September 20, 2009

Alert over BNP cash for Scottish charities

Scotland’s leading fund-raising body has warned charities to beware of undeclared donations from the British National Party after a number of good causes claimed they were duped into accepting money from the far-right group.

The Institute of Fundraising Scotland (IFS) said that suspicious donors should be vetted after the BNP was accused of giving to charities under false pretences.

The BNP website claims it has given funds to charities including the Gurkha Welfare Trust, the Down’s Syndrome Association and Troop Aid. However, the charities say they have never knowingly accepted money from the party. They believe the money was given by individuals who did not declare their BNP affiliation. They intend to ask the BNP to remove any reference to them from its website.

The BNP’s supposed charitable work emerged after its Scottish branch said it had donated money to a Lanarkshire-based charity for ex-servicemen.

The IFS said organisations should be wary of BNP activities. “We would advise charities to ask questions if they have any suspicions about an individual,” said a spokesman. “If an individual raises money from the public and donates it to a charity without being open about their link to the BNP then that would be in breach of one of our codes.”

Colonel William Shuttlewood, a director of the Gurkha Welfare Trust, said it would never knowingly accept money from the BNP. He said: “We are very firmly a non-political organisation and we want to keep it that way, especially when Gurkhas themselves are a political issue.”

The BNP also claimed it had raised more than £4,000 for Troop Aid, which supports injured service personnel. Al Sutton, chairman of Troop Aid, said: “We are not associated with any political party, especially the BNP.”

The Down’s Syndrome Association denied a claim on the BNP website that it had asked the party to help it raise funds.

Last month the BNP said it had given money to FEBA, a Scottish veterans charity. Tommy Moffat, the charity’s founder, said he did not know he was dealing with the BNP when he was approached. He felt he had to accept the money as his organisation was in dire need.

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator advised charities to decline donations that might conflict with their work.

John Walker, a spokesman for the BNP, said: “The money is raised by individual BNP members sometimes at party meetings but it is not party money. They are donating as private individuals. The BNP supports these charities and we are just trying to raise money among our membership for them.”

Times Online


Anonymous said...

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Antifascist said...

'fuckin brilliant lyrics , just missing something about you dope smoking unwashed paedos'

So tell us, what's it like being so fucking stupid that you can't even post your comment in the correct place?

Anonymous said...

This is typical lies from Nazis, Griffin claimed that he past on a donation that was paid into his personal bank account on to his sham trade union, I wonder when their books will be checked to see if this every happened? These Fascists must to watched all the time!

Anonymous said...

Nice comment from a supporter of the
Party !!

Old Sailor

iliacus said...

In the past year or so I've given money to various good causes - children's hospices, overseas good causes (maybe not a BNP favourite), conservation causes.

I also happen to be a Lib Dem.

So .... would the Lib Dem's national website run a story saying:

Liberal Democrat Party backs charities.

I think not.

BNP = shameless t***s

Anonymous said...

They can give me a few spare quid.

West Midlands Unity said...

Hang on a minute the BNP apprently give donations to the "Gurkha Welfare Trust" -what!? after Gri££in "cleverly" stated:

"We don't think the most overcrowded country in Europe, can realistically say, 'Look, you can all come and all your relatives.'

"When the Gurkhas signed up - frankly as mercenaries - they expected a pension which would allow them to live well in their own country"

Anonymous said...

Leicestershire BNP blog (sorry, "Community Voice") carries this item:

Andy Joyce, a committee member of Leicester Speedway Supporters' Club in charge of Publicity, is asking for sponsorship of an exciting and worthwhile event happening this coming Saturday. He says:

"On Saturday 19th September I will be cycling to Skegness from Leicester with 2 time cycle speedway world champion David Hemsley. The ride is sponsored in aid of Leicester Speedway Supporters Club and The Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund (SRBF). We would both very much appreciate it if you could sponsor us in any way you can.

bee said...

Dope Smoking: - Looney Lee Barnes

Paedos: - Mark Collett, Dave Hannam, plus many others.

The BNP neo-nazi troll should look amongst his anti-social ilk before making such braindead remarks on any thread, lol