October 16, 2007

BNP's James Lloyd kicked out at last

A Tipton BNP councillor has been kicked off Sandwell Council for failing to attend a single authority meeting in the last six months.

James Lloyd, who represented the Princes End ward, has been disqualified as a result of his absence and failing to explain why. The councillor, first elected in 2004, was sent a letter from the authority’s chief executive Allison Fraser yesterday informing him of the decision.

In her letter, Dr Fraser said: “You last attended a meeting of the authority on April 12, 2007 when you were recorded as being in attendance at a meeting of the Employment Appeals Panel. During six months you have not provided reasons for your failure to attend and have not sought approval from the authority. You have now ceased to be a member of the authority.”

The disqualification will be announced to members at a meeting of the full council on October 30. Mr Lloyd said today he was not aware of the council’s decision and had been working away from home.

The BNP member was at the centre of a scandal in January when he was asked to quit as licensee of the Lagoon pub in Princes End following a string of violence.

He said today: “Since I lost the business I have been forced to take a building site job in Oxfordshire, working up to 15 hours a day. I have been coming back to Sandwell at weekends, but my phone is on 24/7 for the people who voted for me.”

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Spammer said...

So many of the BNP's useless councillors believe they can get away with attending one or two meetings a year. You have to wonder why the hell they become councillors in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The people of Tipton will be breathing a sigh of relief.

ITK said...

He'll be £12k worse off a year now.

Perhaps he should help his son selling crack to make up the shortfall.

john p said...

So how many have the got left now, is it 46 or 47.
Oh and don't forget to update the useless councilors bit

Anonymous said...

"I have been coming back to Sandwell at weekends, but my phone is on 24/7 for the people who voted for me.”

You're not wrong ITK.

The said phone is also a great way to score wheez and E's that can be dropped off in a taxi.

Antifascist said...

'So how many have the got left now, is it 46 or 47.'

47 now. Ho-ho!

'Oh and don't forget to update the useless councilors bit'

Done, and thanks for the reminder John. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good riddance!

Rah said...


Well done to all involved!

Antifascist said...

'Well done to all involved!'

Same here! :-)

I've just posted this as a new item, by the way.

Chip said...

This on Stormfront

"More worthless trash the bnp should have nothing to do with."

which is fair enough but then the typical revisionists set in with

"Didn't he lose his business, and then have to work all the hours there are just to make a living? If the local people are aware of the situation, it shouldn't hurt the BNP too much."

I hope local anti-fascists are going to tell people exactly what this guy is like, what the shithole of a pub he ran was like and what his bastard of a son is like too!

ITK said...

I'm sure there's enough crack heads walking around Sandwell to give people a fair idea of his (and his son's) activities.

webeatthebnp said...

keep us all informed of the by-elections

Let's all be able to say . . .

. . . my username !