The leaflet says: "When police aren't sat in offices, they're far too busy chasing drivers to collect a range of different penalties in yet more Labour stealth tax scams. And while the police are sat at the side of the motorway or in political correctness classes, the real criminals are free to wreck decent people's lives."

Pledging to put police "back on the streets where they belong," the British National Party flyer says that if they were in power: "The police would not have their hands tied by politically correct handcuffs and would be able to deal with criminals without fear of losing their jobs."

But Graham Yip blasted the leaflet as "misleading" and "inaccurate" after Home Office statistics showed there had been 8,494 fewer crimes in Merseyside than in the same period last year.

"A vital part of the Total Policing ethos within Merseyside Police is the requirement to provide reassurance to our communities," he said. "The facts concerning crime and disorder levels within the borough are the complete opposite to the misleading headline within the BNP leaflet. The only increases in crime were those linked to minor assaults and the theft of pedal cycles. By working with partners and local communities, my staff continue to reduce the levels of crime, and more importantly the number of crime victims within Wirral each year. I would like to reassure the residents of Wirral that Merseyside Police will not become complacent, and we will strive to maintain our position as one of the safest policing areas in the country."

Simon Darby from the BNP said: "Graham Yip could be seen to be interfering in the political process - he may not know it but he is propping up the Labour regime. He says that crime is down but things are far from hunkey dory - people just don't bother reporting crime anymore because the police don't answer the phone."

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Anonymous said...
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Troll Watch said...

Seems like the nazi trolls are busy again, spending more time on Lancaster UAF than Stormfront. I wander why exactly that is?

Anonymous said...

Possibly they've doubts that posting on a white supremacist forum will guarantee them safe passage to Valhalla.... lol

webeatthebnp said...

The willingness of the BNP to badmouth everybody and everything (police, local government officers, civil service etc) just shows that they are not serious about exercising power.

If they actually won some elections and formed some administrations in local government or nationally how on earth would they expect to work with these organisations and people?

They're just a joke.

Anonymous said...

The problem seems to me quite simple 'they like to dish it out, but they cant take it back' like most children.