July 16, 2008

News from the fringe world that is the BNP

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Here’s a roundup of odd and interesting tit-bits from the fringe world that is the BNP.

BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes in support for convicted race-hate pair

The BNP’s legal director Lee Barnes has come out in support of recently convicted neo-nazis and holocaust deniers currently on the run, former BNP organiser Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle.

In an article entitled, ‘The Shepherd Trial - ILLEGAL AND UNLAWFUL’, Lee Barnes claims that the conviction of former BNP organiser Simon Sheppard is “unlawful”, and that both Sheppard and Whittle “should not have been found guilty”.

And, on rumours that Sheppard and Whittle have fled to the Turkish part of Cyprus, Lee Barnes still manages to fit in the following stupid and racist comment:

No doubt the shepherd two are on a beach somewhere surrounded by swarthy cypriots”.

Lee Barnes is himself no stranger to anti-Jewish writings. Lancaster Unity’s article, ‘BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes’ June bout of anti-Jewish madness’, exposed Lee Barnes as a plagiariser of anti-Jewish material from one of the internet’s most racist sites, Jew Watch.

BNP thug wants to sell alcohol at the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival

Despite the BNP being banned from selling alcohol at its upcoming Red, White and Blue (RWB) festival in Denby, BNP organiser David Shapcott has nevertheless issued a notice to Amber Valley Borough Council over his determination to sell alcohol at the RWB drinking fest. But, we think that someone should remind both Amber Valley Borough Council and the local police about the violent tendencies of David Shapcott.

David Shapcott threatened to murder an anti-racist activist by putting him “six feet under” for daring to distribute a leaflet that highlighted the conviction of a BNP candidate on terrorism charges. Perhaps David Shapcott and drink aren’t the best combination.

Country as subordinate to the Party? That Wigan BNP letter

We recently reviewed the letter Wigan BNP sent to BNP leader Nick Griffin earlier this year to express its despondency over the continual internal rebellions that plague the BNP. The most telling statement in that letter is contained in the last paragraph:

Party and country

(The full paragraph is: "We hope and pray for a speedy, sensible and amicable conclusion to this sorry dispute or our Party and country are doomed").

It’s a very intriguing statement. Wigan BNP, when they refer to the BNP, use a capital ‘P’ to begin the word ‘Party’. Yet, the juxtaposition with ‘country’ is interesting: they only begin ‘country’ with a lower case ‘c’. It seems that the ‘country’ is subordinate to the ‘Party’ i.e. the BNP. So, it seems Party, the BNP, precedes country. It could be argued that this is typical of fascist ideology - that it consecrates the ‘Party’ as the re-incarnation of the ‘country’ and the BNP is pretty much reflective of this. In other words, the ‘Party’ becomes the only legitimate form of national expression.

Ex-BNP councillor's racist post on ‘Indians as the new Jews’

It seems that that crazy anti-Jewish racist and former BNP councillor Simon Smith (whom we understand still sits as an independent councillor in Sandwell) has managed to combine two racisms into one single utterance when he writes on his blog, nationalisttruth1 (which is touted by some of the nutzi posters on Stormfront as a good read), that ‘Indians are the new Jews’. Twat. Simon Smith claims that British Indians:

tend to worship money far too much. I don't think the indigenous population will put up with being exploited by them when they are short of bread but may well vote for them for the time being in the circus of a talent show

And, BNP leader Nick Griffin doesn’t worship money through all his scams eh? Perhaps Simon Smith should stick to writing anti-Jewish letters to The Daily Telegraph and posting hundreds of anti-Jewish posts on Stormfront. Let's remind outselves of what Simon Smith said when he was a BNP councillor:

"White working class scum will be swept away by a future BNP government."

"I'm no apologist for white working class scum"

Yeah, and we don't apologise for fascist idiots such as you Simon Smith.

BNP candidate calls for boycott of World Cup 2010

It has come to our attention that on a South African website BNP candidate Michelle Shrubb (a white South African who stood for Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale in Harrogate) is calling for a boycott of the soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa! Here’s an extract from the posting about Michelle Shrubb’s pointless campaign:

'Hi all Bloggers, a very good friend of mine who is currently living in the UK sent this mail to me yesterday. If anyone would like to assist her in her campagne, it would be much appreciated. You are welcome to e-mail her at: michelleshrubb007@hotmail.co.uk. Its pretty long, but worth the read. Please don't shoot the messenger if you don't like it! Thank You

"Hello there. If you have a moment or two to read this, I will be sincerely grateful.

My name is Michelle and I am currently embarking on a campaign to highlight the dangers foreign tourists will face whilst visiting SA during the soccer world cup in 2010 ...

I suggest hitting the very nerve that has kept SA in the limelight of late - The Soccer World Cup 2010. I am embarking on a campaign to enlighten the public of Britain, Europe and beyond, of the real DANGERS facing every single tourist who travels to South Africa for the Soccer World Cup 2010.

I personally cannot understand how SA was chosen to host the SWC 2010 - Did FIFA not do it's homework on SA's record for being the crime capital of the world? ..."'

This is the same Michelle Shrubb interviewed in The Times newspaper:

"Michelle Shrubb, a [BNP] candidate who lived in South Africa, says that a black crimewave is coming to Britain."

Now, why is a BNP candidate trying to interfere with the sovereignty and progress of another country? It seems that Michelle Shrubb is another bitter apartheid exile angry at her loss of privilege in the new free, democratic South Africa and has sought solace in the BNP. But, we do find Michelle Shrubb’s nickname, ‘Headbutt’, endearing.

FHM journalist shudders at his chance encounter with BNP leader Nick Griffin

Behind all the BNP’s claims it’s not racist, lies a very racist mindset. This from journalist Grub Smith in the July 2008 edition of FHM magazine on his chilling encounter with BNP leader Nick Griffin:

...I had gone to a party, and the only person I knew there was a guy named Paul. We had been at University together in the '80s and although I liked him a lot, he had since become a born-again Christian.

He had it bad. He was one of those guys who hasn't seen the light, but been blinded by it. For example, when he asked me how I was, I mentioned that I had earache. Immediately, he clasped my hand to my ear and said, "Jesus, cure your servant's ear."
All the same, it was a relief when he suggested that we go and say hello to a chum of his who was also at the party. So long as it wasn't actually the Pope, I couldn't see how things could get worse. But they did. His friend was a slightly overweight man in his mid-forties, and as I shook his hand I realised that his face ringed a bell. Then he introduced himself. Nick Griffin, head of the BNP.

A queasy feeling washed around my stomach. This was the man who had been accused of fascism, of being Britain's answer to the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. As a Guardian reader the correct course of action was to punch him in the face and then wash my hands thoroughly with disinfectant. Or at the very least, to walk away.

I did neither. No, trapped in the headlights of my own social unease, my principled response was to say, "Oh, very nice to meet you, Nick. Fancy a drink?" And after buying him a pint, I hung around making approving noises while he got on his soapbox. I can't remember much of what he said, but the constant refrain was, "We are not a racist party, you know."...

...when the party ended, Griffin offered to give [Paul] a lift. He also said he'd drop me at a Tube station if I fancied it.
But my worst moment as a right-wing collaborator was yet to come. There were five of us in the car, including Mrs Griffin and a beefy-looking chauffeur/bodyguard type, and as we drove through the darkened streets of east London, we came to a zebra crossing. With unfortunate timing, a Muslim woman dressed from head to toe in a black hijab was stepping off the pavement. "I'm legally allowed to run her over if she's on the black lines because she's invisible," came a voice from the front of the car, which was greeted with much guffawing from the passengers. The words, "we are not a racist party" echoed in my head and my blood turned to ice. But when Griffin turned round to look at me, I didn't say a word of criticism. I just sat there smiling at him with dead lips”.

More knives out for failed BNP Cranbrook candidate

Many of you are aware that last week BNP candidate Anthony Young came last when he polled a very popular 37 votes in Redbridge’s Cranbrook ward. Anthony Young complained to a local newspaper that he was forced by the BNP into standing for the election. Readers will also recollect that the reaction from BNP deputy leader, Simon Darby, was: “He shouldn't really be coming up with statements like that .. I would suggest that he won't be standing again”. Having failed to ingratiate himself with the BNP hierarchy, an anonymous BNP member then posted the following attack on Anthony Young on the pro-Tyndallite BNP blog, NorthwestNationalists:

"Anonymous said...

Living in Redbridge he should've known it was pointless standing - so why do it? For anyone interested he is a former member of the Communist Party & his dead ex-wife was a Jewess.

11 July 2008 23:15"

It's all love in the BNP! We also find it interesting, and this may be a coincidence, that ex-solicitor Anthony Young lives in the same street as the last couple to be hung in Britain for murder, Federick Bywaters and Edith Thompson. We can’t help but think that some elements in the BNP may also have the noose in mind for Anthony Young. We also wonder if, in line with his losing streak, Anthony Young also represented Bywaters and Thompson at the Old Bailey?

‘High’ BNP vs. ‘Low’ BNP - otherwise known as Gregory Lauder-Frost vs. Martin Wingfield

Whilst BNP members seem dysfunctionally able to unite themselves along the lines of ‘race’, they can’t quite seem to conquer that class divide between 'Lord-of-the-Manor' BNP (read former Tory members of the now disbanded Monday Club and current members of the Conservative Democratic Alliance) and ‘Aspirational Bourgeoisie’ BNP (read ‘I don’t want pakis moving into my Home Counties culs-de-sac’). So, it’s with some interest that one reads the reaction of one batty BNP member, convicted fraudster, failed arms dealer and former bankrupt Gregory Lauder-Frost, to the proposals by another batty BNP member, comprehensive-educated Martin Wingfield (the BNP’s newspaper editor), to abolish all public schools. Now, that didn’t go down too well with Gregory Lauder-Frost, a self-appointed feudal lord over the Scottish lowlands, who seems to think that Martin Wingfield is some raging working-class Red:

People like Wingfield write from a position of ignorance. Having had a private education, and having had my daughter as a boarder, and having numerous friends in the same position, I have over the years visited many private (Public) schools. Most seemed quite down at heel and most still had desks with the hole in them for the old inkwells. Boarding facilities were generally spartan. Buildings often dated from the 16th and 17th centuries. The only rooms better equipped were science labs and libraries, and sports facilities were generally superior. Almost none of my teachers had Dip Eds, just ordinary degrees in their chosen subjects, and until very recently and the nationwide shortage of teachers, they were generally paid less in the private sector.

But the standards of education are higher because the school and its staff are more dedicated to an ethos and, importantly, know that if their school consistantly underperforms, no-one will pay to send their children there.

Mr Wingfield is as bad as any socialist with his dogma. Like them, he doesn't wish to mention Grammar Schools.

We have had Grammar Schools in this country for at least 600 years. Until the 20th century they were nearly all supported by voluntary contributions. They afforded obviously bright children from ordinary backgrounds the opportunity to excell and to go far, an opportunity which would be denied them in a huge class of children in a comprehensive where students cannot move that much further ahead than the slowest dumbell in the class. Like Public Schools, discipline at Grammar Schools was strict and disruptives and those who slacked off were out. We all know that discipline in comprehensives is appalling, to a large degree because of liberal-left legislation forbidding it, and because of trendy leftie staff or both. In addition peer pressure in comprehensives is dreadful and only the very strong emerge unscathed. Country-wide evidence shows they are a minority. The young people I see in society today largely resemble dregs.

That is the reason so many privately educated children succeed in getting entrance to the better universities. And rest assured those morons with degrees in 'Media Studies' don't come from families with that "old school tie".

So Mr Wingfield's knowledge of education is sadly wanting.

Lastly, in any free society, if parents wish to privately educate their children, they should be fully permitted to do so. Who is Mr Wingfield (and the leftist ideologues he echoes) to dictate to the populance how they may educate their children?

Martin Wingfield – you socialist scum, why aren’t you working as a butler in the Lauder-Frost house (it’s a smart SW1 address)? Know your proletariat station in life! Oh well, never mind Wingfield - after all, the ‘nation’ is class-based as much as it is race-based and your racial comrades (or in BNP speak, ‘nationalist’) like Gregory Lauder-Frost will always be on hand to remind someone like you of that fact.

¡No Pasarán!


WPA said...

"No doubt the shepherd two are on a beach somewhere surrounded by swarthy cypriots"

Sounds like Barnes is jealous to me.

Marianne said...

The latest is that Sheppard and Whittle were detained by US immigration at Los Angeles airport. I hear that US prisons can be very unpleasant.

Watmough - Wat A Joke!!! said...

Glue Bags Watmough has been trolling, calling himself "Concerned Of Patagonia" in his lastest half-baked troll attempt, defending Redwatch on the latest thread. Why the fuck does this cretin bother?

Instead of posting complete and absolute shite on the internet, Watmough should be preparing to share a cell with fellow paedoes and grasses White and Whittle.

Mark shelford said...

Sheppard, Whittle, Watmough and white will all hopefully share the same cell, when the two missing nazis are extradited back to Leeds. Perhaps Bumbrook might turn up to shoot a homosexual "art house movie", as they are all gayer than a camp row of tents.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece!

Marilia Magalhaes said...

Dear "Headbutt"

I have only read your attempt to boycott 2010 and have to give by strong opinion.
Why don't you take your head from your butt, and start thinking about the well fare of those you left behind when you immigrated to the UK? instead of being selfish and self conceited in your endeavours? Unless you did not leave any family, or, friends behind . Good possibility you have no friends

Have you realized that by scaring people off from attending 2010 you are doing more harm then good?!.... If tourists keep away there will be no revenue coming in, no revenue will mean less jobs, and we will not be able to recruit more policemen, or raise the salaries of present Police Force.

Why is crime so high? Because of our police force.

Why is our police force not in control?

Let me give you some insight, obviously you need it.

Our Police are the worst paid. Even during the apartheid era our police took home, +- R1000.00.

Yes,they had house subsidy, but in what areas of Durban where they able to afford a home? the worst. Areas where the children grow up, and marry into the same circle, and never have a prosperous future. Generations after generation leaving in the same rut of life.


Most of the police that went and go into the force, either did/do it for their passion to serve (these were the good police), the rest went/go into the force because they failed matric, or did not have entrance grades to University.
The good ones that had passion to be Policemen after a few years, they would get despondent as they carried on struggling in life, while their friends and families in other professions were living in good suburbs, had good cars, were able to send their kids to good schools, and not schools like Addington and Port Natal. result the good Policemen would and will eventually leave the force while the losers stay.

Note Ms Shrubb all this was already happening under the apartheid Government.

I was a Police Reserve, did not get paid for it, did it for passion to serve my community, under the old, and new Government. I know what I am talking about. I was also involved in CPFs and Neighbourhood Watches,
I know the conditions our men and women in blue worked, and work under. The Police Stations are revolting, There was a Detective Branch that my son organized them toilette paper, as the budget did not make provisions for it. I donated my fax machine (unfortunately a very old one) to Berea Police station. They did not own one.
There were not enough Bullet Proof Vests. Only a quota of Petrol per month were provided to Police stations.
It was so demoralizing that I resigned as a Reserve.
I helped to raise funds to start the first Trauma Room in Mayville Police Station. I helped to get paint donated,then downed overalls and helped with the painting of their offices.
What have you, Michelle Shrubb done for our Police Force, or our Country, besides leaving and trying to boycott us that were left behind?

I must confess, you leaving South Africa is our gain, and the UK loss.

Please do not ever come back to South Africa, we do not need you, and leave 2010 alone.