July 16, 2008

BNP bids to sell alcohol at festival

Organisers of a BNP festival are pushing ahead with plans to sell alcohol at the event.

They have told Amber Valley Borough Council they intend to sell drink at the Red, White and Blue festival in Denby. The move comes just over a month after an application for a premises licence, which allows alcohol to be sold, was withdrawn after police objected.

Organiser David Shapcott has now notified the council through a temporary event notice that he intends to sell alcohol in a marquee. Under the previous application for a licence, alcohol could have been sold across the site in Codnor-Denby Lane.

A temporary event notice authorises licensable activities to take place on a short-term basis but, if police object, the licensing panel would make the final decision.

Mr Shapcott said there would be a maximum of 499 people allowed in the marquee at any one time. But in a statement, the council said the notice would limit the amount of people allowed to attend the whole event to 499. It reads: “The notice will enable the organisers to provide the licensable activities at the event subject to certain conditions, namely that a maximum of 499 people attend the event and that the event does not last more than 96 consecutive hours.”

Mr Shapcott said that 4,000 tickets had already been sold. He said: “The police have informed me they're considering the application and are thinking of objecting. They'll give a definitive answer today.”

Police previously objected after getting intelligence that left-wing groups would demonstrate at the festival, due to take place from August 15 to 17.

Derbyshire Evening Telegraph


Anonymous said...

This is the same BNP organiser David Shapcott who threaten to murder an anti-racist activist for distributing a leaflet that highlighted the recent conviction of a BNP candidate on terrorism charges. I quote from the link below:

The BNP was so furious with our leaflet that its local organiser, David Shapcott, threatened to put a local activist “six feet under”.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the benefits agency would think of Shapcott working at the RWB?

4,000 tickets sold? PMSL. The BNP have said that there is no advance ticket sales and it's pay on the gate only.

I'm sure there will be a lot of drink brought into this event by those who are attending.

The BNP could always sell a pint tumbler and give away a free pint, there's ways of getting around a licence problem

dennis said...

4000 tickets sold???

Talk about lies and exagerations.

This is obviously a piece of PR aimed at telling the refusenicks that the BNP is far more popular without them.

mathematician said...

Wait a minute - THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

If the council want just 499 TO ATTEND THE EVENT, how come the BNP claim they have sold 4000 tickets?

The temporary license seems to limit the total amount of people at the event, and not just the capacity of the tent in which the drinks will be sold.

Have the nazis got to drink their beer in the "Pusch-style beer hall tent", or will they be allowed to get pissed and start fighting in the entire showground?

If so, and glasses and bottles are taken beyond the tent, the terms of the temporary license will be broken.

499 people would be allowed to drink at once in the tent, not 4000people sat outside the tent in heaps of cowdung.

carol vorderman said...

4000 tickets my arse!!!!!!

Mark Collett's queer love said...

"This is obviously a piece of PR aimed at telling the refusenicks that the BNP is far more popular without them."

Well it is, the rebels had their chance in December but blew it. Almost everyone they had on side back then has drifted back, even Griffin critics like "Doc" Russell and Jonathan Bowden, both back in favour with the leader who is a very forgiving person. Just a handful of unrepentant moaners left in the Void of Change.

Antifascist said...

Very forgiving person, my arse. Griffin's a malevolent bastard who is only taking Bowden back because people in the party have moaned about his treatment and because he gives the BNP some kind of spurious (and dubious) respectability. Anyway, the membership numbers are falling rapidly and Griffin will take anyone to try to stop that.

blue donkey said...

Griffin is setting Bowden up as a stalking horse at next years leadership challenge

iliacus said...

Let's be fair. Those attending the RWB will be "enjoying" -

a weekend of appalling White Power "music"

speeches by Griffin, Darby, Collett etc

endless money-grabbing

How could anyone deny them the opportunity to be paralytic? The only way to survive I would think . . .

Anonymous said...

The BNP won't even get 499 at there event