October 03, 2007

The BNP on a roll: two more down and another two yet to be confirmed

A few weeks back, a comment was made to one of our posts to the effect that Nick Cass had been sacked as Party Manager and Ian Dawson, the BNP's former Head of Group Support Officer and well-known photographer for Redwatch, had resigned.

Since then, it has been confirmed that party management has been handed over to a three-person team - Tony Brewer, Martin Clutterbuck and Michaela MacKenzie - though the party has stayed remarkably tight-lipped about Cass and has avoided mentioning Dawson at all. The apparent reason the BNP has said nothing openly about the resignation of Ian Dawson might well have something to do with his resignation letter which we're assured is a real shocker, ripping into the much-despised Mark Collett and Great White Record's disastrous director, Dave Hannam, both of whom he accuses of undermining morale, incompetence and just about everything else.

Since the comment was made, very little has leaked out from the party (unusually) except for the unconfirmed news that Chris Beverley had 'resigned from the BNP's Advisory Council and been thrown out of his job heading up the money-spinning Excalibur (which sells overpriced tat to gullible BNP members), to be replaced by Nick Griffin's new blue-eyed boy Arthur Kemp, who you can read about here.

Now we hear that Sadie Graham has also resigned (before she was sacked) as the party's Director of Group Development, a post formerly held by the violent bomber Tony Lecomber, who apparently is still hanging around in the BNP doing odd jobs for Nick Griffin, despite having been sacked back in January 2006 and proscribed in April of this year.

The chaos within the BNP seems, at the moment, to be profound. While sackings and resignations seem to be occurring with startling regularity and Griffin seems to be surrounding himself with an informal coterie of close advisors (former South African police spy Arthur Kemp, the BNP's very own terrorist Tony Lecomber, the BNP's universally-derided and rubbishy legal 'expert' Lee Barnes, the new Press Officer Simon Darby and the General Secretary of the BNP-hijacked fake-union Solidarity, Patrick Harrington) members are being expected to just shut up and do the bidding of the party, most of which seems to be handing over vast amounts of money for various lost causes - the current biggie being the staggering £200,000 the party seems to want to throw away on the pointless attempt to replace Ken Livingstone with pornmeister Dicky Barnbrook as London's Mayor.

You'll note that out of the little gang of five that Griffin keeps close, the only actual party member appears to be Simon Darby unless Kemp has joined up in the past few weeks. One wonders what the membership feels about that.

In the last month or two we've seen some pretty high-profile sackings/resignations from the party - Andrew Spence, Jonathan Bowden, former Deputy Chairman of the party Scott McLean and former Press Officer Phil Edwards. Now, if the rumours are all true - and we suspect they are - another four have bitten the dust virtually unnoticed by the membership. Chaos seems to be reigning supreme in the BNP, particularly since the recent leadership challenge which seems to have been designed solely to weed out the dissenters from the ranks. Unfortunately (though not for us) an awful lot of the BNP's more valuable officers and members seem to be getting caught up in the action and are getting the heave-ho along with the 'vermin' that Griffin swore to get rid of.

Party members who take the time to watch the soap opera that the BNP has become must be cringing as every new disaster emerges and wondering why the hell they wasted thirty quid on joining a party that seems determined to implode despite the help offered to it by idiots like Labour's Margaret Hodge and the Conservative's Sayeeda Warsi.

Did we say soap opera? We meant to say farce.


john p said...

It just gets better and better

john p said...

Does anybody know if the BNP will be able to fight a snap general Election in the next few weeks if their accounts are not in?

Anonymous said...

"the party has stayed remarkably tight-lipped about Cass and has avoided mentioning Dawson at all."

Thats because Ian Dawson hasn't quit!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that the party as it is currently, is in meltdown. What are we to expect next - the resignation of Nick Griffin himself???

Anonymous said...

"Thats because Ian Dawson hasn't quit!"

Ian Dawson has given a month's notice.

Joe (Oldham) said...

You lot might have spotted that a thread was posted at Sormfront to talk about the Nick Cass business and it was promptly deleted by the moderators. If it hadn't been for this blog and (briefly) Stormfront I'd never have known about it and I've been a party member for a couple of years now. I'm starting to seriously reconsider whether to stay in a party that is obviously just as dishonest as all the others. If a tenth of the stuff on here is true its a damn disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Ian Dawson HAS handed in his resignation.

SC said...

The never-ending story of the fuckups in the BNP.

Anonymous said...

"Ian Dawson has given a month's notice."

Are you talking about Ian Dawson from York? If you are, he definately hasn't.

Antifascist said...

Ian Dawson HAS resigned. Ian Dawson HASN'T resigned. I don't care - I'm sitting laughing over his resignation letter right now.

Just to make things a tad clearer - he's resigned from his group support role NOT as a party member.

Tom Bola said...

This on Stormfront

"Actually, I am seriously in two minds, both about renewing membership and donating for the GE. It might all be lies and propaganda, but how many people have to resign/get sacked before we start wondering if the problem might not be the leadership? I don't know, but recent events are incredibly damaging to morale. And the way threads are removed from here, when we are supposed to represent a party that we tell people believes in free speech, is disturbing (the Nick Cass thread went - how can loyalists tell us it's all lies on one hand, and yet feel so threatened on the other about letting members know what is going on?)."

Anonymous said...

"a party that we tell people believes in free speech"

What a classic joke!!!

Anonymous said...

Another great article giving us the truth about the scum.

Anonymous said...

mark Collett will save the party with his ingenius marketing capabilities, his ability to inspire members and his ability to satisy fat nick sexually

webeatthebnp said...

Any more on the Sadie Graham story?

Several weeks ago (on another site - sshhh) I predicted SG was doing too well to survive under NG's regime. Seems I may have been right !

Anonymous said...

believe me they are on a downfall!!! big time!!! the state has bought griffin out,why ?? they were getting too big,the plan is now to disband it slowly,sack his loyal people and make the rest paranoid against each other,he will leave the country with a lot of cash...as for a snap election this will be the start of the downfall ???

Anonymous said...

Lookslike LUAF gets it wrong AGAIN. Not too long LAUF hinted Sadie Graham wasnt at this years RWB, then later admitted she was. Now they're infering NC was sacked, this letter suggests they will have to back down AGAIN....

"Dear Fellow Nationalist,

I have been inundated with phone calls about rumours relating to my job as Party Manager. It is claimed that I was sacked from the role, but the reality is alot different and I want to clear up any of the nonsense you may have heard or read.

I have been involved full time with the party for six hard years, and working for the party as a member of staff for three years. Over this time I have not had a minute to enjoy my family life and my children, as the party always came first to a degree. After a week's holiday in Wales thinking about my future, I had a long discussion with Nick Griffin and we spoke about the potential of a new management team to improve the party's structure. After several days of thinking about it, I decided to hand the reins over to them. It was my decision to step down, I wasn't sacked, and I did so because I honestly feel the job will be done far better with three people who are not as involved at a local level as I am.

I was offered another job within the party, but opted to continue my role locally and in Yorkshire on a part time basis and look for a job outside the party on a full time basis, to give me a bit of breathing space.

I hope this clears up all the lies and nonsense floating around from the people who want to harm our party.


Nick Cass

Antifascist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antifascist said...

As we said at the time, Graham left for Croatia at the end of the RWB. You look it up. I can't be bothered.

Your so-called party has engaged in revisionism far too many times for anyone to be fooled by it any more, except the staggeringly gullible or the particularly stupid. The lies you lot have attempted to foist on the public - and, even worse, the members of your own party - are rapidly becoming the stuff of legend.

The BNP swore that Robert Cottage wasn't a member of the party when he was arrested. He was.

Daved Copeland was never a member of the BNP. He was.

Phil Edwards resigned to spend more time with his fireworks. He didn't - he was forced out.

The RWB is a roaring financial success. Not according to the farmer who booted you off his land.

There was no proposal to strike off Great White Records. There was.

Scott McLean hasn't resigned. He had. According to Griffin's blog ''By one of those strange coincidences that is probably nothing of the sort, Scott McLean, who has held the Deputy Chairmanship responsibility as a steady rock for seven years now, called me a week before the RWB and told me that he is stepping down from the position, and from the Advisory Council. He explained that he needs to concentrate on with a very hectic business and family life without the BNP Sword of Damocles poised to fall on his head at a moment’s notice without any warning.' Every word a lie.

Andrew Spence didn't resign because of a fracas at the RWB. He did.

Simon Smith resigned. No, he was forced out.

Horse Matters, Avocado, Albion Life etc etc are not money-making schemes for the BNP. Yes, they are.

Solidarity/ABEX are not BNP front-groups. Yes, they are.

The list is endless and would probably fill a site all on its own. Your party's main problem is not that it lies to the world at large but that it repeatedly lies to the members and stifles discussion while constantly claiming to be the party of honesty, truth, free-speech and integrity. It's about time you idiots woke up.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't written by Cass :-) I have several emails from Cass containing certain repeated errors, none of which show up in his above supposed declaration.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, im off line for 24 hours and miss all the fun, what a good day for broadcasting great news. No matter how the nazis try to spin it the rats are leaving, griffin is surrounding himself with a new set of combat knuckledraggers, the money is still disappearing into his very deep pockets, and next week he faces the very really prospect of trying to fight a general election.

No wonder the eyes of the bnp councillors in b & d looked blank at the assembly last night, no wonder their diva dicky barnbrook failed to work out that if he was born in 61 he was only 7 in 68 and not 9 as he publically stated, the muppets must be in totally shock. they had even more of a shock we hear, dicky took them to the local watering hole afterwards and told them that if an election is called next week they have got to pay so he can stand.....there was a mass run for the pub door, they even left their drinks untouched on the bar.

Anonymous said...

I'll miss Sadie's blond, Aryan good looks.

Since Sharon's departurer, that means that all the good white female Nutzis have left the party.

Jillz said...

It's all fun and games at the BNP. I notice the Cass lie only appears after LUAF have printed the truth in exactly the same way it did with McLean.

Ketlan's Mummy said...

"If a tenth of the stuff on here is true its a damn disgrace"

If a tenth of the stuff on here were true it would be a bleeding miracle.

This is just all part of the Searchlight/MI5 attempt at a 'dirty tricks' campaign against the BNP.

All of the outraged 'BNP Members' who post comments on here are either Searchlight/UAF or MI5 (which is pretty much the same thing actually)

Don't believe the tripe.

Anonymous said...

Mr Fister, you are a one for the blonds????? no wonder you cant resist Dickys strawberry blond locks.

UFO spotter said...

Blimey Larry O'Paraih is posting as Ketlans mum

Anonymous said...

i think ketlans mummy has been watching too many repeats of Spooks on Sky tv, and really should get a life and come out of the troll bunker.

No MI5 no M16 just truth.

Notes From The Numpty Nutzi Land said...

No anon. 'Ketlans mummy' has been selling his magazine through patrick harrington and has been acknowledged by nick griffin as a good little secret fash.

In the words of Larry you must be working for mossad/jews/MI5 or all both.

Anonymous said...

"In the words of Larry you must be working for mossad/jews/MI5 or all both."

I think you need help.

Anonymous said...

He has quit now!