July 27, 2008

The delusional Mr Darby

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Regular readers will know that I have taken up the role of ridiculing the phenomenon of the BNP's Quiet Revolution, a concept much trumpeted by that noted naturalist, angler (and BNP deputy leader), Mr Simon Darby, who seems to think that his party is becoming ever more successful in fielding candidates at council by-elections, and is steadily increasing its support.

The evidence - the BNP's failure to field candidates on a sustained basis, the weird antics of some of those nominated, and their extraordinary inability to actually win - points to Mr Darby being delusional.

If there was any doubt, the events of 24th/25th July certainly supports my contention.

On his own splendidly idiosyncratic (and idotic) blog Darby states that "judging from yesterday's by-elections we are establishing a base level of support of around 10-11% nationally across England".

So what actually happened in the by-elections of 24th July? Well, there were seven in total, and the BNP's vote shares?

Seven by-elections; one BNP candidate. In Boston (with one of the highest migrant worker influxes in the UK) they trailed way adrift of the pace, on just 10.5%. Elsewhere, even in areas like London, and the East & West Midlands they couldn't even find a candidate!

Quiet Revolution? I think the expression used by the Ricky Tomlinson character in the Royle Family might be appropriate.

And speaking of "quiet" Mr Darby, where are the accounts?


Anonymous said...

So Darby is extrapolating his party's national 'base level of support' from a single council by-election - just one of 22,000. The man's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

What a shame he didn't do the same in that election when they only got 37 votes.

irishtony said...

There are over 110,000 parish councillors in the UK
there are in excess of 22,000 councillors in the UK

I enjoy repeating this again and again

Great article

Anonymous said...

"The man's an idiot.

6:40 AM, July 27, 2008"

Yes, he is

iliacus said...

Irish Tony

Can you just remind us - how many councillors are there in the UK?

And how many of them are BNP?

So, that's about 0.25% of principal area councillors ???

Keep repeating the truth mate. They don't like it up them !

clive jefferson said...

Well how many councillors have you got?. We've got more than you.
Its only a matter of time befor we have the upper hand.

Clive jefferson
head of security bnp
Also I'm a organiser.

hard acre said...

The latest revelatins about Nick Griffin (i.e. Cyclops/the One Eyed Monster) are that he is dodging income tax and national insurance contributions.


Anonymous said...

He's no idiot. 5IMon does the state's work very well.

Antifascist said...

'Well how many councillors have you got?.'

None. We're not pretending to be a political party, remember? Oh, and you don't need a full-stop after a question mark.

'Its only a matter of time befor we have the upper hand.'

We're waiting. It seems to be a long time coming.

'Clive jefferson
head of security bnp'

Head of Security? Reynolds got the heave-ho then?

'Also I'm a organiser.'

Whoopee. Though not a very good one from all we hear.

What does the number plate say now?

Anonymous said...

"What does the number plate say now?

PRAT - It always has !

Old Sailor

Bakes & Lord Fash Printers, Bradford said...

It's stange that reading Ivan on the Challenge For Leadership blog, Mark Collette had pissed off friends of fellow Griffinite Mr Woodhead of Bakes and Lord, the BNP supporting printers based in Queensbury, Bradford: -


Don't know if the griffinite fash are still using bakes and lord in West Yorkshire, but am I wrong, or didn't someone say that most of their printing is now done in the middle east?

Anonymous said...

White supremacy pro-Griffin printers Bakes and Lord are based in Beacon Road, Bradford.

Wander of this road was named after Derek Beac(k)on, the BNP's first councillor?


Bakes-And-Lord-Gate said...

From the Challenge For Leadership blog: -
ivan from bradford said...

I have brought this up before on this blog and also when I was speaking at the 'rebels' meeting at the Royal Pub in Bradford in Dec 2007. Collett used to get a lot of his BNP printing, national and local, done by Bakes & Lord printers which is in Queensbury Ward, Bradford (Cromie's fiefdom). I have known the directors of B&L since 1991. I found out in the summer of 2007 that they had stopped printing for the Party nationally. Reasons included, demands for invoices to be changed, demands for 'discounts' that hadn't been agreed, late payment from Treasury, being blamed when in fact they had been supplied with poor quality artwork etc etc. They were happy to keep on printing for local branches that they were dealing with directly like myself, Cromie, the Calderdale Branch etc. I understand that P Cromie got to hear about their complaints this year and had a row with Collett about upsetting 'his local printers'.
I asked the question the other month on this blog about the ownership of the Party's assets ? We know Vanguard is Collett's private asset, what about Trafalgar Club and it's non-existent accounting, Great White Records which illegally has only one director - last I heard etc etc. Who owns the various printing machines around the place, Excalibur stock etc. We now know who owns the Truth Truck thanks to the NWNationalist blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pensteven said...

From Pendennis in the Guardian, I learn that Nick Griffin is auctioning off a picture of Winston Churchill to help pay for his Welshpool farmhouse extentions -

"Soames springs to Grandpa's defence
Following last week's report that historians and the Churchill Society were not happy that the BNP has commissioned a portrait of Winston Churchill which the party is auctioning to raise funds, I hear that descendants of the wartime Prime Minister are also displeased. Nicholas Soames, Churchill's grandson and Conservative MP for Mid Sussex, tells me: 'I am appalled to hear that the BNP are using my grandfather in this way. Indeed, it is in thoroughly bad taste bearing in mind he would be repelled by the whole idea of the BNP.' But as the BNP rather relies on bad taste, it's unlikely the party will agree to pull the lot from the auction".

Quite right, Pendennis. The BNP don't give a shit about Winston Churchill, a man whom Griffin and others call a war criminal for waging war on Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Green Arrow /George Deighton said...

Internet Griffinite troll George Deighton (AKA Green Arrow) has been posting libel on a music website about an artist performing at the forthcoming Love Music Hate Racism gig implying that the musical artist smells of piss.


Obviously the RWD Magazine article isn't moderated, so expect many more pro-griffin neo-nazi troll posts to follow.

Might be worth having a word with LoveMusicHateRacism and the RWD mag as arseholes like Green Arrow (Deighton) are vandalising so many articles online with their purile hatred.

iliacus said...

I see that the delusional Mr Darby is now predicting BNP MPs within two years as a realistic outcome of Labour's difficulties.

Well, you're entitled to your opinions Mr Darby, but how about winning a council byelection one day ??? Or fielding candidates in a decent proportion of seats ???