July 13, 2008

Sunday snippets from the 'quiet revolution'

Our regular readers will recall the incident of Robert Cottage, the BNP member who was not a member. Once the BNP realised that the mad would-be bomber was one of its own, the party stupidly announced that he was not a member in the vain hope that this assertion would cause us to forget the fact. It didn't work of course, because it was untrue.

Now the BNP is trying it on again. Roger Robertson, the former campaign manager for Colin Auty during the recent leadership almost-challenge, has been kicked out for bringing the party into disrepute (like that's possible) but a post on Stormfront claims that he ceased to be a member of the party in January. When asked why the party would hold a tribunal for a member to be sacked when he isn't even a member, the poster (who is, we believe, owl-spotter Simon Darby) declined to answer. Keep on rewriting history, guys...

Oh, they are. The December rebels who Griffin was taking through the High Court have received letters this week from the pig farmer himself, asking that the case be dropped because 'it's your homes at risk' and 'it's in the best interests of' party unity and so on, apparently forgetting that it was he himself who brought the case.

Only speculation, but could it be that His Porkiness has run out of readies? That his real legal advisors (as opposed to the cretinous Lee Barnes) have yet to be paid and are getting a bit shirty? Oh dear, I can feel another appeal coming on...

Talking of appeals, do you remember those bloody awful begging letters that the BNP send out on a regular basis - the ones that look like they should say 'you're a winner' and look like they might have come from Reader's Digest around 1968? We're told these bits of amateurish tat were designed by some Irish advertising 'gurus' who are among the best in their field. Blimey. I'd hate to see the worst. One of our correspondents speculated on the cost of these 'gurus'. We reckon about £4.50 but we'd be interested in hearing your guesses.

Anyway, these letters - probably because the BNP send them out every other week - are not working any more and emails to us suggest very strongly that the membership of the BNP is heartily sick of being scrounged off all the time. In fact, four out of five of the emails we receive now print the name Griffin as Gri££in - the other one prints it as Gri$$in (there's always one) - just showing that feelings are running deep and that the membership is rapidly losing interest in being treated as a cash cow for the Griffin family business. As one former BNP supporter put it;

'These bloody letters are an embarrassment, I’ll not pay another penny so he can go and waste it or lose another blimp'

Is it St Valentine's Day already? If all the rumours are true, we must congratulate Martin Reynolds, the steroid-saturated head of security and smutty pix at the BNP for his apparent new relationship with, we're told, a Ms Diane Smith, an activist and organiser from Norfolk. Also, we're led to believe that nazi-boy Mark Collett is going after older women these days. We're told a romance is blossoming between him and former clog dancer Simone Clarke, Dicky Barnbrook's ex-fake-fiance. Lovely to see that even the BNP can let a little romance into its tarnished soul from time to time. We look forward to reading of a further fake-engagement in the near future. Or maybe even two.

As the world moves beyond credit cards and online transactions, the BNP is reverting to being a mainly cash organisation. Rather than taking money online or via cheque, which would require some records to be kept, this year's Red, White and Blue piss-up isn't, like previous years, a ticket-only affair. Instead, those attending will be required to pay on entry, cash on the door. One wonders why. In the words of the Challenge for Change blog (formerly the Challenge for Leadership blog);

'...is the fact that cash disappears without a trace very easily that makes this such an attractive change to the RWB set-up? Or is it the blithering incompetence of the Treasury Department that has time and time again fouled up so many branch accounts after the RWB and taken months to clear up the mess?'

We believe we know the reasons for the move to cash only. Membership of the BNP is dropping rapidly and the numbers attending the RWB will reflect this, so the party wants to avoid having a record of attendees. There's also the point about cash being easier to move around - a very valid point that, given the party's dire financial position, is probably the main reason for the change. There is though, the anti-RWB demo that is planned for August 16th. The BNP will want to claim that the RWB was even more 'successful' than last year and every other year since it started, despite the demonstration outside. The only way the party will be able to do this is if there is no proper attendance record. Of course, the party will be found out in its lies (it always is) when people start asking where the money has gone (they always do) and the party management has no answer for them (they never have).

And finally, on a similar subject, a word about the BNP's ludicrous and pointless Summer School for activists, organisers and fundholders. As usual, the creepy Simon Darby hailed it as an enormous success, and between them, the party leadership managed to suggest that there was well over two hundred people in attendance. Not so. Just ninety people attended and most of these thought the whole event so poorly managed that they left early.

The BNP - failure wherever you look.


Anonymous said...

Slimeball Collette and the dancing diva? Fook me, that woman has no taste at all. First HMS Dicky then Nazi Boy. It don't bear thinking of. Wonder who will be next?

Anonymous said...

The reason for the move to cash on the gate at the RWB is just that the cash is there for Griffin to use as he sees fit and there's no bother with tax. The BNP is collapsing around his ears but does he care? All he's interested in is topping up his pension fund before the whole party goes under.

Anonymous said...

How odd that the jackson4leader campaign seems to have started up again. A bit pointless at this stage.

"The trial Leadership Challenge mounted in 2007 was meant as a forerunner for a serious challenge in 2008. However, the situation in the Party is now so confused that the serious challenge has been postponed until 2009. A separate challenge for 2008 has been announced by a group of disenchanted former officials of the Party. In our view this is a frivolous challenge with no likelihood of success. Up until a few months ago the promoters of this challenge were lauding the Party Leadership and denigrating supporters of the 2007 Challenge. They are also very much associated with liberal policies, which we view as contrary to proper nationalist principles. The current Leadership have apparently abandoned preparation for the next General Election, (If a snap election had been called in the spring, the Party would have had no prior preparations). We believe that fighting Parliamentary elections is the single most important function of the Party. (See further details on this point discussed on http://thenationalparty.org.uk/strategy). When campaigning for Parliamentary seats we can put forward our proposals. At Council elections, as the campaign is fought on local issues and the suitability of the candidate, it is difficult to campaign on national issues without appearing absurd. The current Leadership are putting all their effort into the Euro-elections. There seems no political reason for doing so as MEPs have no real power or function beyond boosting the European Commission. It has been suggested that the reason for the Leadership diverting Party resources to the Euro-elections is that a Euro-MP makes around £1,000,000 over the 5 years he is in office and then receives a pension. With the above in mind, we are promoting an organisation to support people who want to stand as nationalist candidates in the General Election. Under BNP rules and Electoral Commission rules this would be effectively impossible if we operate as a separate section of the BNP! What we propose is that people ‘sign up’ temporarily as individuals. When an election is called they can then decide to stand as a nationalist candidate, (In extremis, if the BNP refuses to allow them to stand as a BNP candidate, to stand for another nationalist party). We would not support a candidate against an official nationalist candidate. Candidates and supporters can collect money for their campaign. They can either keep the monies in their own account or put it in a central account, which we will keep in trust. See http://thenationalparty.org.uk/sterlingwork It must be emphasised that money saved as above, cannot be money that has been donated to the BNP, or any other political party, as under Electoral Commission rules, this money must be reported to a party’s national treasurer. However, there is nothing preventing organisations that are not political parties from collecting money, for example, the Sterlingwork trust. (We believe that supporters are loathe to donate to the BNP, because it appears from the published accounts, that 90% of the money donated to the BNP ‘disappears’ into Head Office overheads?)"

Anonymous said...

So it's true that Griffin has had to drop the case against the rebels because he can't afford to pay his legal team - fuckin quality!

Griffin's taking the BNP down far quicker than we could have hoped for.

Anonymous said...

yes the nazi peado converts to islam,befor you nic it of stormfrom!!!

Antifascist said...

'yes the nazi peado converts to islam,befor you nic it of stormfrom!!!'

Too late. It's the post under this one. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't get the posts by anonymous of 4.32pm and Antifascist of 4.32PM:

4:32 PM, July 13, 2008
Blogger Antifascist said...

'yes the nazi peado converts to islam,befor you nic it of stormfrom!!!'

Too late. It's the post under this one. :-)

4:41 PM, July 13, 2008

Can someone explain what is being referred to???

Anonymous said...

"Can someone explain what is being referred to???"

The post under this one.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jennifer Noble has been attending the gym. She's going to need a bit of muscle to walk off the RWB site with the bags containing thousands that are never seen again. It used to be Walkers job, but he's bitten the dust, and hit the bottle.

tommy swinnow said...

For a reasonable fee, failed ballet dancer Simone Clarke provides a touch of respectability to BNP nonces and misfits who have their motivations and sexuality questioned.

The nearest Paedo Boy will get to seeing Simone naked, is his second class honours degree (a 2:2/tutu)

If Fred West had still been alive, and had been a BNP member, no-doubt he would have been "going out with Simone Clarke AKA "the Ballet Nazi".

shergar said...

Walker can be found in the nearest stables crawling underneath the stallions naughty bits, looking for action.

Antifascist said...

'The nearest Paedo Boy will get to seeing Simone naked, is his second class honours degree (a 2:2/tutu)'

It must be getting late - I laughed at that. ;-)

iliacus said...

The comment posted re the Jackson camp reminds me of The Life of Brian :

The Jacksonite anti-Griffinites = the Popular Front for the Liberation of Judea

The Auty anti-Gs = the Revolutionary Front for etc etc

The Autumn ant--G rebels = the People's Front for the .......

I get the impression they hate each other even more than they hate Griffin, and hate him even more than they hate us !!!

P.S. Where are the accounts ????