September 28, 2009

Swanley: Residents say BNP councillor has 'done nothing' for the area

A BNP councillor has done nothing for his ward since being elected, residents and councillors say.

Paul Golding was voted in as councillor for the Swanley St Mary’s ward of Sevenoaks District Council in February after being the first ever British National Party member to stand in the area. At the time the 27-year-old said his success was down to a “professional and pro-active campaign knocking on every door in Swanley” and the promise of “change for the area”.

He said: “Native British people are sick of being treated like second-class citizens in their own country. They are bottom of the list for council houses after asylum seekers and foreigners. I will do my best to sort out the problems.”

However, a council spokesman said Cllr Golding has not joined any council committees, which make decisions on key issues in Swanley. And residents of the St Mary’s ward say he has not been in touch with them since the election or championed their concerns to the council.

John Dudley, of St Mary’s Road, said: “The only time I saw him was when he was canvassing - they really put the pressure on and were here every day. But since then we have not heard anything from him.” The 73-year-old added: “He should be doing more to represent the ward and find out what the people want.”

Cherry Avenue resident Ronald Gasson, 76, agreed, saying: “In my opinion he only showed interest in us to get votes and doesn’t care about us now he’s been elected.”

Labour councillor for the Swanley St Mary’s ward John Underwood says he has seen no evidence of Cllr Golding being active in the area. He said: “He is not on any committees, doesn’t say anything at full council meetings and constituents have told me he is hard to reach, so I don’t see how he can be making a difference.”

Conservative councillor for the Swanley Christchurch and Swanley Village ward Robert Brookbank said he has only seen Cllr Golding at full council meetings. He said: “I’m not sure he has done anything.”

Cherry Avenue resident Joan White says she fears people outside of Swanley St Mary’s associate its residents with the BNP and the allegations of racism against the party. The 82-year-old said: “I worry they associate us with the BNP and therefore being racist.”

Cllr Golding was unavailable to respond to the residents’ or councillors’ allegations.

In July News Shopper revealed a Gravesend woman convicted of intimidating an Asian mother was a member of the BNP, after Cllr Golding made a video stating she was not. Helen Forster, aged 32, of Park Place, denied being a member in the video posted on YouTube and the BNP website, but she was registered under a different surname - Colclough.

Cllr Golding says he was unaware Forster was a member of the party under a different name at the time of making the video.

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Anonymous said...

According to the Daily Star, the EDL want to march (and ignite riots) in Oldham nine years after the original riot.

The EDL are not the new BNP. They are the new National Front, and will never bother getting elected ton councils to debate on car parking and dogshit, as most of its members are current or ex-BNP who see Gri££in's involvement in the Euro gravy train as proving elected extreme nationalism a complete and total ego trip.

The EDL Casuals are a racist street army, nothing else!

Anonymous said...

Non-headline of the year

"BNP councillor fucking useless"

Just add him to the loooong list of crap BNP councillors.

NotRocketScientist said...

Indeed, the BNP's masterplan of taking power like Adolf Hitler was seriously misguided. They will never achieve electoral success, and the best they could do was Gri££In's Euro Gravy Train and Dicky Bumbrook's pathetic tribunal bumbling.

All BNP elected members have to disguss indeed is dogshit, double-yellow parking and recycling, issues your average BNP racist have absolutely no interest in, which explains why most if not all BNP councillors cannot be arsed attending meetings and joining committees.

Occasionally they get a chance to piss into the wind with votes on planning permission for mosques, or failed motions about banning Halal meat, but apart from that, there's nothing for elected racists to get their teeth stuck into.

No wonder the BNP vote is falling and members are leaving to join the EDL in their droves.

It's not rocket science!!!

Anonymous said...

The EDL claim not to be racist, have nothing to do with the BNP or NF, and the BNP claim they want nothing to do with the EDL.

How come then, that on EDL's facebook events page many people who are attending these marches are members of the BNP? Weird huh?

Troll Hayta said...

Simon Darby's Stormfront Troll Army has been busy trolling the BBC forum, leading the BBC exceutives to believe that 99% of the British public support the BNP.

Sadly the BBC believe that the Stornfronter posts are a genuine reflection of public opinion.

As soon as a story hits the press, links are published on Stormfront and the trolls get tapping away at their keyboards like demented woodpeckers, logging in with dozens of fake identities!

iliacus said...

"BNP councillor has done nothing for the area"

Typical BNP councillor then !

Pete Green said...

Another hopeless BNP councillor. Surprise!!!

Anonymous said...

The EDL claim not to be racist, have nothing to do with the BNP or NF, and the BNP claim they want nothing to do with the EDL.

Don't know why the posters brought this up on this particular thread but as an earlier poster said some of the BNP members are attracted to the EDL way of doing things in spite of both leaderships wishes. That is not rocket science either!

Anonymous said...

Golding has been very busy as a matter of fact.

Busy with British heritage,

Busy with Operation fightback

Busy driving the Lorry

He has almost as many BNP jobs as Darby does, little wander he doesnt have much time for sevenoaks council or his swanley ward.