July 11, 2008

Dismal results for BNP

A British National Party candidate won just 37 votes in a by-election in Redbridge, east London. Anthony Young, a retired solicitor, came last out of four candidates, with 1.4%, in Cranbrook ward in the south of the borough, which borders onto Barking and Dagenham, where the BNP has 12 councillors.

In the days before the election on 10 July, Redbridge and Epping Forest Together distributed a leaflet to most of the ward telling voters the truth about the BNP and urging them to use their vote to “keep extremists out of Redbridge”. The leaflet received praise from the three main parties, who all mounted active campaigns.

BNP support in Cranbrook was so low that the party had great difficulty finding ten people to sign the nomination form. From the addresses it was clear the BNP had gone down three neighbouring streets knocking on doors of registered electors with English-sounding names. We have so far not been able to investigate an allegation that three of them thought they were signing a petition rather than a nomination form.

The BNP did little better in two other by-elections on 10 July. In Wigan West, where the BNP was hoping to increase its share of the vote from the 14.5% polled in May, Christopher Hilton’s 200 votes gave him only 9.4% and fourth place. In Dalton ward, Kirklees, a borough where in May 2007 the BNP had three councillors, Jonathan Wright managed only 4.5% with 157 votes, coming fourth out of six candidates. Again the BNP had hoped to improve on Wright’s 460 votes in May, which gave him 10.7%.

The BNP now has only one councillor in Kirklees after David Exley lost his seat in May and Colin Auty announced this week that he was leaving the BNP and will sit as an independent. Auty, who failed to collect enough signatures last month to challenge Nick Griffin for the BNP leadership, says he will resign his council seat next month, causing a by-election.

Auty's resignation from the BNP leaves the party with only 54 councillors nationally.

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GDP said...

All those spineless rebels who supported Griffin's man Bumbrook at the London elections are now regretting it big-time.

Cyclops's living off bumbrook's salary, and his next moneyspinner is the European election, during which time, the One Eyed Monster will rally the dissenters onside(using drunken Sid the Saltdean Sofa Soaker once he's properly back in the fold) just long enough to use and abuse the loyal but brainless bnp faithful.

Some BNP members still wrongly believe black and Asian people have lower IQs than white people, but in-fact, it's the aryan bnp hardliners who have a much lower IQ than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the arrogant nark crook they're finishedbut the party will blip a bit before the european elections long enough so that nasty nick can get rich from the few remaining bnp loyal supporters.nick griffin stinks!

iliacus said...

The article concludes with a figure of 54 BNP councillors.

Can somebody verify this figure - or better still produce a list?

It seems a shade high to me.

jayson said...

The Legal Beagle said: "Anyone who has already signed or is thinking of signing the nomination forms for Colin Auty will be suspended from party membership pending an internal disciplinary tribunal where members will be tried for conspiracy and treason. Those found guilty will be expelled from the party and proscribed for life.”

Lee Barnes is carrying out a fascist version of the Salem Witch Trials.

Conspiracy and treason???

How come leadership challengers in proper political parties have never been tried of "treason", Mr Brain-Storm-Barnes?

Thanks to Griffin, Barnes and co, no-one can ever call the BNP anything but fascist. I

former sunderland bnp organiser said...

Aye must fukken well hand it to you clever antibnp guys - you WERE telling the fukken truth after all about the BNP although commies do normally lie, pet! Nik Griffin is shafting us fukken senseless up the jacksie, fer fukk sake, and we cannot see it for shit sake.

The only reason the bnp were allowed to win fukken council seats was to desstroy the labour party heartlands so the tories could return to power. Its fukken true as yer fukken well know, why aye!

Once the fukken tories are in power protest votes will go to the bastad leftees and the bnp will be fukken deadmeet, pet!

Uncle was in the fukken hitler-loving nf, why-aye, and he said that the party was wound down purpose-like to allow thatcher to win. seems that the same thing is now happening to allow that smiley fukken useless greeny cameron to win thanks to griffo and his fukken cronees.

We the bastad footsolders of the fukken bnp, it now fukken seems, were used merely to fukken well destroy the labour northern heartlands and london degenham ward so gordon fukken brown would lose easily in the elections.

The bastad BNP were never meant to win more than fifty council seats by the establish-fukken-ment.

Brown is a smarmy fukken tossa nobcheese, pets, but aye hate the fukken tories more as they are rightwing and will steal our fukken policies about savin fukken race and fukken nation to please the fukken Daily Male.

Feel like puking that all the hours aye spent fighting danegrous fukk-me-bollox dogs and fukken lefties at election times puttting fukken posters in fukken doors was done just for the fukken benefit of destoying traditional new fukken labour support so that the fukken establishment tories cud win easily at the election once blair retired, the crafty evil pets!

The bnp are run by mamma-fukken MI5 narks to pave the way for another long tory run like the fukken nf were in the late fukken seventies.

Now yorkshire councils have rejected labour, the bnp job is done and NG tells us all to fuck ourselves the traitor. The same will go for London once NG wins the Brussels Big One and bumbrook will lose the seats he won in two years at most.

Auty said attack dogs, lol, why-aye! All we are all the Tory party attack dogs used to kill off nu labour in their own heartlands as part of an establshment tory masterplan to get power for twenty long years.

We bnp lackeys were stooges for the tories to soften labour to help cameron win the next election. Fukken tory party Eton public school/lah-di-dah stooges to turn the north of england into hung councils or fukken blue so cameron can have an easy ride.

Nothing more nothing less, pet.

Labour pushed into forth place by the bnp and the job's fukken done. Time for NG to call time on burnley yorkshire and dagenam while he runs off with the money the bastard

Losing BNP candidate slams his party said...

From the Ilford Recorder newspaper (11 July 2008):

Losing BNP candidate slams his party

THE BRITISH National Party candidate who suffered a crushing defeat in the Cranbrook by-election slated his party's leadership.

Anthony Young, of Belgrave Road, Ilford, said he couldn't understand why he was put forward as a candidate after Cranbrook ward attracted the lowest number of BNP votes among Redbridge's 21 wards in the May 1 elections.

Speaking before the polls opened, he said: "If you were to ask me why we bothered to fight this time round I would have to reply that trying to understand what my party's leadership is thinking is like trying to read the mind of God."

Simon Darby, deputy leader of the BNP, said: "I have no idea why he said that.

"He shouldn't really be coming up with statements like that. He wasn't pushed into standing.

"I would suggest that he won't be standing again."

Mr Young refused to speak to the Recorder over the phone following the Cranbrook by-election, in which the BNP polled just 37 votes.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby on Stormfront wrote:

"Window Cleaner
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Re: By-Election in Kirkless as Colin Auty Quits


As I said at the beginning of his leadership bid Auty is not a nationalist. He is now slagging the BNP off to the press and has admitted he never wanted to be leader but just wanted to cause mischief because the party was too extreme.

Happily the membership saw through this joke of a leadership bid and only 89 members signed his forms meaning he couldn`t stand. Only 2 members of his own Dewsbury branch supported him and both were Johny come latelies.

Auty can now return to his previous degenerate multi-cult lifestyle and nationalism can bid him good riddance."

I hope Colin Auty has maintained the rights to his songs. I look forward to him suing the BNP :)

iliacus said...

If, as alleged by Darby, Auty had a degenerate background, why was he selected as a candidate for the BNP ???

Oh sorry - it's a necessary qualification isn't it !!!!

Searchlight said...

I have a list of the 54 BNP councillors. I cannot name them all here, it would take too long, but their locations are as follows:

12 in Barking and Dagenham
9 in Stoke-on-Trent
4 in Burnley
4 in Epping Forest
2 in each of Pendle, Bradford, Rotherham, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Sandwell, Amber Valley and NW Leicestershire
1 in each of Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Redditch, Solihull, Staffordshire Moorlands, Charnwood, Three Rivers, Thurrock, Havering and Redbridge.

That's 54, though only 53 people, because John Burgess sits on Staffordshire Moorlands and Stoke-on-Trent councils.

I have not include parish councillors and equivalent, nor councillors who were elected as BNP but have resigned or were expelled from the party and now sit as independents.

iliacus said...

Thanks Searchlight - perhaps we need some more Griffin purges to push the figure down below 50 again !!!

MedwaySherlock said...

Over in the fantasy world of Lee Barnes, he is claiming a great legal victory about getting a Hampshire newspaper to remove an online report about his nasty and vile email he sent out a few months ago threatening any BNP member who was going to back Colin Auty and his band of no hope rebels.

You couldnt make this up.............

Barnes (LLB Hons) says:

2) They make false statements as to my role in the party, in that they assert that I have said that individual party members may be suspended from membership of the party and be 'tried for conspiracy and treason'. This also further damages my proffessional(sic) reputation as no such disciplinary offences of 'treason or conspircy(sic)' exist. This damages my proffessional (sic) reputation in that this false statement would make me appear proffessionaly(sic) incompetent, in that by stating BNP members could be suspended for conspiracy or treason, would make me appear incompetent in my role as a legal adviser for the party.

"Proffesional (sic) reputation"???

If he has one then it must mean he is working in a paid capacity (thats what professional means) for his client(s), presumably the BNP. Has he any other clients, people prepared to pay for this valuable services? If so, their members must like to know how much the party is paying for his emminent wisdom and also the council taxpayers of Dartford District who pay his housing benefit. Despite him being reported the council have so far taken no action. Maybe one of the union reps working for that council who read this/post on here can find out why this benefit cheat has not been investigated.

It would be interesting to see if the Legal Genius carries out his threat of taking action against this blog. How much is the "proffesional reputation" of a sham legal expert trading on the back of an out of date law degree from Trumpton Polytechnic to a dwindling party of racist idiots really worth?