September 16, 2009

'We should hang evil drug dealers on live television' - BNP member

An extreme right-wing political party has sparked outrage with a suggestion that drug dealers should be hanged live on national TV.

British National Party member Kevin Edwards, a Penygroes community councillor, hit out after it was revealed that the number of deaths caused by drugs had quadrupled in Llanelli. But opponents have accused the party of electioneering.

Councillor Edwards, of Penygroes, said: "The British National Party realises the problems that the drug trade has inflicted on our people and our country and are prepared to confront the problem " head on. When we come to power we would embark on an unprecedented program of drug rehabilitation.

"This program would be available to everyone affected by this evil. We have for a long time advocated in our manifesto that, where appropriate, the death penalty would be made available as an option to judges. This would be included for the evil scum who peddle this misery on our streets. Personally, I would like to see the first three pushers/dealers hung in front of the cameras on national TV. I wonder how many of these suppliers of death and misery would be out there the following day plying their trade? Not many, I guess!"

Five Roads councillor Jim Jones attacked the BNP.

"They have to realise we are living in 2009. The days of hanging people in public are way gone," he said. "I do think the courts should give stiffer sentences. But I have no time for extremist views. I think they are just saying these things to get support because the General Election is coming up. I hope people will consider the options before giving their support to the BNP. If they support something like this, what have we come to?"

Carmarthenshire councillor Ceri Thomas said: "I condemn what the BNP are saying completely. I think drug pushers should have the full severity of the law, but I certainly don't agree with executing them. It will probably appeal to the hang them and flog them brigade. People are fed up of the drug scare that's prevailing in our society, but that's not the way forward."

However, former Llanelli mayor, councillor Hubert Hitchman, said: "I'm all for the death penalty. It may sound a bit extreme but those are my views. We are too soft on them," he added.

This is South Wales


Inchworm said...

Hitler lover Mark Collett(e) is hung like a hamster, lol

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to sound off about hanging drug dealers maybe they need to remember that their children are not exempt! Plenty of children deal drugs, what's this guy going to do if the first 3 dealers turn out to be children? Hang them on national TV?

Even if it's not children it's sick. Showing children that society's problems should be 'fixed' by use of fear, showing hanging in public would be like a form of terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Dave Howard Sheffield BNP is a dealer hang him

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of BNP members to hang given how many have been convicted of drug dealing or drug dealers who haven't been caught by the police yet.