July 17, 2008

He wants to kill trade unionists like Pinochet and expel the ‘Yids’: Ex-cokehead and BNP organiser Chris Barnett speaks

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The acidic views of Chris Barnett, the BNP’s organiser for Eastbourne, serve as a testament as to why one shouldn’t abuse drugs. As this self professed ex-cocaine addict (in one post, Chris Barnett says: “I used to be a coke fiend and I shared notes with other users. That means that right now, I could have hepetitus C and it's got nothing to do with my sexuality”) and current depression sufferer (Chris Barnett waxes lyrical about the wonders of anti-depression drug, Paroxetine, better known as Seroxat, when in another post he says, “I only feel violent if I stop taking them”) likes to tell us that he’s a Fascistand “I'm extremly right wing” (or, as he says in a further post, “I'm ring wing”). But, perhaps the combination of cocaine and Paroxetine over the years has left our BNP friend slightly delusional as he claims on an Islamic website that there is a vast “Zionist” (read Jewish) conspiracy to destroy him (indeed, one of the classical symptoms of advanced cocaine abuse is paranoia)!

Chris Barnett on how he wants to murder trade unionists like his fascist hero Pinochet

Having assured us of his fascist credentials, posting as DefendTheRealm, Chris Barnett launches into a tirade against trade unions (a favourite BNP target), saying thatI would have then banned”. But, not just this: Chris Barnett wants to murder trade unionists in the same way that his hero Chilean fascist dictator General Pinochet did – by throwing them out of planes at high altitude:

As a matter of fact, I would like to see all union leaders expelled from my country, or thrown out of a plane at 35,000 feet. Pinochet had the right idea of what to do with these people”.

Expel all the ‘Yids’ and destroy Israel

Referring to Golders Green in north London as “Jew city”, Chris Barnett, again as DefendTheRealm, tell us that:

I certainly want the Yids out of the holy land, they have no right to any of the holy land no matter how much they jump up and down, along with American & Russian jews”.

He then continues to call for the destruction of Israel:

It's the end of Israel I that I'm all for. Now if your Zionist friends can persuade her best friend America to donate a whole load of land and declare it the Jewish homeland, I wouldn't be against it”.

In any case, my *Personal* opinion is that Israel should not exist

I would like to see all jews there after 1948 repatriated to America, Europe, Russia & Africa, where they came from

Strangely, Chris Barnett’s anti-Israeli zealotry led him to start anti-Israeli boycott petitions on at least one Islamic website. On two separate sites, he further admits to verbally abusing an elderly Jewish neighbour on account of her decision to move to Israel. Chris Barnett degenerates into further anti-Semitic abuse when he remarks to a Jewish poster:

Oh yeah. I'm sure when someone is sued for having looted Jewish property, you're rooting for the buyer of the stolen good ..... What next? Will you be asking for Auswitz to be turned into a detention centre?

It is this anti-Jewish rhetoric and calls for the annihilation of Israel that has got BNP organiser Chris Barnett banned, at his own admission, from up to half a dozen websites and forums. Below we re-produce one website’s warning to Chris Barnett over his violent calls for the destruction of Israel:

They’re out to get me! Chris Barnett on the mythical Zionist conspiracy to destroy him

It on the Islamic website, Ummah.com, that Chris Barnett indulges us with his paranoid suspicion that Jews, or ‘Zionists’ as he calls them, are plotting to destroy him. It makes for one paranoid reading:

While worldp does go overboard with his constant spam about jewish conspiraces, he is right about Zionist conspiraces by people who don't hold Israeli passports, who live and work in foreign countries but have caused a lot of trouble and will stop at nothing with those that oppose them. I know this from my own bitter experiences with a few of them. One of them even followed me around the net trying to damage my business....no I'll rephrase that...she followed me around the internet and she done a lot of damage to my business. I lost a whole load of prospects that I had been working on for months, all because I logged onto her zionist website and disagreed with her.

I know for a fact that there is some very nasty people who are well organised and have their own mailing lists...nothing is too underhand...they'll obtain the email addresses of those they oppose and they'll quite happily pretend to email all their business associates, bosses, politicians with spoof emails. I've seen it going on. Those ******** have managed to cause me a lot of problems. I even had to pass a death threat on to Scotland Yard that appeared to be from an islamic source...but hold on...at the time I wasn't even talking to any muslims on the net, let alone disagreeing with them...so I'll give you one guess which type of person sent that to me.

Sure...we can all say that there are some nasty individuals, but I know for a fact that zionists have always and will always cause instablility not only for those that oppose them, but also for their fellow jews. The reason being is, that their mission is to make jews feel that the safest place for them to be is in Israel. Not Britain, not the US, not Russia, not Africa...and we all know, that the reverse is true. I cannot understand how Israel is a safer place for anyone to live, rather than the UK”.

If you’re non-White and criticise the BNP, then you are an anti-White racist: Chris Barnett libels black London Assembly member on neo-nazi forum

It is whilst posting as hrhdtr on the neo-nazi chat forum, Stormfront, that Chris Barnett libels elected black London Assembly member Jennette Arnold for refusing to sit next to BNP’s only London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook. Jennette Arnold has a point – why should she sit next to Richard Barnbrook when he and the BNP vocally oppose Jennette Arnold’s very physical presence in the UK on the only basis that she is Black. Jennette Arnold’s crime, in the eyes of Chris Barnett, is to be a Black person making a stand against the racist BNP. That uppity Jennette Arnold!

Chris Barnett, in a vitriolic posting littered with sheer lies and a healthy dose of concomitant nonsense, libels Jennette Arnold as an anti-White racist for simply refusing to sit next to BNP representative Richard Barnbrook:

She's a racist cow of the highest order. During the last GLA budget she brought up statistics that show that non-white kids are twice as likely to be run over and killed on London's roads than white kids.

She demanded, that no matter what the cause or the solution is, that the then mayor ring fenced the money, not to be spent on any white children under any circumstances, despite the fact, that no one has a clue why non-white children are twice more likely to be killed by traffic in London.

What would be her reaction, if we just found that white kids are good at dodging cars?Or that white London kids tend to stay indoors playing WoW because it's not safe out there, thanks to gangs of black kids, rather than ****ing about on the streets?

We’ll be writing to Jennette Arnold to inform her of Chris Barnett’s libellous posting on Stormfront. We’ll also be urging Jennette Arnold to raise this issue with Richard Barnbrook as to why a BNP organiser on a neo-nazi forum sought to make the above and unjustifiable libellous statement, and to initiate libel proceedings against BNP organiser Chris Barnett.

The Chris Barnett dictum on Sadie Graham: ‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer’

Posting again as hrhdtr on Stormfront, Chris Barnett claims, “I'll always shy away from internal BNP politics”. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth as Chris Barnett is indeed an indulgent in the world of BNP partisan politics. Readers will remember that in late 2007 the BNP was hit by an internal rebellion against the leadership of the Nick Griffin led by BNP Nottingham councillor Sadie Graham. We find on a now defunct East Sussex website, again as hrhdtr, Chris Barnett making the following boastful admission to a anti-BNP poster:

Nick Griffin couldn't be too choosy about his allies. He needed ruthless people not emotionally involved in the party at a time when people were trying to split the party and you are rapidly out of date with regards to the BNPs internet services...You name me someone in the UK and I'll give you a reason why he couldn't have used them. He had no choice but to use the South Africans....if only you knew who I am (And I ain’t one of the South Africans!)”.

Hypocritical law breaker: you can’t have your cake and eat it Chris!

We read Chris Barnett telling other posters how he informs the police of those whom he suspects of breaking the law. Chris Barnett seems to a man of law and order. Not quite. As the owner of the Eastbourne-based company, Brightdawn Limited, Chris Barnett has been in breach of the law for a long time. A search of the Companies House website reveals that Brightdawn Limited’s Annual Return are eight months overdue (having been due in October 2007). The Companies Act 2006 (“CA 2006”) places every company under a legal duty to make annual returns. The failure to file returns is a breach of section 854 CA 2006, in turn a violation of section 5(1) Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

We understand from one of our sources that the Companies Registrar, in exercising its discretion under the CA 2006, has already reminded Chris Barnett of his legal obligations for filing the annual returns. Further, that, at least by late May 2008, an initial prosecution warning letter was issued personally to Chris Barnett giving him 28 days to comply and warning him of the risk of prosecution for continued failure to comply. Yet, at the date of publication of this article, the Companies House website still shows Brightdawn Limited to still be in breach of its legal duties.

Those ‘brown uneducated immigrants!’ Oh Chris!

For many of our readers, their first introduction to BNP organiser Chris Barnett would have been his infamous ‘brown uneducated immigrant’ racist rant posted on the blog of a teenage anti-racist blogger. The following are excerpts from that illustrious rant:

The real racists, are the socialists.

It's the socialists who exploit those brown uneducated immigrants into socialist idiologies.

It's to socialists who lie to immigrants, claiming that capitalism, destabilised their homeslands.

It's the socialists who brainwash the underclass of immigrants, that they are lowly paid because of capitalism and that the reason why capitalism pays immigrants so little is because capitalism is "racist".

Thus, the socialists keep trying to make a link between capitalism & racism & facism and then claim the solution to all of that, is socialism.

Notice how the left brainwashes immigrants into believing that they can get what they want, by dominating the workplaces and the streets, causing real undemocratic physical unrest”.

Chris Barnett’s continues to enlighten us with a further posting on the same blog:

Socialists love those brown non-white immigrants, who are uneducated. To a nationalist and even a lot of tories, they are a lost cause. We have nothing to offer them, over and above what we have to offer to the rest of the population. But Nu-Labour leftwards, have no end of bribes and money to throw at more and more obscure pet projects, which are culturally exclusive. Who are the immigrants going to listen to? The socialists. Becuase it's the socialists that love to blame capitalism for the immigrants both living here AND being paid low wages.


Quite a display of unfathomable BNP logic one would say - BNP organiser Chris Barnett everybody!

Chris Barnett: a wealth of information – from child pornography to the perfect terrorist act

One can’t deny that Chris Barnett is one of those colloquial serial BNP posters who smears his far-right political faeces all over the internet. A confounding oddity residing on the south coast of England, Chris Barnett gives us a panoramic and unadulterated view into his all too public-private world with interesting insights such as where on the internet he’s seen virtual child pornography hosted:

I myself have found a site, where thousands of 3D Studio max images are for sale and casually in there amongst all the rest, is a naked boy and girl. It would take an experienced 3D Studio Max user a few hours to spawn a whole school of releastic, naked images of virtual children that can be animated into the extremely realistic virtual child pornography

Or, his confusion as to whether he’s gay or bi-sexual (this won’t go down too well in the all too über-hetero and hyper-masculine world of the BNP); how he first got drunk at the age of nine; his searing review of the local pub that has banned him (it seems getting banned from various places, be they physical or virtual, is some kind of Christ Barnett speciality); his foreign policy plan to arm rogue Middle Eastern regimes such as Colonel Gaddafi of Libya with nuclear weapons (one shudders at the thought of Chris Barnett as the Foreign Secretary in any future BNP government); and, lastly his altruistic advice on how to commit the perfect terrorist act:

My point is that if I wanted to set of a bomb, I'll be able to do it without worrying about people running around with guns. If you're gonna detonate a bomb, you either get caught out before it's detonated or not. Guns don't come into it. By the way, it's much easier to kill with guns than bombs

Eastbourne BNP: oddity par excellence

The BNP have been aggressively targeting Eastbourne as a potential base of support. Recently, the BNP have been planning an anti-Muslim campaign in Eastbourne, stating on its official website that “BNP members and supporters have been asked to check planning notices and inform the County Organiser in the event of change of use to a Mosque or Islamic Education Centre”.

It has to be pointed out that Chris Barnett is not the first BNP oddity to emerge from Eastbourne. The previous BNP organiser for Eastbourne was the long-time Nazi occultist and co-founder of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) in Britain, Alan Winder. As the self-professed ‘Imperial Wizard’ of the British KKK, Alan Winder wrote “it is hard for ZOG [Zionist Occupied Government] to pressure me into dropping my Klan activities, as they have with others” and urged anti-Catholic Loyalist terrorists to “fight on the [British] mainland, and openly, against ZOG” and “being prepared to fight a terrorist battle”.

We also remind readers that back in March 2005, Eastbourne BNP member, Terry Collins, was sentenced to five years in prison for a year-long campaign of racist terror against local Asian families. At his trial Terry Collins claimed the BNP “brainwashed” him into committing acts of violence against non-White people. Terry Collins admitted charges of arson, racially aggravated harassment and criminal damage. He also admitted the possession of bullets found in his home and asked for 11 further offences of racially aggravated criminal damage to be taken into account. Then in July 2006 another BNP supporter from Eastbourne, long-term fascist activist Allen Boyce, received a two-year suspended sentence for incitement to possess explosives after providing Terry Collins with bomb making instructions and plans of a local hotel.

¡No Pasarán!


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the very same Chris Barnett that was banned several times from the urban75 forums? Used go by the names of Tonka Toy & erm forgott, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I've remembered, his other net name at U75 was Layabout, if it is indeed him.

Stan M.

Wiki Wonders said...

Breaking News, folks, well, on Wikipedia, that is. Simon Sheppard isn't just a lame Indymedia troll.

He has been editing his own Wikipedia page, using the acronym "ReturnToChristendom", which is actually a bannable offense on Wikipedia, but he was hoping nobody would notice.

If you look on the contributions to wikipedia by Sheppard, you will see they are all about race, and include articles on the "British National Party", "Simone Clarke", David Duke, an article called "Negro", several articles on the DNA of british Jewish people, and another racial fundementalist article entitled "The Race Of Jesus".

Another article is entitled "Master Race", which Sheppard obviously thinks he is a member of.

Regarding the editing Sheppard has done to his own Wikipedia page, he has watered down accusations over Heretical Press showing anti-senetic cartoons.

The Wikipedia article said (about Simon Sheppard): -

"His website expresses hatred of Jews and women, with black people and others as its secondary targets. One section contains photographs of Jews in Nazi [[extermination camps]], with mocking captions"

Sheppard has totally deleted this, and has also doctored a Redwatch article, as well as adding links to both Redwatch and Heretical Press to Wikipedia, hoping to get new recruits to the British far right, in particular the BPP and the BNP.

He was obviously worried that judges and juries might seek enlightenment from Wikipedia, so he has decided to, since March (when he first became a Wikipedia user), edit out all controversy over his own far right websites, as well as adding his own pseudo-scientific theories about DNA and racial inheritance throughout Wikipedia.

To this neo-Nazi, Wikipedia is a playground of hate, and nobody has noticed what Watmough has been getting up to on Wikipedia. He has edited pages referring to himself at least four times following, and yet, alarm bells haven't sounded in the mods heads, which is extremely worrying.

Like all Holocaust deniers, Watty thinks he's clever, when in-fact he's simply a racist layman who likes to twist and revise history to support his peculiar, disturbing views.

Check the user contributions of ReturnToChristendom (Simon Sheppard trolling wikipedia) by checking out the following link: -


Wikipedia is supposed to be unbiased, and editing your own page is strictly prohibited. I hope the Wiki authorities can be alerted to Watmough's behaviour, and can reverse all of his edits and ban him from Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

So he wants all the Jews who arrived in Israel after 1948 from Europe sent back to where they came from? Does that include those who came from the UK? But...

What a berk!

Anonymous said...

pop over and have a look at dickys telegraph blog and others, he has hijacked the Mothers Against Knives campaign, claiming of all things the "moral highground".

What bloody morals he aint got none.


Gary Glitter said...

It's 100% true about Simon Sheppard's hypocrisy.

Why should an odious Odin worshipper, who bathes himself in insane Hitlerite Norse metaphysics, call himself "ReturnToChristendom" as an online sockpuppet to water down the damning content on his own Wikipedia entry???

We'll see if Simon Sheppard does indeed "return to christendom" when he's banged up with his lovely far right paedo ring mates Whittle. Watmough, White and Gilleard.

Failure to confess his sins to the prison chaplain will prove Sheppard to be a loser as well as a neo-nazi and Wikipedia cheat.

Anonymous said...

What's Wikipedia gonna do about Simon Sheppard editing his own entry? -

Anonymous said...

A bit late in spotting this on GA's forum but it still may be of interest to some:

Hi jackdaw
If your interested and if you can make it there is a bnp meeting organized by the cannock chase group, to take place at Prairie farm 52 broadway hednesford WS12 4HP on monday 7th july. Guest speakers in the past year have featured chairman Nick Griffin, party treasurer John Walker and Mark Collet.
This meeting will feature guest speakers Mr Arthur Kemp travelling from North Wales and Paul Kent from Walsall.
All kicks off at 7.30 pm

Anonymous said...

The BNP are now calling Hope Not Hate a communist conspiracy on leaflets they sent out in Newton Aycliffe