September 19, 2009

Neo-Nazi Group Glorify Murder of Minorities

The Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) urges the police to take action against the UK wing of the neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour (B&H). The group is currently distributing music CDs which encourage hatred and acts of terror against ethnic minorities, contrary to both the Public Order Act 1986 and the Terrorism Act 2000.

B&H, an international neo-Nazi organisation, promotes extremist music and live concerts by neo-Nazi rock bands. B&H openly states its admiration for Hitler and the Third Reich and its Field Manual claims that ‘National Socialism is the ideology of the national revolutionary movement which Blood & Honour represents’.

Incitement lyrics

B&H’s east Scotland wing, the ‘Highlander Division’, is currently selling a variety of neo-Nazi music CDs via its Highlander East Coast (HEC) website. All of the following song lyrics are taken from albums currently on sale on the Blood & Honour website.

The materials incite hatred and violence against:

Black and Asian communities

We’ll bomb your cities, destroy your towns
Wipe out the scum, kill all the browns
Hang politicians and waste the police

Until I’m feeling better, the murder will not cease!

['Bomb the Cities', from the Blue Eyed Devils' album Murder Squad]

Non white scum we’re gonna kill you
Slit your throat and watch you die
Time to crush the brown eyed subrace

Strangle, beat and crucify

Total destruction of all non whites
Right now is it time to attack
Take your guns, go shoot and kill
Cause the jew government won’t send them back

['Vandalize and Victimize', from the Blue Eyed Devils' album Murder Squad]

Nigger lover! Race traitor!
Walk in shame and hide your face

On your knees, my gun to your head
Worthless scum you know what lies ahead
With the pull of the trigger, now you’re dead!

['Hate Filled Mind', from the Blue Eyed Devils' album Murder Squad]:

Bang, bang - watch ‘em die
Watch those niggers drop like flies

['Bang, Bang', from Berserkr album Crush the Weak]

Jewish communities

Death to the ones from the underground
All I hear is victory’s call
My nation’s honor rising above all
I regret nothing that I’ve done
I’ve seen so many through the sights of my gun
But to kill for the Reich is my job

A soldier in my nation’s murder squad

My orders are simple, plain and clear
Murder on command and have no fear
In my heart I know what’s right

To do what I must for my nation’s fight

Traitors are hung and others shot dead
Kill the jew and cut off his head
Destroy the enemy and his lies
Send the filth to an early demise

['Murder Squad' by Blue Eyed Devils album of the same name]

This is only a small example of a wide range of material which contains similar language.

Other titles on sale include: ‘Fueled by Hate’, ‘Force Fed Hate’, ‘Genocidal Hate’, ‘Spread the Hate’, ‘Anthems of Hate’, ‘Operation Racewar’, ‘Race Riot’, ‘People Take the Gun’, ‘Aryan Revolution’, ‘Jew Boys’, ‘Don’t Buy From Jews’, ‘Jew Boy ‘98′, ‘Killing Spree’ and ‘Ovens Again’.

The album cover art includes images of black men hanging from the gallows in segregation-era America, and ‘Crush the Weak’ by Berserkr features a photograph of piles of dead Jews.

Glorification of Terrorism

B&H is not, at present, a proscribed organisation in the UK, as in the past it has stopped just short of advocating terrorist activities. B&H nonetheless states in its field manual that those who carry out terrorist actions in the name of neo-Nazism ‘must be respected rather than condemned’ and considers those who condemn neo-Nazi violence to be ‘pathetic’ and ‘cowardly’.

The Terrorism Act 2006 widened the criteria for proscription under the Terrorism Act 2000 to include the glorification of terrorism. Accordingly, a group which publishes or disseminates material glorifying acts or terror is liable for proscription.

B&H speaks approvingly of ‘lone wolf’ terrorists as follows:

“Die-hard ‘Nazis’ not comfortable in any watered-down, democratic outfit, still have an option through leaderless resistance and direct action. [...] These lone white wolves must be respected and left alone to stalk the worst enemies of our race. They expect no support and assistance but they deserve acknowledgement and understanding.”

Inciting Racial Hatred

According to the Public Order Act 1986, individuals who distribute recordings of visual images or sounds which are threatening and abusive are guilty if they either intend to or are likely to stir up racial hatred.

The HEC website is hosted by an American server in an apparent attempt to circumnavigate the UK’s anti-racist legislation. Although prosecuting individuals for what they post on foreign servers has long been a difficult task, a precedent was set by the Sheppard & Whittle case where the Crown Prosecution Service convicted both men for incitement to racial hatred based on material posted on US based websites.

While the HEC website is hosted in the US, the CDs it advertises are sold and distributed within the UK, and the return address for faulty goods is a mailbox at a storage centre in Dundee. The individuals who administrate the B&H HEC site are required to comply with UK legislation regarding the sale and distribution of recorded material.

Edmund Standing, author of recent CSC report ‘The BNP and the Online Fascist Network’, who has uncovered this information, says:

“The activities of Blood & Honour and the individuals associated with it should be taken very seriously by the Home Office. The recent rise in arrests and convictions of white supremacists shows that the materials disseminated by Blood & Honour are more than just words, and there are people who are willing to act on them.”

“The dissemination of such materials is a threat to all minority communities in the UK and should be of concern to Jewish and Muslim communities, with the latter in particular facing a demonstrable rise in persecution from neo-Nazis and far right bigots.”

Also being sold on the HEC site:

A nice selection of BNP merchandise…

This is a Centre for Social Cohesion Press Briefing relating to research by Edmund Standing

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Anonymous said...

The similarity between the HEC and Excalibur pages shouldn't be missed either.

West Midlands Unity said...

Well after reading some of those mentally fucked up lyrics I for one am glad & proud to be a race traitor :)

Race traitor pride, world-wide!!

West Midlands Unity said...

Edit: Just created my very first antifascist blog primarily for The West Midlands (but it will still report on fascist goings-on elsewhere round the country)

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Raymond said...

More proof that the likes of the BNP must be stopped by force and not treated like a normal democratic party. Is it undemocratic to stop people wanting to murder "race traitors" and non-whites? Why should we offer them rights that they would only gladly deny people of differing opinion/ skin colour?

Antifascist said...

Excellent stuff, Jamie. Bravo for that. Feel free to use any of our posts if you feel the need. As soon as I've got a bit of spare time I'll put in a few links that I've neglected (including yours).

Anonymous said...

Dave Howard Sheffield BNP is a dealer

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@ Antifascist

Thanks, alot mate :)

You are very welcomed to do the same!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, alot mate :)

You are very welcomed to do the same!

Whens your first bumfest you dirty homo fuckers

Antifascist said...

'Whens your first bumfest you dirty homo fuckers'

You seem to be confusing being polite with being gay.

'you dirty homo fuckers'

Perhaps you ought to ask your glorious leader about his relationship with Martin Webster. Or will you be calling Griffin a 'dirty homo fucker' next time you meet him?