July 25, 2008

Inquest opens into death of ex-BNP councillor

A post-mortem has been held following the death of former Burnley councillor Luke Smith.
The 26-year-old was found hanged from a tree on a bridle path next to the Princess Royal pub in Yorkshire Street on Sunday. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 5-43 p.m. The post-mortem was carried out at Burnley General Hospital on Tuesday, but toxicological tests are also being carried out. An inquest has been opened and adjourned while tests are carried out.

The former British National Party councillor was voted into the Lanehead ward in 2003 but resigned the same year over what he claimed was lack of support from the party's national leadership. At the time of his death he was said to be suffering from mental health problems.

Mr Smith, of Brunshaw Road, was a former pupil at Towneley High School, had previously trained as a gas fitter and was a lifelong fan of Burnley Football Club. His funeral service will be held on Tuesday at 11-15 a.m. at St Catherine's CE Church in Todmorden Road, and then at Burnley Crematorium at noon.

Burnley Express


Ex said...

To find out news about the BNP, callers have to ring an 0906 number (0906 553 2245) costing £1 a minute. The average time you are kept on the phone is seven minutes, meaning gri££in is creaming in the money from this despicable scam.

How many mugs are keeping the One Eyed Monster in champagne thanks to their gullability.

It's disgusting.

ex-bnp said...

Absolutly, he is a vile greedy piece of work interested in only himself and the dirty little cult he has built around him. I know this is true because I know him personally.

Anonymous said...

What Nice Mr. Griffin operate a phone scam? Well I never.

Anonymous said...

i do hope griffin and his muppets are not into voodoo along with everything else, with the number of his members who have popped their clogs so far this year can you imagine all of those zombies north of the watford gap.

talk about night of the living dead.