October 22, 2007

Far-right website offers bounty of £1000 for 'very severe beating'

Pete Barker, the administrator of the North West Nationalist blog, noted for its occasionally interesting rants against the BNP's Nick Griffin, seems to have tipped over into both lunacy and illegality by offering a £1000 bounty to anyone who will give a 'savage beating' to one Calvin Robert Johnson, who Barker believes is responsible for the death of his brother Chris, a National Front local election candidate and national steward before joining the Army.

Whichever way you read it, the story of Chris Barker's death is a tragedy. A former soldier suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he succumbed to heroin and other drugs and eventually died in June 2001 after what an inquest described as a 'drugs and booze binge' at his then partner's home. Barker's arms were covered with up to ten injection marks and traces of heroin and cocaine were found in his body.

There are a number of peculiarities about the story, one being that Barker allegedly kept £10,000 in cash at his home, this sum having been saved from his occasional work as a cabinet maker. True or not, after his death his credit card showed a debt of £4000 and there was no cash found. In addition to this, Pete Barker claims that his brother had given up hard drugs twelve years before his death.

The case is both convoluted and disturbing, and while we can be sympathetic to Pete Barker's continued campaign to seek what he perceives as justice for his brother's death, which he regards as murder (more details here and here) our sympathy rapidly evaporates when we encounter Barker's appalling racism. Johnson, who Barker accuses of his brother's murder, is 6'4", black and Rastafarian, and is the half-brother of the dead man's partner, Melonie Ellis. Barker variously describes Johnson as looking like a gorilla, 'a nigger' and 'a savage negro beast'.

His racism is not aimed at Johnson alone. Referring to the Johnson family, he states 'There is no resident father...as is typical with negro families'. Barker has also approached organisations connected to the armed forces for support but has claimed that '...because Chris was murdered by blacks, the main official [in one of the organisations he approached] who has black grandchildren, did not want to know.'

This is not the first time he has offered a bounty in exchange for violence. Back at the end of June, Barker wrote:

'The family have a £10,000 reward for info on the negro scumbags leading to an arrest.But being as the Police in Sheffield are not worthy of the name, the family will pay to have 'street justice' donated to Johnson and Ellis. Please contact this site...'

Back in May of this year, Barker printed a picture of Melonie Ellis along with her full address and date of birth and with the headline 'Wanted for murder', with the claim that she and her half-brother '...and other blacks were also involved in the murder of the manager of the Niche nightclub in Sheffield around 1999'.

Obviously Barker has an understandable obsession about his brother's death and he's made it clear that he believes the instigators to be Johnson and Ellis but the way to justice is not via publicly announcing a contract on Johnson or anyone else, nor is justice to be achieved by launching racist attacks on those he considers responsible for the alleged crime.


Anonymous said...

Barker is a fruit cake. His brother was not murdered by anyone. His brother was a drug addict and the black girl was his girlfriend at the time. If Barker was a military man as he claims and he has the address of this person why doesn't he go round himself instead of offering rewards, is he too scared? Isn't Barker a teacher at a Rochdale school as well and why is he still allowed to teach? No wonder the other nutzies make fun of him.

Someone Tell The Old Bill said...

Surely Barker ought to be prosectuted by the South Yorkshire police for inciting racial hatred against black people.

Can someone (with clout) contact the police to instigate an arrest of this racist scumbag. They tend not to give two hoots about internet racism, but this post is clearly against the law, so they will have to sit up and take notice.

I know they escape justice more times than the Mitchell brothers did on EastEnders, but sooner or later, BNP losers will have to face the music.

Anonymous said...

while i sympathise with his grief, the man is obviously bonkers,criminal and an outright nazi, and i would imagine that he will shortly be getting a visit from the local police.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Many thanks for the fairly unbiased story. It wouldn't have made an hap'orth of difference if the killers of my late brother had been white or even martian.

I have an hatred for them.

What does one do when Police Officers fail in their duty ?

Anonymous said...

Considering the content of the bounty offer and the nature of its source, this article by LUAF is extraordinary.

It is dignified, restrained and sympathetic to Barker's grief, while in no way supporting his opinions.

Anonymous said...

Strange - it seems to have disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Seems he's sobered up and removed it now. I do hope you took a screenshot of the whole article.

john p said...

I've got a screen grab of it if anybody wants it

Antifascist said...

'Can someone (with clout) contact the police to instigate an arrest of this racist scumbag.'

The post has been reported. Whether anything is done about it is something else entirely.

'It is dignified, restrained and sympathetic to Barker's grief, while in no way supporting his opinions.'

Thank you.

'I do hope you took a screenshot of the whole article.'

Certainly did.

Old Sailor said...

Ooops - In view of the actions of "Russian" Criminals and thier UK co-conspiritors can the IPS for the Nutzies website be prosecuted, hopefully for conspiracy, at least for Actions likely to give rise to a breach of the peace ?

Secondly is there no place we could obtain the home address, telephone number etc of this Barker Nutzie ?

For what is aceptable by Redwatch must be aceptable to the Nutzies !

If Barker is a teacher at a Rochdale school then the UAF must have some members in the area who are capable of bringing this to the attention of the Education Authority and the School Goveneners.

Views like this demonstrate that Barker is unfit to teach.

Incidently this "******* Drug dealers etc" murdered my ******" argument is very prelevant by the Nutzies - I can recall Robert Relf in Hackney in the 70's saying "*******" raped my daughter.

His daughter said she had been never been raped and here was her non-white boyfriend to confirm that!!

SICKO'S !!!!!!

Old Sailor

Lock Up The Nutzi said...

Hope the handcuffs are on Mister Nutzi Barker by the weekend.

Bet he's sweating like the racist scumbag pig he is, every time he hears a siren, thinking his number is up.

Internet racism is a jailable offence.

Anonymous said...

The duty of the police isn't jsut to arrest murderers. It's also to prosecute racists like Barker.

Is it true this man works with kids???

Anonymous said...

One has to ask the question why Barker is
(a) Never prosecuted for the outrageous racist posts he makes;
(b) is not prosecuted for the latest incitement to violence.
Methinks he works for the state: why else does he get this protection?
Oh yes, in case anyone is interested, his fellow blogger on that blog, "JiB" is actually John Holloway, a Brit currently living in Switzerland, working for a Swiss bank there. He also posts as "Seaforth" on various forums, including Stormfront. Maybe it is time to phone his bosses as well?

Anonymous said...

"Is it true this man works with kids???"

He lectures in a college. Wonder what his subject is.

Anonymous said...

Barker seems to lead a charmed existence. His college was tipped off about him some weeks back and we were told it would be looked into, but he still works there.

To state the obvious his blog post was an incitement to others to commit a criminal act, for which the naive or the desperate could finish up receiving a stiff gaol sentence.

Barker's outburst has all the makings of a state honeytrap. Most people who have worked with him believe this scumbag was turned when he was in prison. If he doesn't have his collar felt for this then their suspicions will surely have been confirmed.

root them out said...


Pete Barker works for Rochdale College

St.Mary’s Gate, Rochdale OL12 6RY
T 01706 345346
F 01706 641426

Anonymous said...

The college obviously isn't going to take action without prompting, so isn't it down to us to prompt them?

This latest item on his blog reveals his attitude not only to the person whom he believes was responsible for his brother's death, but towards all black people.

Surely we have a moral duty to do whatever is in our power to protect black children from a man such as this?

If needs be we need to be organising a protest at Rochdale College. Let's see his state handlers talk him out of that one!

John said...

I've been in touch with the College and I've talked to Tim Smith who is the assistant director of the place and he has confirmed that Pete Barker does not work there. He checked with the personal dept and through the staff database and there is no record of him.

So does he work at another college ( Oldham is ruled out) or is it a story that got posted once in the mists of time and has been repeated as fact ever since, or does he use an alias.

I'll try and get onto Rochdale Education Dept later

John said...

I've been in touch with Tim Smith who is assistant director of the college. he has been through the staff database and the personal dept and they have no record of him working at that college.

So does he use an alias, does he work for another college or school, or is it something that was stated as fact in the mists of time and everybody believed it was true.

I'll try and get onto Rochdale council later and see what they say

doctor no said...

Maybe he works under a false name. After all, it's not beyond fascists to invent a false identity - i.e. "Doctor" Phil Edwards.......

State protection does provide false identities

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the police will find out who the man is, when they have been informed of the issue (with screenshots and IP addresses, provided by Google)

Sound those sirens, cops. Arrest the nazi scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Searchlight can shed light on the issue.

Anonymous said...

come on - searchlight arent gonna drop one of their own in it. barker has been state for years

he doesnt work at a college he works at some kind of adult centre? immigration place? taching asylum seekers to fill forms, speak english, etc

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Searchlight can shed light on the issue"

I hope this is not what you're relying on ffs!

Don't forget Barker is state.

Anonymous said...

I served with Chris Barker in B Company 2RRF between 1977-79. Whilst his death is tragic. Lex as he was known made no secret of his hatred of blacks and his support of the NF.Despite the fact that a large number of black lads were watching his back on the streets of Northern Ireland he continued to pedal hatred. The hatred is clearly a family trait.