July 02, 2008

Lee Barnes and his contempt for the law

One of the things that always interested us here at Lancaster Unity about Lee Barnes, BNP's legal beagle, is his utter contempt for the law and those who represent it.

For a man who has only actually been in the party for a few months, Barnes certainly seems to have a lot of influence - at least on Nick Griffin, with whom he shares a little legal education. Perhaps he shares something more for it's clear that while Nick Griffin adores him, those in the membership of the party who have actually heard of Barnes or had any dealings with him, think he's an incompetent lunatic with views that defy logic, sense and indeed, reality. In fact, get him on the right subject and his views are pure venom. And that subject? The law, of course.

Back in October of last year, Barnes was rattled about a judicial decision with which he disagreed. Rather than discussing his views in a measured and calm manner, he exploded all over the place.

'Yet again the dumb fucking Leftist and Liberal judges that infest the legal system like lice on a dying dogs back ...This judge is the same cunt...' and so on.

Yes, those are his very words, quoted from his ghastly blog, which Nick Griffin described as 'an intensely argued, intellectually inventive thing'. A thing, certainly.

Barnes showed his true and appalling colours back in March of this year when he went off on one about the late Rachel Whitear, a heroin addict whose body was found slumped on her bedroom floor after she overdosed and whose pictures were used as part of a nationwide anti-drugs campaign.

Rather than applaud the courage of Rachel's parents, Barnes attacked them for complaining when the BNP used the picture not to support the anti-drugs initiative but to kick off an anti-mosque campaign and they dared to complain.

'The idea we should treat with reverence the image of their dead junkie daughter is repulsive...the idea we should ask your permission to use the image of your dead junkie daughter is not something we need to do.'

More recently, we had the classic 'puupet' letter, sent out from Lee Barnes to all members, ordering them not to even think of signing Colin Auty's nomination papers for the now-defunct leadership challenge, in which he made the threat that those who considered signing would be 'tried for conspiracy and treason'.

Just a couple of days ago, one of our contributors, Hexapla, pointed out both Barnes' habit of plagiarism and his anti-semitism in an article that referred to the BNP's connections with the neo-nazi National Alliance and Lee Barnes' addiction to Jew Watch, a site run by a member of the National Alliance that has been condemned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights as one of the worst examples of how the internet has been exploited for purposes of incitement to racial hatred.

Barnes' obsessive nature seems to find its greatest focus (at the moment) when he is discussing either the judiciary or us - in fact, he will frequently throw us together so he can have a go at both in a single article, thus saving time and venom for his next piece of hate speech.

Last Saturday, he attacked both of us in relation to a case that he had written up with the intention of it being taken to the European Court of Human Rights. The case was struck out but Barnes, ever knowledgable far beyond his capabilities and furious at losing, stated that the judges had misapplied the law, that they had deliberately and in collusion with the government rigged the system, and described the judgement, which concerned harassment, as 'farsical' and 'a joke'.

The details are irrelevant but Barnes' attitude to the law isn't - after all, he represents the views of the British National Party on the law. And what is the view of the BNP on the law of the land? Well, here are copies of two emails that were sent to a former member of the party which very concisely state everything you need to know about the BNP's curious relationship with law and order. Information that would identify the recipient has been concealed.

This one is from Lee Barnes. Note the phrase 'courts and judges are as bent as a nine bob note'.

And this is from Nick Griffin. The phrase 'all these types piss in the same pot' springs from the page.

Utter contempt from the leader of the BNP and its legal advisor. It's no wonder the party is riddled with criminals from top to bottom.


Spinner said...

Are you surprised?

Hexapla said...

Two issues:

1) If the person who has sought legal help/advice from the BNP goes to court, BNP leader Nick Griffin and BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes may have potentially committed the offence of contempt of court by way of scandalising the court through wild/baseless inferences of corruption and bias and or scurrilous abuse. Their comments may be seen as an attempt to prejudice judicial proceedings.

2) You can read Lee Barnes’ latest act of plagiarism by going to comment 11 under the Lancaster Unity article, BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes’ June bout of anti-Jewish madness:


Anonymous said...

Barnes and Griffin jailed for "contempt of court".....all our Christmases together. At least in jail Barnes will have a cheap supply of the waccybaccy.

a very public sociologist said...

"[T]hose in the membership of the party who have actually heard of Barnes or had any dealings with him, think he's an incompetent lunatic with views that defy logic, sense and indeed, reality."

How is this out of step with mainstream BNP thinking?

Dave said...

I see you have a mention in the new Spectator

Anonymous said...

"Rather than discussing his views in a measured and calm manner, he exploded all over the place."

I wish he would!

Chuffinch's High Noon said...

Is the Legal Chuffinch's rabid anti-semitism Nick Griffin's moneycentric idea to prove once and for all to Ku Kluk Klan Paymaster Grandwizard Don Black that the BNP is at heart an old-style Nazi organisation?

bnp surppoter said...

He loves all this,just feck him off hes a total twat. Think LU has done its job on him now.