October 17, 2007

Griffin meeting stopped in Notts!

Over 100 anti-fascists protested in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire on Tuesday evening. The assembled trade unionists, socialists and members of the local community gathered outside Kimberley Parish Hall from 6.30pm, trapping BNP leader Nick Griffin and a handful of supporters inside. The protest was sufficiently large and well organised to prevent a planned 'mass-meeting' of BNP supporters from taking place. This is a major set-back for the BNP in Notts and a huge victory for all those who oppose their fascist race-hate.

A stand-off between protesters and the police lasted well over two hours after initial attempts to break our lines were thwarted. The police made a number of heavy-handed attempts to intimidate the protest - all of which failed. A small number of protesters have been detained by the police. Notts Stop the BNP will monitor the situation and support those involved.

At the end of the evening Griffin and his close associate Sadie Graham (BNP councillor for Brinsley, Broxtowe) were driven away with police protection after a small number of very disheartened supporters on the outside gave up their token vigil.

This evening's victory must be built upon. The BNP have a base of support in the area and will - despite the major set-back - surely continue to organise. Anyone interested in supporting the campaign should email nottmstopbnp@yahoo.co.uk.

Stop the BNP


GC said...

Just read about this. Well done to all concerned.

Anonymous said...

Nice one guys. :)

Kirklees Unity said...

Excellent stuff,please let them know via email that you fully support their actions

Anonymous said...

A great night out had by all.

Lovely stuff.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

As much as I loathe the BNP and their policies, I'm not too sure about a No Platform approach from their opposition. Then again, sod em!

Anonymous said...

viva democracy!

Antifascist said...

'viva democracy!'

Democracy does not give any person or any group the right to spread hatred and racial division.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Griffin will be sharing a platform with Irving in a dingy Combat18 halifax pub???

Anonymous said...

Good old fashioned anti-fascism. Warms the cockles of yer heart.

Good stable of anti-fascist sites listed here too, and some of them are even attractive for a change.

Antifascist said...

And to the idiot who posted loads of comments with 'Who da nazis? You are!' and 'tossers', it's great to see that intelligence and culture isn't dead in the world of BNP supporters. Oh, and you might note that it takes me all of about five seconds to delete all your posts.

Anonymous said...

Now that the bnp have FINALLY submitted their accounts I am even more confused with their "economical use of the truth"
According to the audited accounts there seems to be the following anomolies i am not an accountant but would like some explanations

Voice of freedom sales £26,001
voice of freedom costs £34,699

Identity sales £11,360
Identity costs £16,860

RWB ticket sales £5765 (ha ha )
RWB ticket costs £9645

Income from membership?? Surely not membership fees?? because paid up membership numbers is,nt given? Is that legal?
Anyway income from membership £5921
How many members do they have??
maybe its worth examining Im no expert on accounts but there is something rotten here

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am fuckall to with the bnp,but i have i got wind of one of your next get togethers,all i will say is sisters lets dance !!! mercy my way !!! ha ha ha.

webeatthebnp said...

Re the BNP accounts.

The only ones published so far are for the Regional Accounting Unit.

The National Accounts have still not arrived.

As suggested, there are some very odd features to what HAS been published.

Anonymous said...

in his blog this week griffin gives advice to his members on how to hook people through blogs, get them interested in fishing, birds, anything, and then slowly drip feed the nazi message.

Lee Barnes should have read his leaders instructions, his posting slagging off teachers has caused a near riot in some quarters, i understand at least 25 teacher have posted very descriptive responses to Barnes, but of course the moderator has not released them for show. This could well be that Barnes is a slow reader, but i bet anyone a £5 that none of the genuine postings appear on the blog

Anonymous said...

2 x anon stated bnp had submitted annual accounts, even gave www address, i have looked on electoral commission site and can only find accounts up to 31.12.05 for bnp obviously im looking in the wrong place, any help would be welcome. thanks

"they seek him here they seek him there, hes very elusive"