July 16, 2008

Former Burnley BNP cllr assaulted landlord

A former Burnley councillor who attacked a pub landlord is suffering from mental health problems, a court has heard.

Convicted football hooligan Luke Smith, 26, is awaiting sentence at Burnley Magistrates Court after punching the landlord and his solicitor told the court there had been a marked deterioration in his mental health.

The former Lanehead councillor made national headlines in 2003 after he was kicked out of the British National Party for fighting at the organisation’s national festival in Sawley. Smith, of Brunshaw Road, Burnley, is now said to be suffering from adjustment disorder, brief reactive depression and a mental and behavioural disorder due to misuse of substances.

The defendant, who handed himself into police on Monday morning, after going missing from court the Friday before, has admitted common assault in court on May 11. The court was told Smith had been ejected from the Princess Royal pub on Yorkshire Street, Burnley, but went back in a few minutes later drunk. When the victim took hold of him, he took a swing and struck him, breaking his glasses.

Smith was bailed until August 5, for a pre-sentence report and the bench said they were thinking of a medium community penalty. He must not go within 100 metre of the pub and not contact witnesses.

Dylan Bradshaw, defending, said Smith went to hospital on June 23 and was kept in until July 3. He was seen and diagnosed by a consultant psychiatrist. Mr Bradshsaw said Smith’s life had spiralled out of control. He had earlier left court because he could not face the proceedings and he had surrendered himself at the police station later.

The former town hall member was banned from being a councillor for three years by the Standards Board for England after being caught fighting at the Red, White and Blue Festival in Sawley in August 2003. He had earlier been kicked out of the party following internal meetings over the Sawley incident - a decision which prompted leading BNP organiser Steven Smith to quit. He now heads the Cliviger-based England First Party.

Luke Smith was also jailed for 17 months in March 2006 after being convicted of violent disorder in relation to incidents surrounding a World Cup qualifier in October 2004 and later violence in Blackpool. He was also banned from football grounds for six years.

Previously the former gas engineer, who is barred for life from Turf Moor, had been serving a two-and-a-half year football banning order, imposed for being involved in over 20 violent episodes in five years.

Lancashire Telegraph


Anonymous said...

"A former Burnley councillor who attacked a pub landlord is suffering from mental health problems"

Luke Smith has ALWAYS had mental health problems. He's a violent and unstable nutjob.

Anonymous said...

What a great example for future BNP councillors he was and personnally chosen by Nick Gri££in.

wrex said...

When he has served his time in jail, no-doubt he will be welcomed back into the BNP like LeComber, lol

Looks like the archetypal BNP footy hooligan thug - ugly, violent, and thick!!!

I'm sure he would get on well with the rest of the Griffin gang including Lee "Legal Beagle" Barnes! lol

Anonymous said...

It seems that every BNP member on trial claims they are suffering from mental health problems. Is that because being in the BNP induces mental illness? Come to think of it, if I went round campaigning to have red headed people deported from the UK for just being red headed, I'd be detained under the Mental Health Act. So, in a similar way, shouldn't those who go round calling for non-Whites to be deported from Britain purely because they are non-White be detained under the Mental Health Act for both their own safety and the safety of the wider public?

Anonymous said...


Luke Smith, a leading Nationalist and one of the youngest
elected-officials in England, killed himself on July 20, 2008 at age
twenty-six. The clean-cut Smith had been elected a Burnley
Councillor, tantamount to a city-council member in America, and was
well-known as an irrepressible patriot. There was nothing staid about
him. He was known for fearlessly standing up to the Communists,
aliens, homosexuals and bureaucrats. Whether voting on
municipal-matters or mixing it up in soccer-match brawls, Smith was
inspirational. He was inducted upon the "Skinhead Martyrs Honor

Smith was elected from the British National Party, but had resigned
in a row over an altercation with Martin Reynolds, a fellow-party
member struck by a bottle, during a fight. Smith had been banned from
soccer-games for "political-violence," a charge leveled against those
who raucously oppose foreign and mixed-race teams. Smith had received
twenty citations, over five years, for brandishing the British Flag
and "Bulldog" insignia in opposition to minorities. He, also, had
served seventeen-months in jail for "public-disorder." England has no
free-speech laws.

Smith had been convicted of simple-assault in a fracas at the
Princess Royal Pub, in which a bartender's glasses had been broken.
Pubs are venues for "Paki-bashing" and "fag-bashing" in England.
Several other segregationists have taken their own lives, under
"Death Before Dishonor", including John Satterfield, a foe of
school-integration and President of the American Bar Association, Dan
Shell, the lawyer for the White Citizens Council, John Poole, the
lawyer for Sixties' anti-Communists, and Doug Williams, the
assembly-line worker who protested "diversity" at Lockheed-Martin.

Copyright 2008 Skinheadz

Dylan said...

Suffering from mental health issues? No wonder, it's the BNP.