September 13, 2009

Do the BNP and EFP leadership still believe in the mass slaughter of billions?

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In November 1995, the guest speaker at the BNP's annual rally in London, was the most extreme fascist party leader that the world has ever produced since Hitler, the late William Pierce (1933-2002), who led the National Alliance splinter group from the American Nazi Party. In Pierce's 1978 novel, "The Turner Diaries", which he wrote under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald, fascists use nuclear weapons, terrorist bombings, and other methods to wipe out all of the world's Jews and non-white people, or, in other words, billions of people. The novel can be read online though if you want to read it, you'll have to find it yourself because we're not linking to it.

Not surprisingly, when the then Home Secretary, Michael Howard, found out about Pierce's 1995 visit to London, he banned him from visiting the UK for life. See an obituary of Pierce here, which was written by the late John Tyndall (1934-2005), the BNP leader who invited him to London, to read about Howard's lifetime ban.

Pierce also wanted to kill many white people. In his July 26, 2002 obituary in "The Independent" newspaper, you can read:
When writing The Turner Diaries, he recounted in a radio broadcast in 1997,

"I wanted to take all of the feminist agitators and propagandists and all of the race-mixing fanatics and all of the mass media bosses and all of the bureaucrats and politicians who were collaborating with them, and I wanted to put them up against a wall, in batches of a thousand or so at a time, and machine-gun them."
Pierce's novel, which is very well known in international far right circles, has sold nearly 500,000 copies, which is why the FBI has described it as "the bible of the racist right" (see an April 3, 2000 article on the website of "The Guardian", "Gospels of hate that slip through the net", to see how many copies the novel has sold, and the FBI quote), and which is why a prominent American Jewish anti-fascist group, the Anti-Defamation League, has described the novel as,
"One of the most widely read and cited books on the far-right".
So, is it conceivable that John Tyndall did not know about Pierce's pro-murdering billions of people views when he asked him to be the guest speaker at the BNP's November 1995 annual rally, seventeen years after Pierce's novel had been published, and did Tyndall also secretly wish that he could kill billions of Jews and non-white people?

Pierce's National Alliance does not stand in elections like the BNP, so Pierce did not have to worry about his insane ideas putting voters off his party, but the BNP does stand in elections, which may explain why Tyndall never openly said that he shared Pierce's views.

The British anti-fascist magazine "Searchlight" has said of the popularity of "The Turner Diaries" in Tyndall era BNP circles:
"The growing influence of US nazi ideas was illustrated in November 1995 when William Pierce, leader of the National Alliance, addressed the BNP annual rally. Pierce was also the author of The Turner Diaries, a fictional account of a race war which, it has been claimed, inspired Timothy McVeigh to carry out the Oklahoma bombing. By the mid-1990s The Turner Diaries was better known on the British right than Mein Kampf."

(Searchlight feature, "A century of British fascism", "1990 to 1999: Ballot box to bomb - fighting on all fronts").
In the earler mentioned "Independent" obituary of Pierce, you can read:
"His influence on Britain was incendiary: after reading another novel of his called Hunter [in which the hero travels around killing various types of people who fascists do not like, for example, interracial couples, journalists, and politicians]...[Tyndall era] British National Party members began a sticker campaign against "mongrelisation", and attacked a mixed-race couple in a London pub."
"Hunter" was dedicated to an American racist serial killer, Joseph Paul Franklin, a former American Nazi Party and Ku Klux Klan member who has been accused of 20 racist murders. Franklin also confessed to shooting the American pornographer Larry Flynt, plotted to assassinate the African American politician Jesse Jackson, and threatened to assassinate US President Jimmy Carter because of his pro-black civil rights views.

Nick Griffin, who was famously convicted for inciting racial hatred after he denied the Holocaust in a 1998 article for the BNP magazine "The Rune", claims that the BNP has become a respectable democratic political party since he took over its leadership from its hardline pro-Nazi founder, John "Mein Kampf is my bible" Tyndall, who led the BNP from when he founded it in 1982 until 1999, but I will show in a moment that respectable Holocaust-denier Nick Griffin's claim may be as incorrect as his view of the Holocaust.

See the Conservative Party blog webpage here to see a picture of Tyndall in a Nazi uniform, and to see the "Mein Kampf is my bible" quote.

Tyndall stayed at Pierce's home in 1979 when he was in the US, and put Pierce up at his home when he visited Britain in 1995, as Tyndall admitted in his 2002 Pierce obituary, "A Great Man Passes On", so personally I really do not have much doubt that Tyndall secretly shared William "Great Man" Pierce's wish to kill billions of people.

If Holocaust denier Nick Griffin's claim that the BNP has become respectable since the Tyndall era is correct, he must have at least distanced himself from Pierce, because of his murderous views, but a "Searchlight" webpage has alleged that Griffin was close to Pierce: "Dr. William Pierce, who before his recent death was one of the world's foremost neo-Nazis and [allegedly] a close ally of Nick Griffin."

That webpage, which is here, also states that Griffin's pamphlet, "Who Are the Mindbenders?", which listed Jews in the British media, was inspired by a Pierce article and pamphlet about Jews in the American media, "Who Runs America?"

A Northamptonshire Racial Equality online article, also alleges that Griffin based his pamphlet on Pierce's article and pamphlet: "Mindbenders is [allegedly] based on Who Rules America?, a similar pamphlet written by Dr. William Pierce, one of the world's foremost neo-Nazis and a self-confessed ally of Nick Griffin."

The same article also said: "The BNP has a long relationship with William Pierce...In August 1999, Pierce addressed an American Friends of the BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia...Pierce's articles regularly appeared in Spearhead when it was the official BNP magazine, and in 1995 he addressed a BNP rally in London."

So, does Nick Griffin secretly wish that he could also kill billions? He became the BNP leader in September 1999, the month after Pierce spoke to the AFBNP meeting, but he was allegedly a "close ally" of Pierce, and allegedly based his pamphlet on an article and pamphlet which was written by Pierce.

Does Nick Griffin also have the same kind of kill mass media owners fantasies that Pierce had, because on August 11, 1996, Griffin was quoted in the "Wales on Sunday" newspaper as having said: "The politicians, those in charge of the mass media, police chiefs and others responsible for creating this multi-racial hell hole must face trial and pay the ultimate penalty."? That quote is also in the just cited Nothamptonshire Racial Equality Council online article noted above.

What about Mark Cotterill, the founder, and original leader of the England First Party splinter group from the BNP, who was an EFP councillor in Blackburn from 2006 to 2007, and an EFP candidate for Preston City Council in 2009? He went to see William Pierce, and said that he spent three of the most enjoyable and interesting days of his life talking to him, so does Cotterill secretly wish that he too could kill billions of people?

In "Hands Across the Water", an article about the American Friends of the BNP group which was published in the Fall 2001 issue of "Intelligence Report", the quarterly magazine of the American civil rights law firm the Southern Poverty Law Center, you can read:
"His [Cotterill's] networking in the United States began in 1993, when he visited neo-Nazi William Pierce at his National Alliance headquarters in West Virginia.

"'I managed to talk to Dr. Pierce in depth", he wrote later. 'I had three of the most interesting and enjoyable days of my life there, and I hope to make a return visit in the near future.'

"In 1995, Cotterill moved to the United States. He was the U.S. distributor of the British far right publication Right Now! and corresponded with future BNP leader Nick Griffin."
Go here to read the full article about the AFBNP, which was founded by Cotterill. As the article points out, Pierce's "The Turner Diaries" was sold at AFBNP meetings.

According to an Anti-Defamation League webpage in 1999, Pierce gave a speech in Thessaloniki, Greece to members of far right parties from Greece, Portugal, Romania, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria, and South Africa, and given how well known "The Turner Diaries" is in far right circles, is it conceivable that the leaders of those parties also did not know about Pierce advocating multiple genocides, 21 years after his "bible of the racist right" novel had been published? Do the leaders of those far right parties secretly wish that they too could kill billions of people?

Pierce's novel is not simply a far right fantasy which will never inspire violence, because it is no secret that a number of fascist terrorists were inspired by it (Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, London nail bomber David Copeland, and three American terrorist groups, the Order, the New Order, and the Aryan Republican Army). See the already cited "Guardian" and "Independent" articles, a webpage of the already mentioned and highly respected American civil rights law firm, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and especially the already cited Anti-Defamation League webpage, to read about "The Turner Diaries" inspiring those terrorists.

The SPLC is highly respected because of its tolerance education, because of its informative quarterly magazine about hate groups, "Intelligence Report", which is widely read in American law enforcement circles, and because its compensation for racist violence lawsuits have bankrupted a number of American fascist organisations and leaders in recent decades.

For example, after the White Aryan Resistance skinhead gang killed an Ethiopian student, an SPLC lawsuit against the group and its leader, forced it to pay over $12 million compensation to the student's son, which led to the seizure of all of the assets of the group and its leader.

Another SPLC lawsuit bankrupted the Aryan Nations group by forcing it to pay over $6 milion to a woman and her son who AN members had shot at and beaten up. AN was forced to sell its famous compound to pay the compensation award.

It would be a good idea if European lawyers began using SPLC type lawsuits to bankrupt the BNP, Nick Griffin, and other European fascist organisations and leaders. No doubt the SPLC would be happy to tell European lawyers how to sue fascist groups and leaders, who could also be sued after homophobic violence, or after other types of violence. This SPLC webpage which discusses some of their lawsuits might be helpful.

It is also no secret that "The Turner Diaries" inspired the most notorious American racist murderers of modern times, John William King, Shawn Allen Berry, and Lawrence Russell Brewer, who battered a black man, James Byrd, Jr., and then shackled him to a truck and drove off. When he was shackling Byrd to the truck, King allegedly said: "We're starting "The Turner Diaries" early." See the ADL webpage to read more about Byrd's murder.

David Copeland said that he planted his three nail bombs in London to spark off a race war which would make white Britons vote BNP, and more "Turner Diaries" inspired fascist terrorism could be round the corner, because if you go to the website of the "Searchlight" magazine, and put the word "terrorism" into its search engine, you will find articles which discuss a number of British would-be terrorists who were members of the BNP, or other British far right groups.

See a HOPE not hate anti-fascist group webpage at to read more about former BNP member David Copeland and his attempt to create a race war to make white Britons vote BNP. The HOPE not hate page has a link to a BBC News profile of Copeland which discusses his BNP membership, and his involvement with them.


ABC said...

Another new writer? Wow. A good article too thanks.

PG said...

Very interesting information about the Turner Diaries. I've heard of it of course, just never read it. I don't think I'll bother.

Antifascist said...

Welcome to LU, Roddy. :-)

Anonymous said...

"It would be a good idea if European lawyers began using SPLC type lawsuits to bankrupt the BNP, Nick Griffin, and other European fascist organisations and leaders."

Nick Griffin has already been declared bankrupt once (or is it twice?), and the BNP has been skirting close to bankruptcy for years. A decent nudge or two should do the job.

Anonymous said...

Is it such a good idea?
Different laws than the sue-culture of the USA, I believe political parties have a great deal more protection than the KKK in America.
And what would it achieve? The BNP is not, in the immediate future, going to gain real power beyond the publicity it generates - a campaign to bankrupt the party through the courts would only fuel the amount of publiicity and symapthy it receives. And if it was bankrupted, what would that mean? Lots of 'indpenedant' candidates being supported by literature very similar to the BNP, getting them 99% of the BNP vote plus a great many wavering voters who would never consider voting BNP, but would vote for the same policies if it was an indpendant, not linked with the same baggage. Already, on SF, there is a lot of talk about the NF, if prosecuted over a whites-only membership as has the BNP, simply becomming a 'National Front Supports Club', which would give money, resources and activists, to support just such 'independant' candidates at elections - John Smith - Independant (backed by the National Front).
Overall, seems the worst of all possible outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Well done Roddy! Great article.


Dave T said...

"Welcome to LU, Roddy. :-)"

Me too.

Anonymous said...

You have missed the main points.

1/.Bankrupts can not stand for election to public office.

2/. Descriptions insinuating support or the like by a political party are not legal and qould get any such independant candidate disqualified.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Is there a typo in this article? The start of paragraph 5 reads "So, is it conceivable" when it looks like it sould read "So, is it inconceivable", thereby stressing that Tyndall must have known, rather than not known, about the book, as suggested in the previous paragraph.

Jamie The Antifascist said...

Very well written article Rodney, felt so much more wiser and informed then I did before, welcome to the Unity :)

Anonymous said...

Points not missed.
Bankrupting the BNP would only stop one or two people from standing, not the entire membership (in fact, I'm pretty sure that bankrupts CAN stand, they just can't take up office if elected); and agree, no independant should be able to list themselves as 'independant - supporting xxx' (although many do). If a party stood as 'Independant National Front' (or whatever) it really wouldn't make any difference to their vote. What I meant was Fred Smith stands, and is listed as, an independant, but campaign literature and such like is produced by the 'National Front Supporters Club', includes a link to them on the leaflet and so forth.
NF voters naturally go for this candidate, but so will quite a few people who would never vote NF (or BNP) but who would support an 'independant' candidate who happens to share their racist/homophobic/anti-EU/pro-Life/pro hanging/whatever the 'national' issue is, plus those who will vote for an independant who makes a big fuss about the local hospital closure, lack of child care service in the borough, lack of council housing, as they no doubt will.
At least at local levels, it is hard to imagine their vote dropping, very easy to imagine it soaring.
PLus bankryptcy only lasts for, quite often, six months now.

PS just checked the law, you can stand, but cannot become an MP or councillor (law states 'may not become a member of the local authority' which may not be quite the same thing - maybe Mr Barnes could enlighten us?)

Anonymous said...

Anon - Its called financial harrasment Something that the Yakida facists were fond of doing.

That is untill the Labour Party learnt to put up men of straw as agents and publishers.

It cost them a lot of money trying to back out of legal claims rather than face the financial consequences.

Still maintaining you havent missed the point ?

Old Sailor.