July 09, 2008

Who exactly is Nick Griffin working for - the BNP or Patrick Harrington's NLP?

  • Why does BNP webmaster Simon Bennett run the BNP, NLP and Third Way's websites?
  • Why are the Accentuate and Solidarity websites served up by BNP insider Lambertus Nieuwhof?
  • Why did Nick Griffin ask Graham Williamson - not a BNP member - to chair the BNP's last conference?
  • Why did Harrington's NLP stand against the BNP in South Hornchurch?
The recent history of the BNP and its connection with Patrick Harrington makes interesting reading. Harrington, you'll recall, engineered a hostile and possibly illegal takeover of the BNP's fake union Solidarity with Nick Griffin's blessing last summer, leaving the union split in two and in a state of chaos from which it has yet to emerge. The latest situation is that it is currently under investigation by the Trades Union Certification Officer.

One of Harrington's first tasks on grabbing the union was to hand a job to his Third Way colleague Graham Williamson, who despite having no experience (or indeed, talent) in public relations, decided to start running a web-based (meaning it doesn't exist anywhere except on the internet) public relations company, the utterly pointless Accentuate. Harrington, the leader of an utterly pointless union, aptly took Williamson on to run the PR for Solidarity. And has Solidarity been a PR success? Well, hardly, despite Williamson's third-rate PR company putting its best efforts into it.

Williamson, former treasurer of the National Front and old chum of both Griffin and Harrington, has popped up in an odd context recently over on the North West Nationalist blog, where it was suggested that he was one of the people who was asked to chair last year's BNP conference in Blackpool. Assuming that this is indeed the case, why would he be asked to chair the conference of a party to which he doesn't even belong?

In fact, the connections between the BNP and Harrington's version of Solidarity, his National Liberal Party and Third Way, and Accentuate are manifest mostly, like Accentuate itself, through the internet.
  • The National Liberal Party website is run by Simon Bennett, the BNP's very own webmaster, as is the Third Way website.
  • The Solidarity website is served up by Lambertus Nieuwhof's company Noisy Dinosaur, as is Accentuate.
Lambertus Nieuwhof, for those who don't recognise the name, was one of a trio of men who planted a home-made bomb at the Calvary Church School (in South Africa) in protest against the school's decision to become racially mixed. When the bomb failed to go off, one of them lost his nerve, gave himself up to the police and turned in his two associates, one of which was Nieuwhof. At the end of the resulting court case he received what Searchlight rightly stated was a derisory twelve-month suspended prison sentence. Leaving South Africa Nieuwhof set off for Britain, where he came into contact with the appalling Arthur Kemp, another South African extremist exile, who had been arrested for the murder of Chris Hani, a close colleague of Nelson Mandela, in April 1993 but was released without charge. Kemp had been named by Clive Derby-Lewis, a far-right South African MP who is now serving life imprisonment for setting up Hani's murder, as the author of a hit list of prominent anti-apartheid leaders. Both Nieuwhof and Kemp are in the BNP's inner-circle and both are close to Nick Griffin.

Back to the childish Simon Bennett (who has set up numerous sites imitating and attempting, though failing, to undermine Lancaster Unity) and we have a big question to ask. Why would the BNP's webmaster run a site for a rival party too? In fact, we asked this question of one of the ex-BNP members who are regularly in touch with us, who responded by stating that 'the NLP isn't really a rival to the BNP'. If that's the case, why did it support Michael Burton (an Independent) in the recent South Hornchurch by-election when there was a BNP candidate (Anthony Steff) who it could have supported? Clearly, the NLP IS a political rival to the BNP. Would the Labour Party trust its webmaster with running the Conservative Party's website too?

I'm aware that this article is more questions than answers but they all need to be asked in order to make sense of what is going on in the peculiar mind of Nick Griffin, who oversees all this nonsense. He has worked closely with Harrington for years and particularly closely during the Solidarity fiasco. Even Williamson, who is an idiot by anyone's standards, gets an important role in this comedy. We heard recently that he was asked by Griffin to watch over Richard Barnbrook at the London Assembly, to make sure he stays out of trouble. So why choose someone who isn't even a party member to do that next to impossible job (though if he keeps Barnbrook away from the booze, bananas and rugby players he should be okay)? Is he paid for it and if so, how much is he paid? Isn't there anybody in the BNP capable of doing the job? The questions are endless and they're not only coming from our side - people in the BNP itself are asking the same questions.

Answers on a postcard please...


Anonymous said...

"Why does BNP webmaster Simon Bennett run the BNP, NLP and Third Way's websites?"
Just that on its own is a question worth asking, conflict of interest anyone????

S. James said...

though if he keeps Barnbrook away from the booze, bananas and rugby players he should be okay

Rugby players? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

"I'm aware that this article is more questions than answers but they all need to be asked in order to make sense of what is going on in the peculiar mind of Nick Griffin, who oversees all this nonsense."

Your never going to know what goes on in Nick Griffins mind for one of two reasons. Either he's a fruitcake or he's State.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is a state safety valve, and Griffin is allowed to do what he wants as long as we're all kept together where they can watch us.The anxieties of the British people have been used to fill Griffins pockets. The BNP/NF under Griffin was/is never meant to get anywhere.

fuck nick griffin said...

Solidarity and Accentuate are fakes just put in place to find employment for Nick Griffins unemployable mates just like the BNP employing Griffin himself. None of them would ever get a job in a real workplace. And that goes for that freaky bastard Kemp and Bep Nieuwhoofta as well.

JJB said...

Have you see the stuff about Kevin Watmough on Indymedia?

Antifascist said...

'Have you see the stuff about Kevin Watmough on Indymedia?'

Yeah, we've seen it. Though Little Kev is a dumbass and probably a grass too, it's pretty obvious it's fake.

'Rugby players? Do tell.'

Ask Barnarse how his tooth got knocked out. I'm sure he'll be honest about it (irony).

Anonymous said...

The bill just chuck kev a fiver every noe and then so he can get himself a bag. what the fuck can he give them thats eworth having.

Dave said...

Did Accentuate do ENRON's PR? I just wondered.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lancaster Unity in raising some pretty interesting questions.

It's clear that the average BNP'er hasn't got a clue and are too busy following their fuhrer with dewy eyes to notice or even care.

Either the BNP are in some way State or Gri££in will sell his body and soul to the highest bidder.

Harrington only works for himself though. An idle tosser who was last seen serving cups of tea on GNER railways until they allegedly sacked him. I understand that he hasn't worked since.

Graham Williamson would seem to be a safe pair of hands for Gri££in -a bit like Darby. No ambition for power except to fill his pockets.

Either that or Gri££in has got to the stage where he has absolutely NO ONE in his party that he can trust. So he has to try and recruit wasters from outside the BNP - and Williamson and Gri££in go back a long way in the NF.

Anonymous said...

The gross stupidity of the far right stretches across the pond, as ably demonstrated by this excellent article about the hatemongers on VNN.


iliacus said...

In one of last week's by-elections the victorious candidate was a (black) independent, who defeated - amongst others - a BNP candidate.

Interestingly he was endorsed by the NLP / Third Way (an organisation close to Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP).

What is going on ???

Can you imagine any other political party where the leader could be cosy-cosy with an organisation which endorsed candidates standing against his party ???

The weird and wonderful world of the BNP !!!!

p.s. where are the accounts ???

Spudulike said...

"Harrington only works for himself though. An idle tosser who was last seen serving cups of tea on GNER railways until they allegedly sacked him. I understand that he hasn't worked since."

I wonder if he ever served a cup of tea to Nick Griffin when he was taking time off from shelf-stacking at Tescos.

These people really are fit to run a country aren't they.

Arthur Smeg said...

p.s. where are the accounts ???

Never mind the accounts, when is the BNP's crap councillors page going to be updated? That's a great resource and it shouldn't be allowed to die off.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting article, ta very much. I saw some of those sites of Simon Bennetts when you mentioned them a while ago. Really, really childish. For someone who seems to be so important in a party that thinks it has a shot at government (pah) they sure seem to employ some right wankers.

Anonymous said...

Childish enough for you?...


Enjoy, I did!

Antifascist said...

'Childish enough for you?...


Enjoy, I did!'

You're sadder than even I thought you were, Bennett. And I thought you were very sad.

Jace said...

Christ, what a bloody cretin. Is this Bennett for real?

DT said...

I wonder if Simon Bennet's other customers would be interested in seeing what he does on all his sites. There's a certain snooker player and Sky TV presenter who'd be a bit pissed off I think at being associated with such a fuckwit.

Hi mate said...

Can't that moron see someone standing behind Ketlan? I can. I even know who it is. :)

Anonymous said...

Is everyone in the BNP mentally deficient or what?

Very ex BNP (3 yrs now) said...

What is it with the BNP? Theyt've got mad childish idiots like Lee Barnes and Simon Bennett, and loonies like Tony Lecomber and Robert Cottage, plus deviant freaks like Mark Collett and dave Hannam, to say nothing of Martin Reynolds and yes Nick Griffin. What a fucking party it is.

Anonymous said...

Back to the subject, good article LU, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


arthur smeg said...

Yay, you've updated the crap councillors page. Never let it be said that Lancaster Unity doesn't respond to its customers needs. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

I hear the BNP have been striking deals with other parties, and this black chap will be the BNP's first black councillor. Certain members of UKIP are also working to get the Muslim vote which, if they gain success, they will then cross to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Bennett is a classic dickhead. Just ignore him.

Anonymous said...

"Bennett is a classic dickhead. Just ignore him."

What constitutes a "classic" dickhead, just out of interest?

peebody said...

There will never be black councillors in the BNP as you have to be white to be a member. I think the rumour machine is on overload. Also, the UKIP hates the BNP's guts, so there will never be any details.

With the rise in recent UFO sitings, I'd be more inclined to believe in little green men than the BNP experimenting in window-dressing, especially when thier membdership continues to fall.

Even if the neo-Nazi BNP changed its constitution to let a handful of Pat Richardson-type Uncle Toms in, such behaviour would almost certainly lead to a fragmentation of the party's core vote.

When a black DJ was unknowingly playing at the BNP Christmas party, some years ago, don't forget, over half of the people walked out in disgust. If Cyclops doesn't want to bancrupt, he wouldn't allow any Uncle Toms to become BNP members.

There is already little philosophical point to the BNP. Water down (or window dress) the BNP, and what have you left? A more sanitised rightwing party which is less atractive to its core voters - racial bigots, homophobes and xenophobes.

Bad though it is, racism and fear of foreigners is the BNP's only selling point.

Without the football hooligans or the Alf Garnett types, there will be no BNP.

paulo said...

I noticed that Ebay are selling copies of a Colin Auty CD called: -
"Truth Hurts"!!!



Dicky Bumbrook's Arse Dildo said...

It's funny how you can buy all sorts of racist and far right materials by EBay, and yet, the same spirit of freedom from consorship doesn't apply to sexual aids on EBay. You can buy material praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis which is extremely damaging to young people, but perfectly ordinary marital aids such as cock rings and dildos are strictly banned from Eay.

Dicky Bumbrook obviously doesn't buy his cockrings and arse dildos from this selectively censoring neo-nazi friendly website!!!

Anonymous said...

What's this about a BNP march in Stoke On Trent on Saturday the 9th of August?

Are they hoping to start riots to increase membership, as they did in Bradford, Burnley and Oldham at the start of the decade.

So much for Nick Cyclops once proclaiming that the BNP have given up on National Front style marches.

Anonymous said...


rebel yelllll said...

As part of a long term strategy to pacify the rebels, 5imon Darby has set up the so-called "Nationalist Support Group".


The idea is, to prevent the BPP, the Democratic Nationalists, or the England First Party, reducing the number of votes the BNP can win in the polls.

I wander how gullible the rebels are to Nick Griffin's slyly unherhand initiative to lead all opposition up the garden path in the name of "nationalist unity".

Lancaster BNP's Nick Griffin-loving rebel turncoat Chris Hill, will be rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of leading the rebs down a blind alley!

Anonymous said...

The number given on Indymedia for this Nick Griffin ruse, is 01273230551

Any chance Sid Williamson has been re-recruited by the BNP to help destroy the BPP by covert "divide and conquer" tactics in the supposed name of "nationalist unity"?

If so, what has Nick Griffin said to the Saltdean Sofa Soaker to secretly get him back in the fold?

Mark Collett Indymedia Troll said...

Mark Collett has been trolling the Watmough thread on Indymedia, pretending to be an anarchist, calling himself "Concerned Of Kirkstall" (a rip off of a real anarchist called Concerned Of Gipton), posting homophobic comments about Ketlan, in a piss poor attempt at satire which attacks anti-racists far more than it does the BPP.

It's so sad that Indymedia is now returning to the bad old days of 2005 when it was a hangout for the likes of Mark Collett and other trolls.

Perhaps it's high time you turned back the clock a bit Ketlan, reminding us all where insecure perverted (with a small penis) nazi Mark Collett's shame videos (Young, Nazi & proud, the interrogation, and that Russel Brand beauty, can be found):)


mark colletl worships hitler said...

Mark Collett (AKA "Concerned Of Kirkstall), has reposted the homophobic slander against Ketlan, from the moment the administrator deleted his previous posting, the nonce weasel.

He thinks just because old Indymedia troll Watmough is on the ropes, he can take over from the founder of Redwatch as the biggest and baddest troll in West Yorkshire.

Didn't Mark Collett start crying when interrogated by White and Watmough?

Collett Hater said...

Indymedia sucks cos its easy prey for neo-nazi trolls, such as Mark Collett.

It's time we start laying into Paedo Boy Collett once again.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should start calling him Mark Collette... lol

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin must approve of his racist "orish" remarks after all, if he's made piece with the obnoxious slimy drunken slug.

Pots 'n' Kettles said...

Bob Bailey's thrown a wobbly, the pot calling the kettle "black".


Green Arrow Appreciation Society said...

What a Jolly Mess: -


Perhaps instead of plagurising the Jolly Fisherman logopicture, they should have used a picture of Green Arrow "frigging in the rigging", lol

Anonymous said...

"It's funny how you can buy all sorts of racist and far right materials by EBay, and yet, the same spirit of freedom from consorship doesn't apply to sexual aids on EBay"

Yeah, and I note that fascist friend of the Grand Fascist Nick Griffin - our sad, neurotic and increasingly obsessive Patrick Harrington of the NLP/Solidarity - is also selling fascist tat on eBay.

Apparently our sad serial failure Patrick sells under the name of "The Politbureau" (clearly an attempt to try and ingratiate himslef in with the Left - or maybe another of Harrington's attempts at satire?).

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps it's high time you turned back the clock a bit Ketlan, reminding us all where insecure perverted (with a small penis) nazi Mark Collett's shame videos (Young, Nazi & proud, the interrogation, and that Russel Brand beauty, can be found):)"

Good idea! Let's all be reminded of the "best of Collett". We all need to be reminded what a pathetic little worm he is.

Collett's dopplegangbanger said...

Videos of me being a complete prat can be seen here:


I am still going to be the next leader of the BNP you know.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said on 9 July
"Why does BNP webmaster Simon Bennett run the BNP, NLP and Third Way's websites?"

Simon Bennett also did the original Christian Council of Britain website, but they now seem to be changing it. Maybe the "Rev" Robert West ran scare of the fascist Bennett and what opponents would say to a so-called "man of the cloth" using a fascist designer?

Anonymous said...

It seems pretty clear by now that both Gri££in and Harrington are state.

They seem to be part of some state-engineered plan to ensure that a Tory Party Mark 2 is set up, ready to back the establishment up over any war over Israel/Iran and to muster up the anti-Muslim vote.

Gri££in and Harrington are state agents and were put in place ages ago by the State. They turn a blind eye to their corruption and devious financial wheeler-dealings in return for carrying out the State's plan.

The Gri££in free speech trial was a con as we all now realise.

Harrington's National Liberal Party is an establishment ruse and which is being used as a template to turn the BNP into, so that when the chaos comes the BNP can be used effectively.

Gri££in and Harrington can con some of the people some of the time, but they can't con all of the people all of the time!

Anonymous said...

Interesting story on NWN about Harrington turning up at Ian Stuart's dosshouse in King's Cross in a pinstripe suit to have a go at bonehead Ian Stuart and ending up getting his arse kicked down a flight of stairs. Nice when nazis fall out, isn't it?

shaggy nicholas said...

What I really need to know is...did Harrington mail out his porn with the excrement, or did his victims get a choice?