July 10, 2008

BNP councillor's 'fascist' outburst at vicar

The leader of Barking and Dagenham's BNP group has made a new outburst, this time against one of the borough's most respected clergymen.

Cllr Bob Bailey called Rev Roger Gayler, vicar of St Mark's, Rose Lane, Marks Gate, a fascist for getting involved in politics. Mr Gayler took the unusual step of having 2,000 anti-BNP leaflets printed ahead of Thursday's council by-election in Chadwell Heath.

Cllr Bailey - who last month warned Barking College principal Ted Parker against hosting anti-racism events and before May's London Assembly elections, launched a tirade of abuse at Recorder staff - argued with the vicar three days before the by-election.

Mr Gayler, who received Barking and Dagenham's highest distinction, the Freedom of the Borough, last year, told the Recorder: "He said this is against the democratic process. I said, 'No, this is about the democratic process - we're all free to express our opinion'. Then he called me a fascist and threw the leaflet. I find it rather amazing he called me a fascist. I thought it was interesting. It shows, as far as I'm concerned, the man was rattled and what we were doing was reasonably effective."

Cllr Bailey said he had had a conversation with Mr Gayler on his doorstep and did not deny he had referred to him as "a fascist".

He told the Recorder: "He shouldn't interfere with politics. He should concentrate on what his church is there for, which is ministering to his people. There are enough people that need help, without delving into politics.

Barking and Dagenham Recorder


Anonymous said...

Roger Gaylor is a very well respected Vicar in B & D his work within the community knows no bounds..Roger is not a political animal, but, he really cares about the people in the borough and he does know right from wrong.

For Bailey to knock on his door and to scream abuse at him i find morally offensive, but this now appears to be the real face of the bnp in B & D as i have said before the mask is off, this is the 4th reported incident in as many months.

No longer can the bnp lie and hide behind the saying "they have changed" Bailey is proof that they have not.

The community in B & D will not tolerate this.


Anonymous said...

The BNP are losing it.

So much for Nick Griffin gagging himself in Burnley all those years ago, crying out about "censorship".

For Cyclops, censorship is sadly a one-way street.

Anonymous said...

I ain't religous however i am infuriated by this.
Roger was my family vicar on Marks Gate , in fact he did a family funeral not so long ago.
These pieces of shit will never give as much to a community over the same length of time Roger has. When will these BNP trolls realise thats it only a matter of time before the people of B&D are going to kick them out.

Anonymous said...

As an ethnic minority living in this country, I find it incredibly liberating to hear people like this vicar standing up for what he believes. May he know how much his voice means for us.